487 - Cantley, McAuley Upper School - Moorends, Winning Post

A bus service operated by First South Yorkshire


Moorends, Winning Post - Cantley, McAuley Upper School

Moorends, at Marshland Road/Grange Road 07:25
Moorends, adj Marshland Road/Alexandra Road 07:26
Moorends, adj Marshland Road/Wembley Road 07:27
Moorends, adj Marshland Road/Newfields Close 07:28
Thorne, adj King Edward Road/Kings Court Road 07:29
Thorne, adj King Edward Road/Inglenook Drive 07:30
Thorne, nr King Edward Road/St Nicholas Road 07:31
Thorne, adj St Nicholas Road/Mansion Court Gardens 07:32
Thorne, adj St Nicholas Road/St Nicholas Mews 07:32
Thorne, adj Church Balk/St Nicholas Road 07:33
Thorne, adj Haynes Road/Littlewood Road 07:34
Thorne, adj Miller Lane/Foxhill Road 07:35
Thorne, adj Miller Lane/Southfield Road 07:36
Thorne, nr Ellison Street/West Street 07:36
Thorne, opp Ellison Street/Middlebrook Lane 07:37
Thorne, opp South Parade/Plantation Road 07:38
Thorne, adj Kirton Lane/Pennine Road 07:39
Thorne, adj Kirton Lane/Cotswold Road 07:39
Thorne, adj Kirton Lane/Grampian Way 07:40
Thorne, adj Kirton Lane/Grampian Way 07:40
Thorne, adj Kirton Lane/Gibbon Lane 07:42
Stainforth, opp Kirton Lane/Poffinder Wood Road 07:43
Stainforth, adj Kirton Lane/Hugh Hill Lane 07:45
Stainforth, opp Kirton Lane/Bootham Lane 07:45
Stainforth, adj Thorne Road/Chestnut Avenue 07:46
Stainforth, adj Thorne Road/Coronation Road 07:46
Stainforth, opp Thorne Road/Briars Lane 07:47
Stainforth, adj Field Road/Princess Avenue 07:48
Stainforth, nr Princess Avenue/Junction Road 07:49
Stainforth, nr East Lane/Coronation Road 07:50
Stainforth, adj Emerson Avenue/East Lane 07:51
Stainforth, adj Emerson Avenue/Thomas Road 07:52
Stainforth, nr Station Road/East Lane 07:52
Stainforth, nr Station Road/The Oval 07:53
Dunscroft, adj Station Road/The Crescent 07:54
Dunscroft, nr Broadway/Station Road 07:54
Dunscroft, opp Broadway/Craven Road 07:55
Dunscroft, adj Broadway/Sheep Dip Lane 07:56
Dunscroft, adj Broadway/Broadway Nook 07:57
Dunscroft, adj Broadway/Broadwater Drive 07:58
Dunscroft, nr Broadway/Doncaster Road 07:59
Dunsville, adj High Street/Woodhouse Lane 07:59
Dunsville, opp High Street/St Marys Road 08:00
Dunsville, adj High Street/Westminster Drive 08:00
Dunsville, at High Street/Green Lane Farm 08:01
Edenthorpe, adj Thorne Road/Hatfield Lane 08:02
Edenthorpe, opp Thorne Road/Sandall Grange 08:02
Edenthorpe, opp Thorne Road/Eden Field Road 08:04
Edenthorpe, adj Thorne Road/Cedric Road 08:04


Timetable data from First Bus/Bus Open Data Service, 6 May 2021. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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