Bus Times

448 - Poole - Hamworthy - Poole Grammar Schools

A bus service operated by morebus

Poole - Hamworthy - Poole Grammar Schools

Poole Lander Close (S-bound) 07:23
Poole Perry Gardens (SW-bound) 07:25
Poole Old Orchard (NW-bound) 07:26
Poole St Aubyns Court (NW-bound) 07:27
Poole Queen Mary (S-bound) 07:27
Lower Hamworthy, opp Carters Quay 07:30
Lower Hamworthy Ashmore Avenue (W-bound) 07:31
Lake Hamworthy Liberal Club (NW-bound) 07:32
Lake, adj Dorset House 07:34
Lakeside (N-bound) 07:36
Lake Hamworthy Labour Club (N-bound) 07:36
Lake Hamilton Road (N-bound) 07:37
Hamworthy Red Lion (N-bound) 07:39
Hamworthy Dawkins Road (NW-bound) 07:39
Hamworthy Fire Station (NW-bound) 07:40
Turlin Moor Hamworthy Junction (S-bound) 07:42
Turlin Moor Rice Gardens (SW-bound) 07:42
Turlin Moor Maryland Road (W-bound) 07:44
Turlin Moor Shops (W-bound) 07:45
Turlin Moor Foreland Road (S-bound) 07:45
Turlin Moor Egmont Road (W-bound) 07:46
Turlin Moor Egmont Road Sub Station (NW-bound) 07:47
Turlin Moor Peverell Road (E-bound) 07:47
Turlin Moor Community Centre (E-bound) 07:48
Turlin Moor, opp Maryland Road 07:49
Turlin Moor Turlin Road (NE-bound) 07:50
Turlin Moor Hamworthy Junction (NE-bound) 07:50
Turlin Moor Hamworthy Recreation Ground (NW-bound) 07:51
Turlin Moor Sandy Lane (NW-bound) 07:51
Turlin Moor Old Bound Road (N-bound) 07:51
Upton Pine View Close (NW-bound) 07:52
Upton The Bakery (NW-bound) 07:53
Upton Crossroads (E-bound) 07:54
Upton Palmerston Road (E-bound) 07:56
Upton Country Park (opp) 07:57
Creekmoor Blackbird Close (E-bound) 07:59
Creekmoor, opp Grebe Close 07:59
Creekmoor Swift Close (SE-bound) 08:00
Creekmoor, opp Medical Centre 08:00
Creekmoor Oakmead Road (E-bound) 08:00
Creekmoor, opp Millfield 08:01
Creekmoor Petersham Road (N-bound) 08:01
Creekmoor Cabot Lane (NW-bound) 08:01
Creekmoor Borley Road (N-bound) 08:02
Creekmoor Bus Link (N-bound) 08:02
Waterloo Estate Keighley Avenue (N-bound) 08:03
Waterloo Estate Sopers Lane (o/s 88) 08:03
Waterloo Estate Siemens (E-bound) 08:03
Waterloo Estate, opp Parkstone Grammar School 08:04
Waterloo Estate Parkstone Grammar School (N-bound) 08:05
Waterloo Estate Waterloo Road (N-bound) 08:07
Gravel Hill Poole Grammar School (W-bound) 08:12

Poole Grammar Schools - Hamworthy - Poole

Waterloo Estate Parkstone Grammar School (N-bound) 15:30
Waterloo Estate Waterloo Road (N-bound) 15:33
Gravel Hill Poole Grammar School (W-bound) 15:40
Waterloo Estate Waterloo Road (S-bound) 15:41
Waterloo Estate Sopers Lane (W-bound) 15:42
Waterloo Estate French Road (W-bound) 15:42
Waterloo Estate Siemens (W-bound) 15:44
Waterloo Estate Sopers Lane (opp 92) 15:44
Waterloo Estate York Road (S-bound) 15:45
Creekmoor Bus Link (S-bound) 15:45
Creekmoor Borley Road (SE-bound) 15:46
Creekmoor Cabot Lane (SE-bound) 15:47
Creekmoor, opp Petersham Road 15:47
Creekmoor Millfield (W-bound) 15:48
Creekmoor, opp Oakmead Road 15:48
Creekmoor The Acorn (NW-bound) 15:49
Creekmoor Swift Close (NW-bound) 15:50
Creekmoor Grebe Close (SW-bound) 15:50
Creekmoor Blackbird Close (W-bound) 15:50
Upton Country Park (W-bound) 15:52
Upton Palmerston Road (W-bound) 15:54
Upton Community Centre (SE-bound) 15:55
Upton Pine View Close (SE-bound) 15:55
Turlin Moor Sandy Lane (SE-bound) 15:57
Turlin Moor Willow Close (SE-bound) 15:58
Turlin Moor Hamworthy Junction (SE-bound) 15:58
Turlin Moor Hamworthy Junction (S-bound) 15:59
Turlin Moor Rice Gardens (SW-bound) 16:00
Turlin Moor Maryland Road (W-bound) 16:01
Turlin Moor Shops (W-bound) 16:03
Turlin Moor Foreland Road (S-bound) 16:04
Turlin Moor Egmont Road (W-bound) 16:04
Turlin Moor Egmont Road Sub Station (NW-bound) 16:06
Turlin Moor Peverell Road (E-bound) 16:07
Turlin Moor Community Centre (E-bound) 16:07
Turlin Moor, opp Maryland Road 16:08
Turlin Moor Turlin Road (NE-bound) 16:09
Turlin Moor Hamworthy Junction (NE-bound) 16:09
Hamworthy Fire Station (SE-bound) 16:10
Hamworthy Dawkins Road (SE-bound) 16:11
Hamworthy Red Lion (S-bound) 16:12
Lake Hamilton Road (S-bound) 16:13
Lake Hamworthy Labour Club (S-bound) 16:13
Lakeside (E-bound) 16:15
Lake, opp Dorset House 16:15
Lake Hamworthy Co-op (SE-bound) 16:17
Lower Hamworthy Ashmore Avenue (E-bound) 16:18
Lower Hamworthy Ivor Road (SE-bound) 16:19
Lower Hamworthy Carters Quay (SE-bound) 16:20
Poole Dee Way (N-bound) 16:21
Poole West Quay Road (NE-bound) 16:21
Poole, opp St Aubyns Court 16:23
Poole Old Orchard (SE-bound) 16:23
Poole Perry Gardens (NE-bound) 16:24
Poole Lander Close (N-bound) 16:27
Poole Quarter (N-bound) 16:27
Poole Bus Station (Stand O) 16:30

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