47 - Newark - Lincoln

A bus service operated by Centrebus (North)

Newark to Lincoln

Newark Bus Station (Bay A) 10:1513:20
Newark, opp Lime Grove 10:1613:21
Newark, opp Winchilsea Avenue 10:1613:21
Newark, opp Polish Cemetery 10:1713:22
Newark Newton Street (N-bound) 10:1713:22
Newark Barnby Road (SE-bound) 10:1813:23
Barnby in the Willows, adj Long Lane 10:3013:35
Beckingham, opp The Pack Horse Inn 10:3513:40
Brant Broughton, opp Stragglethorpe Lane 10:4113:46
Brant Broughton, adj Broughton House College 10:4213:47
Brant Broughton, adj Meeting House Lane 07:4307:4810:4313:48
Brant Broughton, adj Swan's Lane 07:4307:4810:4313:48
Brant Broughton, opp Council Houses 07:4407:4910:4413:49
Carlton le Moorland, adj Broughton Road 07:4707:5210:4713:52
Carlton le Moorland, adj St Mary's Church 07:5107:5610:5113:56
Carlton le Moorland, adj Bassingham Road 07:5207:5710:5213:57
Bassingham, adj Bakers Lane 07:5508:0010:5514:00
Bassingham, opp Recreation Ground 07:5608:0110:5614:01
Bassingham, adj Linga Lane Bus Shelter 07:5608:0110:5614:01
Bassingham, adj Badgers Oak 07:5608:0110:5614:01
Aubourn, o/s 5 Bassingham Road 08:0008:0511:0014:05
Aubourn, adj Bus Shelter 08:0108:0611:0114:06
Haddington, adj Bridge Farm 08:0408:0911:0414:09
South Hykeham, adj Beck Lane 08:0708:1211:0714:12
North Hykeham, adj Dorchester Way 08:1011:0914:14
North Hykeham, opp Clarke Road 08:12
North Hykeham Arden Moor Way Junction (SW-bound) 11:1214:17
North Hykeham Arden Moor Way Junction (NE-bound) 11:1214:17
North Hykeham, adj Hebden Moor Way 11:1314:18
North Hykeham, adj Hawksmoor Close 11:1314:18
North Hykeham, o/s 3 Clarke Road 11:1414:19
North Hykeham, o/s 25 Coult Avenue 11:1514:20
North Hykeham, opp Social Club 08:1308:1811:1814:23
North Hykeham North Kesteven School bus park (inside) 08:15
North Hykeham, o/s Health Centre 08:1508:1911:1914:24
North Hykeham, adj Station Road 08:1708:2011:2014:25
North Hykeham, opp Asda Goods Entrance 08:1808:2011:2014:25
North Hykeham, in Asda Layby 08:2008:2211:2214:27
North Hykeham, opp Dore Avenue 08:2008:2211:2214:27
North Hykeham, adj Wetherby Crescent 08:2108:2311:2314:28
North Hykeham, opp Fosse Drive 08:2208:2311:2314:28
Boultham Moor, adj Sainsburys 08:2408:2611:2614:31
Lincoln, adj Valentine Retail Park 08:3008:3111:3114:36
Lincoln, adj Morrisons 08:3108:3211:3214:37
Lincoln, opp Debenhams 08:3708:3711:3714:42
Lincoln East West Link Road (E-bound) 08:3908:4011:4014:45
Lincoln Central Bus Station (Bay N) 08:4508:4511:4514:50

Lincoln to Newark

Lincoln Central Bus Station (Bay N) 08:5011:5014:5515:05
Lincoln, opp Siemens 08:5011:5014:5515:05
Lincoln East West Link Road (W-bound) 08:5211:5214:5715:07
Lincoln, o/s Debenhams 08:5311:5314:5815:08
Lincoln, adj Toys R Us 08:5411:5414:5915:09
Lincoln, opp Morrisons 08:5511:5515:0015:10
Lincoln, opp Valentine Retail Park 08:5711:5715:0215:12
Boultham Moor, opp Sainsburys 09:0312:0215:0715:18
North Hykeham, opp Wetherby Crescent 09:0812:0515:1015:23
North Hykeham, adj Rowan Road 09:0812:0515:1015:23
North Hykeham, adj Chatsworth Drive 09:0912:0615:1115:24
North Hykeham, in Asda Layby 09:1012:0715:1215:25
North Hykeham, adj Asda Goods Entrance 09:1012:0815:1515:25
North Hykeham, opp Health Centre 09:1112:0915:2015:26
North Hykeham North Kesteven School bus park (inside) 15:25
North Hykeham, opp Bodmin Moor Close 09:1212:1015:2515:26
North Hykeham, o/s Social Club 09:1412:1315:2815:28
North Hykeham, opp 25 Coult Avenue 12:1715:3215:32
North Hykeham, o/s 5 Clarke Road 12:1715:3215:32
North Hykeham, opp Hawksmoor Close 12:1815:3315:33
North Hykeham, opp Hebden Moor Way 12:1815:3315:33
North Hykeham Arden Moor Way Junction (SW-bound) 12:1915:3415:34
North Hykeham, adj Stonemoor Road 12:2015:3515:35
North Hykeham, adj Chiltern Way 12:2015:3515:35
South Hykeham, opp Beck Lane 09:1912:2515:4015:40
Haddington, opp Bridge Farm 09:2212:2815:4315:43
Aubourn, adj Bus Shelter 09:2512:3115:4615:46
Aubourn, opp 5 Bassingham Road 09:2612:3215:4715:47
Bassingham, opp Badgers Oak 09:2912:3515:5015:50
Bassingham, opp Linga Lane Bus Shelter 09:2912:3515:5015:50
Bassingham, adj Recreation Ground 09:3012:3615:5115:51
Bassingham, adj Primary School 09:3012:3615:5115:51
Bassingham, opp Bakers Lane 09:3112:3715:5215:52
Carlton le Moorland Bassingham Road (S-bound) 09:3412:4015:5515:55
Carlton le Moorland, adj St Mary's Church 09:3512:4115:5615:56
Carlton le Moorland, adj Bassingham Road 09:3512:4115:5615:56
Carlton le Moorland, opp Broughton Road 09:3812:4415:5915:59
Brant Broughton, adj Council Houses 09:4112:4716:0216:02
Brant Broughton, opp Swan's Lane 09:4212:4816:0316:03
Brant Broughton, opp Meeting House Lane 09:4312:4916:0416:04
Brant Broughton, opp Broughton House College 09:4312:49
Brant Broughton, adj Stragglethorpe Lane 09:4412:50
Beckingham, o/s The Pack Horse Inn 09:5112:57
Barnby in the Willows, opp Long Lane 09:5613:02
Newark Barnby Road (NW-bound) 10:0613:12
Newark Newton Street (S-bound) 10:0713:12
Newark, adj Polish Cemetery 10:0813:13
Newark, adj Winchilsea Avenue 10:0813:13
Newark, opp Beaumond Gardens 10:0913:14
Newark Bus Station (Bay A) 10:1013:15

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