481 - Ledbury - Great Malvern - Hanley Swan - Twyning - Tewkesbury - Cheltenham

A bus service operated by First Worcestershire

Ledbury - Great Malvern - Hanley Swan - Twyning - Tewkesbury - Cheltenham

Ledbury, adj Market House 09:10
British Camp, adj Kiosk 09:20
Malvern Wells, opp Upper Welland Road 09:23
Malvern Wells Wells Road (N-bound) 09:24
Malvern Wells, opp Green Lane Church 09:24
Malvern Wells, opp Hanley Road 09:25
Malvern Wells, adj Hanley Terrace 09:26
Upper Wyche, adj Eaton Road 09:27
Upper Wyche, adj Wyche Primary school 09:28
Lower Wyche, adj Shelter 09:29
Great Malvern, opp Emmanuel Church 09:32
Great Malvern Rosebank Gardens (Stop E) 09:33
Great Malvern Church Street (Stop A) 09:35
Great Malvern, adj Lansdowne Crescent 09:36
Barnards Green Road (S-bound) 09:36
Barnard’s Green, adj Shops 09:38
Poolbrook Road Shops (opp) 09:40
Poolbrook, adj Churchdown Road 09:41
Hanley Swan, adj Oakmere Caravan Park 09:46
Hanley Swan, opp Post Office 09:48
Hanley Swan, opp Upton Road 09:48
Hanley Castle (S-bound) 09:53
Upton upon Severn, opp Panes Garage 09:57
Ryall Village (opp) 09:59
Ryall, opp Blue Bell Inn Shelter 10:00
Naunton Turn (adj) 10:01
Stratford Bridge (adj) 10:02
Stratford Bridge, o/s Cotswold Manor 10:03
Brockeridge Common, opp Ripple Turn 10:03
Twyning Hill End Close (corner of) 10:07
Twyning, by The Mayalls 10:08
Twyning, nr Village Store 10:10
Puckrup, before Page's Lane 10:12
Shuthonger, opp Church End Nursery 10:13
Shuthonger, opp Crown Inn 10:14
The Mythe, by Mythe End House 10:15
The Mythe, opp Water Tower 10:15
The Mythe, after Mythe Bridge Turn 10:16
Tewkesbury, o/s Boots 10:18
Tewkesbury, by The Crescent 10:20
Kingsditch, nr Sainsbury's 10:34
Kingsditch, o/s Retail Park 10:35
Cheltenham Royal Well Bus Station (Bay D) 10:45

Cheltenham - Tewkesbury - Twyning - Hanley Swan - Great Malvern - Ledbury

Cheltenham Royal Well Bus Station (Bay D) 13:30
Kingsditch, opp Retail Park 13:37
Kingsditch, before Hayden Road 13:37
Kingsditch, opp Sainsbury's 13:37
Tewkesbury, nr The Crescent 13:52
Tewkesbury, o/s Anchor 13:54
The Mythe, before Mythe Bridge Turn 13:55
The Mythe, by Water Tower 13:56
The Mythe, opp Mythe End House 13:56
Shuthonger, by Crown Inn 13:58
Shuthonger, by Church End Nursery 13:58
Puckrup, after Page's Lane 13:59
Twyning Hill End Close (corner of) 14:01
Twyning, by The Mayalls 14:02
Twyning, nr Village Store 14:04
Brockeridge Common Ripple Turn (corner of) 14:08
Stratford Bridge, opp Cotswold Manor 14:09
Stratford Bridge (adj) 14:09
Naunton Turn (opp) 14:10
Ryall, adj Blue Bell Inn Shelter 14:12
Ryall Village (adj) 14:12
Upton upon Severn, adj Panes Garage 14:15
Hanley Castle (N-bound) 14:19
Hanley Swan, adj Upton Road 14:23
Hanley Swan, adj Post Office 14:24
Hanley Swan, opp Oakmere Caravan Park 14:26
Poolbrook, opp Churchdown Road 14:32
Poolbrook Road Shops (adj) 14:32
Barnard’s Green, adj Clock Shelter 14:34
Barnards Green Road (N-bound) 14:35
Great Malvern, opp Lansdowne Crescent 14:36
Great Malvern Church Street (Stop J) 14:38
Great Malvern, adj Belle Vue Terrace 14:39
Great Malvern, adj Emmanuel Church 14:40
Great Malvern, adj Abbey Road 14:41
Lower Wyche, opp Shelter 14:42
Upper Wyche, opp Wyche Primary School 14:44
Upper Wyche, opp Eaton Road 14:45
Malvern Wells, opp Hanley Terrace 14:48
Malvern Wells, adj Hanley Road 14:48
Malvern Wells, adj Green Lane Church 14:49
Malvern Wells Wells Road (S-bound) 14:50
Malvern Wells, adj Upper Welland Road 14:50
British Camp, opp Kiosk 14:53
Ledbury, adj Memorial 15:05

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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