481 - Stainforth, Parish Ch - Cantley, McAuley Upper School

A bus service operated by First South Yorkshire


Moorends, at Marshland Road/Grange Road 06:55
Moorends, adj Marshland Road/Alexandra Road 06:56
Moorends, adj Marshland Road/Wembley Road 06:57
Moorends, adj Marshland Road/Newfields Close 06:58
Thorne, adj King Edward Road/Kings Court Road 07:00
Thorne, adj King Edward Road/Inglenook Drive 07:01
Thorne, nr King Edward Road/St Nicholas Road 07:02
Stainforth, adj Field Road/Princess Avenue 06:55
Thorne, nr Field Road/King Street 07:03
Thorne, opp South Parade/Plantation Road 07:05
Thorne, opp Hatfield Road/Kirton Lane 07:05
Stainforth, adj Doncaster Road/Church Road 06:56
Thorne, adj Hatfield Road/Marina View 07:06
Tudworth Road/Hatfield Road (opp) 07:07
Tudworth Road/High Levels Bank (o/s) 07:08
Hatfield Woodhouse, adj Tudworth Road/Sandtoft Road 07:09
Hatfield Woodhouse, nr Tudworth Road/Sandtoft Road 07:10
Hatfield Woodhouse, opp Tudworth Road/Stone Hill 07:10
Hatfield Woodhouse, adj Epworth Road/Stone Hill Road 07:10
Stainforth, opp Doncaster Road/Millfield Lane 06:57
S Bramwith, opp Doncaster Road/Hall Lane 06:58
S Bramwith, opp Stainforth Road/Double Lidget 06:59
Barnby Dun, adj Stainforth Road/Brosley Avenue 07:01
Barnby Dun, adj Stainforth Road/Talbot Avenue 07:02
Hatfield, adj Epworth Road/Cemetery Road 07:11
Barnby Dun, adj Top Road/Hatfield Lane 07:02
Barnby Dun, adj Station Road/Pinfold Court 07:03
Hatfield, nr High Street/Epworth Road 07:12
Barnby Dun, adj Station Road/Pine Hall Road 07:03
Hatfield, at High Street/Church Walk 07:12
Hatfield, adj Manor Road/Carr Side Lane 07:13
Hatfield, opp Manor Road/Parkways 07:13
Dunscroft, opp Doncaster Road/Danum Road 07:14
Dunscroft, opp Doncaster Road/Coppice Avenue 07:14
Dunsville, opp Doncaster Road/Mile End Avenue 07:15
Dunsville, adj High Street/Woodhouse Lane 07:15
Dunsville, opp High Street/St Marys Road 07:16
Dunsville, adj High Street/Westminster Drive 07:17
Dunsville, at High Street/Green Lane Farm 07:18
Kirk Sandall, adj Armthorpe Lane/Park Hill 07:04
Edenthorpe, adj Thorne Road/Hatfield Lane 07:19
Edenthorpe, opp Thorne Road/Sandall Grange 07:20
Edenthorpe, nr Eden Field Road/Thorne Road 07:22
Edenthorpe, opp Eden Field Road/Long Field Road 07:22
Kirk Sandall, adj Brecks Lane/Newhall Road 07:05
Kirk Sandall, adj Brecks Lane/Elizabeth Avenue 07:06
Kirk Sandall, opp Brecks Lane/Connaught Drive 07:06
Kirk Sandall, opp Doncaster Road/Sandall Stones Road 07:07
Kirk Sandall, adj Doncaster Road/Church Balk 07:08
Kirk Sandall, adj Church Balk/Holly Bush Lane 07:09
Edenthorpe, adj Church Balk/Church Balk Gardens 07:09
Edenthorpe, opp Church Balk/Milton Grove 07:09
Edenthorpe, adj Church Balk/Athelstane Crescent 07:10
Edenthorpe, adj Thorne Road/Eden Field Road 07:11
Armthorpe, nr Beech Road/Laurel Road 07:29 07:18
Armthorpe, adj Briar Road/Beech Road 07:30 07:18
Armthorpe, adj Briar Road/Elm Road 07:30 07:19
Armthorpe, opp Mere Lane/Elm Place 07:31 07:19
Armthorpe, adj Mere Lane/Glebe Farm Close 07:32 07:20
Armthorpe, at Church Street/Mere Lane 07:32 07:20
Armthorpe, adj Church Street/Woodlea Grove 07:33 07:21
Armthorpe, adj Church Street/Mill Street 07:34 07:22
Armthorpe, adj Nutwell Lane/Kingsley Crescent 07:35 07:23
Armthorpe, adj Nutwell Lane/Hornsby Road 07:36 07:24
Armthorpe, opp Nutwell Lane/Parkway 07:38 07:26
Cantley, adj Nutwell Lane/Spring Gardens 07:45 07:33
Cantley, opp Main Street/Boulton Drive 07:46 07:34
Cantley Lane/Handley Cross Mews (at) 07:49 07:37

Timetable data from First Bus/Bus Open Data Service, 6 May 2021. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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