47 - Padgate, Green Lane - Milton Road, Halton College

A service operated by Warrington’s Own Buses


Padgate, Green Lane - Milton Road, Halton College

Padgate, opp Whitchurch Close 07:48
Padgate, opp Methodist Church 07:49
Padgate, o/s St Oswalds Church 07:50
Bruche Mason Avenue (cnr) 07:51
Bruche, nr King & Queen 07:51
Bruche, nr Bennett Avenue 07:52
Bruche, nr Princess Avenue 07:53
Bruche, nr The Allotments 07:54
Westy Bridgewater Avenue (cnr) 07:57
Latchford, opp Powell Street 08:00
Latchford, o/s Kwik Save 08:01
Latchford, opp Cheshire Cheese 08:01
Latchford Wash Lane (cnr) 08:02
Latchford Park Avenue (cnr) 08:03
Latchford Grove Street (cnr) 08:04
Latchford St Mary's Street (cnr) 08:05
Latchford, o/s Cenotaph 08:06
Warrington, nr Academy Way Alighting Only 08:07
Warrington Academy Way (Stop DB) 08:08
Warrington Scotland Road Alighting Only (NW-bound) 08:09
Warrington Bus Interchange (Stand 9) 08:11
Warrington Legh Street (Stop AE) 08:12
Warrington Hays House (Stop AA) 08:12
Warrington Town Hall (Stop AD) 08:13
Bank Quay, o/s Crosfields 08:14
Sankey Bridges, opp Pickmere Street 08:16
Sankey Bridges, o/s Coach & Horses 08:17
Sankey Bridges, opp Gatewarth Street 08:18
Sankey Bridges (NW-bound) 08:19
Sankey Bridges, opp Kent Road 08:19
Sankey Bridges, opp Georges Road 08:20
Great Sankey Penketh Lane Ends (NW-bound) 08:21
Great Sankey Brookside Avenue (SW-bound) 08:21
Penketh, opp Heath Road 08:23
Penketh, opp Coronation Drive 08:24
Penketh, opp Greystone Road 08:24
Penketh, o/s Red Lion 08:26
Doe Green, nr Bank Gardens 08:27
Doe Green Farnworth Road (o/s 90a) 08:27
Doe Green, opp Oak Trees 08:28
Cuerdley Cross, opp Garden Centre 08:28
Cuerdley Cross, opp Railway Cottages 08:29
Barrows Green Pendlebury Farm 08:29
Barrows Green 08:30
Barrows Green Everglades 08:31
Farnworth Glebe Garage 08:31
Lunt’s Heath Church View 08:32
Lunt’s Heath Cranshaw Lane 08:33
Lunt’s Heath Wilmere Lane 08:33
Lunt’s Heath The Globe 08:34
Upton Rocks Hillcrest 08:35
Upton Rocks Pex Hill 08:35
Upton Rocks Pex Hill 08:37
Upton Rocks Hillcrest 08:38
Lunt’s Heath The Globe 08:40
Farnworth Buckingham Avenue 08:41
Farnworth Pit Lane 08:42
Farnworth Widnes Station 08:44
Victoria Park Birchfield Road 08:45
Victoria Park Horse & Jockey 08:46
Widnes Halton College 08:50

Milton Road, Halton College - Padgate, Green Lane

Widnes Kingsway 16:42
Widnes Horse & Jockey 16:44
Widnes Wade Deacon 16:45
Widnes Birchfield Road 16:45
Upton Rocks Widnes Station 16:46
Upton Rocks Pit Lane 16:47
Upton Rocks Buckingham Avenue 16:48
Upton Rocks The Globe 16:49
Upton Rocks Hillcrest 16:50
Upton Rocks Pex Hill 16:50
Upton Rocks Pex Hill 16:51
Upton Rocks Hillcrest 16:51
Upton Rocks Birchfield Gardens 16:51
Lunt’s Heath Cranshaw Lane 16:52
Lunt’s Heath Church View 16:52
Farnworth Glebe Garage 16:53
Barrows Green Everglades 16:54
Barrows Green Derby Road 16:54
Barrows Green Pendlebury Farm 16:56
Cuerdley Cross, o/s Railway Cottages 16:56
Cuerdley Cross, o/s Garden Centre 16:57
Doe Green, o/s Oak Trees 16:58
Doe Green Farnworth Road (opp 66) 16:59
Doe Green, opp Bank Gardens 17:00
Penketh, o/s Post Office 17:01
Penketh Greystone Road (cnr) 17:02
Penketh Coronation Drive (cnr) 17:02
Penketh Heath Road (cnr) 17:03
Great Sankey Brookside Avenue (E-bound) 17:05
Great Sankey Penketh Lane Ends (SE-bound) 17:06
Sankey Bridges Georges Road (cnr) 17:06
Sankey Bridges, nr Kent Road 17:07
Sankey Bridges (SE-bound) 17:08
Sankey Bridges, nr Gatewarth Street 17:08
Sankey Bridges, opp Coach & Horses 17:09
Sankey Bridges Pickmere Street (cnr) 17:10
Bank Quay, opp Crosfields 17:12
Warrington, nr Town Hall 17:13
Warrington, o/s Garven Place Alighting Only 17:13
Warrington Bus Interchange (Stand 9) 17:16
Warrington Legh Street (Stop AE) 17:17
Warrington Rylands Street (Stop BA) 17:19
Latchford Cenotaph (Stop EA) 17:21
Latchford, opp St Mary's Street 17:22
Latchford, opp Grove Street 17:23
Latchford, o/s Victoria Park 17:23
Latchford Raddon Court (cnr) 17:25
Latchford, o/s Cheshire Cheese 17:25
Latchford, nr Kingsway South 17:26
Westy, opp Bridgewater Avenue 17:30
Bruche, opp Princess Avenue 17:32
Bruche, opp Bennett Avenue 17:33
Bruche, opp Padgate Stores 17:34
Bruche, opp Mason Avenue 17:35
Padgate, opp St Oswalds Church 17:36
Padgate, o/s Methodist Church 17:37
Padgate Whitchurch Close (cnr) 17:39

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