47A - White Rose Centre - Leeds

A bus service operated by First Leeds


White Rose Centre White Rose Ctr stand E 14:34
Beeston Ring Road Millshaw 14:37
Cottingley Crescent (at) 14:39
Cottingley Vale (on) 14:40
Cottingley Drive Crematorium (opp) 14:41
Cottingley Dr Dulverton Gardens (adj) 14:42
Cottingley Drive Dulverton Place (adj) 14:43
Cottingley, opp Rail Station 14:44
Cottingley Drive Dulverton Square (E-bound) 14:45
Cottingley, opp Old Road 14:46
Churwell Clarkson Terrace 14:47
Churwell Victoria Street 14:48
Churwell Daffil Road 14:49
Churwell, at Lane Side 14:50
Churwell King George Avenue 14:51
Morley Church Street 14:52
Morley Church St New Bank Street 14:53
Morley Dawson Hill 14:54
Morley Town Hall A 14:55
Morley Abbey House 14:56
Morley, opp High Street St Pauls St 14:57
Morley, after Bridge St Bridge Court 14:58
Morley, adj Tingley Mills 14:59
Morley Rein Road Tingley Common 14:59
Rein Rd Tingley Crescent (adj) 15:00
Tingley Woodkirk Academy 15:01
Tingley, adj Syke Rd Syke Avenue 15:03
Tingley Syke Rd Syke Gardens 15:04
Tingley Westerton Rd Syke Road 15:05
Tingley Westerton Road (E-bound) 15:07
Tingley Westerton Road Lonsdale Rise (stop) 15:09
Tingley Westerton Frost Corner (E-bound) 15:11
Tingley Smithy Lane Old Hall Rd 15:13
Tingley, opp Smithy Lane Fairleigh Rd 15:14
Tingley Fairleigh Rd Fairleigh Crescent (stop) 15:15
Tingley Eastleigh Drive Fairleigh Rd (stop) 15:16
E Ardsley, before Westerton Rd Garden House Lane 15:17
E Ardsley Amblers Mill (N-bound) 15:18
E Ardsley, at Common Lane Casson Ave 15:19
Common Lane Ardsley Common 15:20
E Ardsley, adj Common Lane Railway Ter 15:21
Thorpe, opp Common Lane Forest Ridge 15:21
Thorpe Station Ln Scampston Drive (E-bound) 15:23
Thorpe Station Lane Back Oakley Terrace 15:24
Thorpe Gascoigne Rd Station Lane 15:25
Thorpe, opp Lingwell Gate Lane Dolphin Ln 15:26
Middleton Ln Thorpe Lower Lane 15:27
Middleton Lane Winthorpe Ave (adj) 15:28
Middleton, at Towcester Ave Martingale Drive 15:29
Middleton Towcester Ave The Laurels 15:30
Middleton, opp The Oaks 15:31
Middleton Centre C 15:31
Middleton Dunlin Drive 15:32
Belle Isle, at Newhall Road Newhall Crescent 15:33
Middleton, opp Newhall Rd Newhall Chase 15:33
Belle Isle Winrose Drive Newhall Gate (N-bound) 15:34
Belle Isle, opp Winrose Drive Elmton Close 15:35
Belle Isle, after Winrose Drive The Clearings 15:37
Belle Isle, adj Winrose Drive Winrose Ave 15:37
Belle Isle Circus (opp) 15:38
Hunslet Carr, opp East Grange Road 15:39
Hunslet Carr West Grange Drive 15:40
Hunslet Carr, at Moor Road 15:41
Hunslet Carr Playfair Road 15:42
Hunslet Midland Road 15:43
Hunslet Centre (at) 15:44
Hunslet Church Street 15:45
Hunslet, opp Stafford Street 15:47
Hunslet Whitehouse Street 15:48
Crown Point, opp Brookfield Street 15:49
Crown Point, at LCC Printworks 15:50
Crown Point B 15:52
Crown Point Leeds Dock C 15:53
Leeds Kirkgate High Court 15:55
Leeds Kirkgate (stop K13) 15:56

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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