482a - Kendray (Barnsley Academy) - Barnsley

A bus service operated by Peter Hodgson Travel

Road closed

Burton Road, Barnsley

Burton Road, Barnsley, will be closed nightly for roadworks for three weeks from 8 February. Monday to Saturday closures will be 20:00 to 05:00, Sunday night closures will be 17:00 to 05:00.

Diversions from Burton Road during the phased work, as follows :
Between Rotherham Road and Cliffe Lane via Rotherham Road/Wakefield Road/Laithes Lane/Carlton Road/Industry Road/Fish Dam Lane.
Between Rotherham Road and Newlyn Drive via Rotherham Road/Wakefield Road


Monday to Friday

Kendray, adj Access Road/Barnsley Academy 15:40
Worsbrough, adj Hunningley Lane/White Cross Lane 15:41
Worsbrough, adj Ardsley Road/Allendale 15:41
Worsbrough Dale, adj Oakdale Road/Walbrook 15:43
Worsbrough Dale, adj Oakdale/Queensway 15:44
Worsbrough Dale, adj High Street/Oakdale 15:45
Worsbrough Dale, at Bank End Road/High Street 15:46
Worsbrough Bridge, nr Park Road/Bank End Road 15:48
Worsbrough Bridge, adj Park Road/John Street 15:48
Worsbrough Bridge, nr Park Road/Vernon Road 15:49
Worsbrough Bridge, adj Vernon Road/Haverlands Lane 15:49
Worsbrough Bridge, adj Vernon Road/Tenters Green 15:50
Worsbrough Bridge, adj Vernon Road/Wigfield Drive 15:50
Ward Green, adj Vernon Road/Genn Lane 15:51
Ward Green, adj Genn Lane/Mount Vernon Road 15:51
Ward Green, at Strafford Avenue/Genn Lane 15:52
Ward Green, opp Genn Lane/Mount Vernon Road 15:52
Worsbrough Common, adj Mount Vernon Road/Coach House Lane 15:53
Worsbrough Common, opp Mount Vernon Road/Mount Vernon Crescent 15:53
Worsbrough Common, adj Warren Quarry Lane/Surrey Close 15:54
Worsbrough Common, adj Warren Quarry Lane/Park Road 15:55
Worsbrough Common, adj Wood Street/Allatt Close 15:55
Barnsley, adj New Street/Princess Street 15:56
Barnsley, adj Upper New Street/West Way 15:56
Barnsley, nr West Way/Sheffield Road 15:57
Barnsley, adj Shambles Street/Sackville Street 15:57
Barnsley, adj Shambles Street/St Marys Gate 15:58
Barnsley, adj St Marys Place/Shambles Street 15:58
Barnsley, adj Church Lane/Church Street 15:58
Barnsley, at Old Mill Lane/Old Mill Bridge 16:00
⚠️ Honeywell, opp Burton Road/Old Mill 16:01
⚠️ Monk Bretton, adj Burton Road/Tennyson Road 16:01
⚠️ Monk Bretton, adj Burton Road/Thoresby Avenue 16:02
Monk Bretton, adj Burton Road/Fish Dam Lane 16:04
Monk Bretton, adj Burton Road/Burton Crescent 16:04
Monk Bretton, opp Burton Road/Monk Terrace 16:05
W Green, adj Burton Road/Hope Street 16:06
Lundwood, adj Pontefract Road/Station Road 16:08
Lundwood, adj Pontefract Road/Moor Lane 16:08
Lundwood, adj Pontefract Road/Abbots Road 16:09
Lundwood, adj Pontefract Road/Vincent Road 16:10
Lundwood, adj Pontefract Road/Wycombe Street 16:11
Cundy Cross, adj Pontefract Road/Trueman Terrace 16:13
Ardsley, adj Doncaster Road/Hill Street 16:13
Ardsley, opp Doncaster Road/St Pauls Parade 16:14
Ardsley, opp Doncaster Road/Christ Church 16:14
Ardsley, adj Doncaster Road/Eskdale Road 16:14
Ardsley, adj Doncaster Road/Wood Laithes Farm 16:15
Darfield, before Doncaster Road/Barnsley Road 16:16
Darfield, opp Saltersbrook Road/Barnsley Road 16:17
Darfield, adj Saltersbrook Road/Tempest Avenue 16:18
Darfield, nr Saltersbrook Road/Edderthorpe Lane 16:18
Darfield, adj Nanny Marr Road/School Street 16:19
Darfield, by Nanny Marr Road/Barnsley Road 16:20
Darfield, adj Snape Hill Road/New Street 16:20
Darfield, opp Snape Hill Road/Havelock Street 16:21
Darfield, on Snape Hill Road/Snape Hill Road 16:22
Darfield, opp George Street/Pitt Street 16:22
Low Valley, adj George Street/Henry Street 16:23
Low Valley, nr Stoneyford Road/Station Road 16:23
Wombwell, opp Station Road/Valley Road 16:25
Wombwell, opp High Street/Melville Street WW2 16:25
Wombwell, opp Barnsley Road/School Street 16:25
Wombwell, adj Barnsley Road/Main Street 16:25
Wombwell, adj Barnsley Road/John Street 16:25
Wombwell, nr Barnsley Road/Sadlers Gate 16:25
Wombwell, nr Barnsley Road/Barnwell Crescent 16:26
Wombwell, adj Barnsley Road/Aldham House Lane 16:26
Wombwell Lane/Aldham Crescent (adj) 16:26
Wombwell Lane/Wombwell Lane (o/s) 16:26
Stairfoot, adj Wombwell Lane/Caulk Lane 16:27
Stairfoot, at Wombwell Lane/Bleachcroft Way 16:27
Stairfoot, adj Doncaster Road/Hunningley Close 16:29
Kendray, adj Doncaster Road/Redhill Avenue 16:30
Kendray, nr Doncaster Road/Oaks Lane 16:31
Kendray, opp Doncaster Road/Vaal Street 16:32
Kendray, opp Doncaster Road/Portland Street 16:32
Kendray, adj Doncaster Road/Sunderland Terrace 16:33
Barnsley, adj Doncaster Road/Chilton Street 16:33
Barnsley, at Doncaster Road/Waltham Street 16:34
Barnsley, nr Sheffield Road/West Way 16:35
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Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset