464 - Origin - Destination via Lowick and Scremerston

A bus service operated by Borders Buses



Wooler Weetwood Ave south end (S-bound) 07:52
High Fair (adj) 07:56
Wooler Bus Station (Stand A) 07:58
Wooler Bus Station (Stand D) 07:59
Wooler Bus Station (Stand B) 07:59
Wooler, opp Post Office 07:59
Wooler Ryecroft Way (N-bound) 08:00
Wooler, nr Turvelaws Farm 08:01
Doddington, nr Post Office 08:06
Doddington, opp Wrangham road end 08:09
Barmoor Red House (N-bound) 08:11
Barmoor Blue House (N-bound) 08:13
Lowick, opp Black Bull 08:15
Lowick, nr White Swan 08:16
Lowick, opp Lambton Avenue 08:16
Lowick, o/s Black Bull 08:17
Barmoor Lane End (N-bound) 08:19
Barmoor Northfield (N-bound) 08:19
Bowsden, nr Black Bull 08:23
Bowsden road end (N-bound) 08:24
Berrington Sandyford Bridge (N-bound) 08:26
Ancroft, opp Lamb Inn 08:29
Ancroft Oxford Crossroads (N-bound) 08:31
Scremerston, nr Wooler Road End 08:33
Scremerston, opp Memorial 08:34
Scremerston, opp Kirklands 08:35
Scremerston, opp Derwent Water Terrace 08:35
Scremerston Deputy Row (N-bound) 08:35
Scremerston Spring Hill (N-bound) 08:36
Highcliffe Spring Hill (N-bound) 08:37
Tweedmouth, nr Cemetery Lane 08:37
Tweedmouth, nr Askew Crescent 08:38
Tweedmouth, at Berwick Academy 08:39
Tweedmouth, adj Retail Park 08:40
Tweedmouth, opp Asda 08:41
Tweedmouth, opp Union Brae 08:42
Berwick-upon-Tweed Golden Square (N-bound) 08:44
Berwick-upon-Tweed, adj Castlegate Red Lion 08:45
Berwick-upon-Tweed, nr Railway Station 08:47
Berwick-upon-Tweed, opp North Road nursing home 08:48
Berwick-upon-Tweed, nr Cemetery Lodge 08:48
Newfields, nr Morrisons 08:50
Ramparts Business Park, on Windmill Way North 08:51
Ramparts Business Park, o/s Border Buses Garage 08:52
Service 464 is operated on behalf of Northumberland County Council. It will not operate on local public holidays or 25, 26 December and 01, 02 January


Ramparts Business Park, o/s Border Buses Garage 15:10
Newfields, opp Morrisons 15:12
Highfields Estate Magdelene (S-bound) 15:12
Berwick-upon-Tweed, opp Cemetery Lodge 15:12
Berwick-upon-Tweed, o/s North Road nursing home 15:13
Berwick-upon-Tweed, nr Railway Station 15:15
Berwick-upon-Tweed Castlegate (S-bound) 15:15
Berwick-upon-Tweed Golden Square (S-bound) 15:18
Tweedmouth, nr Union Brae 15:19
Tweedmouth, o/s Asda 15:21
Tweedmouth, opp Retail Park 15:22
Tweedmouth, nr Askew Crescent 15:24
Tweedmouth, at Berwick Academy 15:25
Tweedmouth, opp Cemetery Lane 15:26
Highcliffe Springhill Lane (S-bound) 15:26
Scremerston Spring Hill (S-bound) 15:27
Scremerston Deputy Row (S-bound) 15:28
Scremerston, nr Derwent Water Terrace 15:28
Scremerston, adj Kirklands 15:29
Scremerston, adj Memorial 15:29
Scremerston, opp Wooler Road End 15:30
Ancroft Oxford crossroads (S-bound) 15:32
Ancroft, nr Lamb Inn 15:35
Berrington Sandyford Bridge (S-bound) 15:37
Bowsden road end (S-bound) 15:39
Bowsden, nr Black Bull 15:41
Barmoor Northfield (S-bound) 15:44
Barmoor Lane End (S-bound) 15:45
Lowick, opp Black Bull 15:46
Lowick, nr White Swan 15:47
Lowick, opp Lambton Avenue 15:48
Lowick, o/s Black Bull 15:48
Barmoor Blue House (S-bound) 15:51
Barmoor Red House (S-bound) 15:53
Doddington, adj Wrangham road end 15:56
Doddington, opp Post Office 16:00
Wooler, opp Turvelaws Farm 16:04
Wooler Ryecroft Way (S-bound) 16:06
Wooler, o/s Post Office 16:06
Wooler Bus Station (Stand A) 16:06
Wooler Bus Station (Stand D) 16:07
Wooler Bus Station (Stand B) 16:07
Wooler Weetwood Ave north end (S-bound) 16:10
Wooler Weetwood Ave south end (S-bound) 16:12
High Fair (adj) 16:17
Service 464 is operated on behalf of Northumberland County Council. It will not operate on local public holidays or 25, 26 December and 01, 02 January

Timetable data from Borders Buses, 17 November 2020

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