46 - Stockbridge Village, Denes Way - Milton Road, Halton College

A service operated by Warrington’s Own Buses


Stockbridge Village, Denes Way - Milton Road, Halton College

Stockbridge Village, adj Waterpark Drive 07:48
Stockbridge Village, adj Brandearth Hey 07:48
Stockbridge Village, opp Little Moss Hey 07:49
Stockbridge Village, opp Juniper Close 07:50
Stockbridge Village, adj Woodfarm Hey 07:51
W Derby, adj Nevitte Close 07:51
W Derby, adj Barons Hey 07:52
W Derby, adj Waterpark Drive 07:53
Stockbridge Village, adj Deysbrook Lane 07:55
W Derby, adj Colden Close 07:55
W Derby, nr Mab Lane 07:56
W Derby, adj Mab Lane 07:56
W Derby, adj Snowberry Road 07:56
W Derby, adj Colwell Road 07:57
Fincham, adj Saxby Road 07:58
Fincham, adj Lordens Road 07:58
Horn Smithies, adj Stockbridge Lane 07:59
Woolfall Heath, adj Stockbridge Lane 08:00
Woolfall Heath, adj Calgarth Road 08:00
Woolfall Heath, adj Mardale Road 08:01
Longview, adj Pennard Avenue 08:02
Longview, adj Hillside Avenue 08:03
Longview, adj Hazel Road 08:05
Knowsley, opp Wellcroft Road 08:06
Knowsley, nr Wallace Drive 08:08
Knowsley, adj Hurst Park Drive 08:10
Huyton Quarry, nr Hardie Road 08:10
Huyton, adj The Crescent 08:11
Huyton, opp Hillcrest Avenue 08:12
Huyton, opp St Gabriels Avenue 08:12
Huyton, nr Attlee Road 08:13
Knowsley, adj Hey Park 08:14
Huyton Hey Road (adj) 08:14
Knowsley Archway Road (Stop J) 08:16
Knowsley Huyton Town Centre (Stop N) 08:17
Knowsley, adj Poplar Bank 08:17
Blacklow Brow (nr) 08:18
Huyton Park, adj The Rooley 08:19
Huyton Park, adj The Park 08:19
Huyton Park, adj Beech Road 08:20
Huyton, adj Holmfield Grove 08:21
Huyton, opp Biglands Drive 08:22
Huyton, opp Coney Lane 08:22
Huyton Quarry, opp Whitefield Lane 08:23
Whitefield Lane End, nr Wilson Road 08:23
Cronton, nr Dacres Bridge Lane 08:26
Cronton, adj Foxs Bank Lane 08:27
Cronton, nr Tue Lane 08:28
Cronton, nr Alder Lane 08:29
Cronton, adj Smithy Lane 08:30
Cronton, adj Hall Lane 08:31
Upton Rocks Pex Hill 08:33
Upton Rocks Hillcrest 08:33
Lunt’s Heath The Globe 08:35
Farnworth Buckingham Avenue 08:37
Farnworth Pit Lane 08:38
Farnworth Widnes Station 08:40
Victoria Park Birchfield Road 08:41
Victoria Park Horse & Jockey 08:43
Widnes Halton College 08:48

Milton Road, Halton College - Stockbridge Village, Denes Way

Widnes Kingsway 16:15
Widnes Horse & Jockey 16:16
Widnes Wade Deacon 16:17
Widnes Birchfield Road 16:17
Upton Rocks Widnes Station 16:18
Upton Rocks Pit Lane 16:19
Upton Rocks Buckingham Avenue 16:20
Upton Rocks The Globe 16:21
Upton Rocks Hillcrest 16:22
Upton Rocks Pex Hill 16:23
Cronton, opp Hall Lane 16:24
Cronton, adj Chapel Lane 16:25
Cronton, nr Alder Lane 16:26
Cronton, nr Tue Lane 16:27
Cronton, adj Prescot Road 16:28
Cronton, nr Dacres Bridge Lane 16:29
Whitefield Lane End, adj Coppice Lane 16:32
Whitefield Lane End, adj Bardley Crescent 16:32
Whitefield Lane End, opp Manley Road 16:33
Huyton, adj Biglands Drive 16:34
Huyton, adj Wheathill Road 16:34
Huyton, adj Belfield Crescent 16:35
Blacklow Brow, nr Marina Crescent 16:35
Blacklow Brow, adj Roby Road 16:36
Knowsley, adj Westmorland Road 16:37
Huyton Bus Station (Stand 5) 16:38
Knowsley, nr Huyton Hey Road 16:38
Knowsley, opp Hey Park 16:39
Huyton, adj Attlee Road 16:39
Huyton, adj St Gabriels Avenue 16:40
Huyton, adj Hillcrest Avenue 16:40
Huyton, adj Longview Drive 16:41
Huyton Quarry, adj Hardie Road 16:42
Knowsley, opp Hurst Park Drive 16:43
Knowsley, adj Edenfield Crescent 16:44
Knowsley, adj Wellcroft Road 16:46
Longview, adj Wastle Bridge Road 16:48
Longview, adj Nyland Road 16:49
Longview, adj Parbrook Road 16:50
Woolfall Heath, adj Fairclough Road 16:51
Woolfall Heath, adj Stockbridge Lane 16:53
Fincham, adj Liverpool Road 16:53
Fincham, adj Lordens Road 16:54
Fincham, opp Burtree Road 16:55
W Derby, adj Finch Road 16:55
W Derby, adj Yew Tree Lane 16:56
W Derby, nr Yew Tree Lane 16:57
W Derby, adj Aspes Road 16:57
Stockbridge Village, adj Deysbrook Lane 16:58
W Derby, adj Croxteth Hall Lane 16:58
W Derby, adj Waterpark Drive 16:59
W Derby, adj Haswell Drive 17:00
Stockbridge Village, nr Nevitte Close 17:00
Stockbridge Village, opp Custley Hey 17:01
Stockbridge Village, adj Juniper Close 17:02
Stockbridge Village, nr Little Moss Hey 17:03
Stockbridge Village, adj The Spinney 17:03
Stockbridge Village, adj Waterpark Drive 17:05

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