490 - Wardle Academy - Todmorden

A bus service operated by First Halifax, Calder Valley & Huddersfield

Todmorden - Wardle Academy

Todmorden Bus Station (Stand A) 07:55
Todmorden Rochdale Road (stop H) 07:55
Todmorden Rochdale Rd Salford Way 07:56
Todmorden Rochdale Road Morrisons 07:56
Todmorden, opp Rochdale Rd Laneside Street 07:57
Todmorden Rochdale Rd Knowlwood Road 07:57
Todmorden Rochdale Rd Bacup Road 07:58
Todmorden Rochdale Rd Knowl Wood Bottom 07:59
Walsden, adj Rochdale Rd Hollins Road 07:59
Walsden, opp Rochdale Road Monas Ter 08:00
Walsden, at Rochdale Rd Granville Street 08:01
Rochdale Road Walsden Station (opp) 08:02
Walsden, opp Rochdale Rd Square Road 08:03
Walsden, opp Rochdale Road Scott St 08:03
Walsden Rochdale Rd Strines Street 08:04
Walsden, opp Wagon & Horses 08:05
Walsden, opp Rochdale Rd Allescholes Road 08:05
Walsden Rochdale Rd Dean Royd Road 08:06
Walsden, at Rochdale Rd Bottomley Road 08:06
Walsden Rochdale Rd Stone House Bridge 08:07
Walsden Rochdale Road Bird I'Th Hand PH 08:08
Walsden Rochdale Rd Calderbrook Road (stop) 08:09
Summit, in Dean Head 08:10
The Summit (o/s) 08:11
Summit, nr Holme House St 08:12
Summit, o/s Sladen Wood Mill 08:13
Stansfield Primary Sch (opp) 08:14
Stansfield, nr Reddyshaw Brow 08:14
Gale Cl (opp) 08:15
Littleborough, opp Ferrand Lodge 08:16
Littleborough, opp Ferrand Rd 08:16
Littleborough, opp Vine Church 08:17
Littleborough Square (Stop B) 08:18
Littleborough, opp Stockton St 08:19
Littleborough, opp Police Stn 08:20
Littleborough, opp Whitelees Rd 08:21
Dearnley, nr Stubley Hall 08:23
Dearnley P.O. (opp) 08:24
Dearnley, opp Arm Rd 08:24
Wuerdle Mount Ave (Stop C) 08:26
Hurstead, opp Birch Ave 08:27
Hurstead, opp Gloucester Ave 08:28
Wardle High School (by) 08:30

Wardle Academy - Todmorden

Wardle High School (opp) 14:55
Hurstead, nr Gloucester Ave 14:55
Hurstead, nr Birch Ave 14:57
Wuerdle Mount Ave (Stop B) 14:58
Dearnley, nr Arm Rd 14:59
Dearnley P.O. (nr) 15:00
Dearnley, opp Stubley Hall 15:01
Littleborough, nr Whitelees Rd 15:02
Littleborough, o/s Police Stn 15:03
Littleborough Square (Stop A) 15:05
Littleborough, o/s Vine Church 15:06
Littleborough, nr Ferrand Rd 15:06
Littleborough, nr Ferrand Lodge 15:07
Gale, o/s Gorsey Bank 15:07
Stansfield, opp Reddyshaw Brow 15:08
Stansfield Primary Sch (o/s) 15:09
Summit, opp Sladen Wood Mill 15:09
Summit, opp Holt St 15:10
The Summit (opp) 15:11
Summit, at Dean Head 15:11
Walsden Rochdale Rd Calderbrook Road 15:13
Walsden, adj Rochdale Road Bird I'Th Hand PH 15:14
Walsden, opp Rochdale Rd Stone House Bridge 15:15
Walsden, opp Rochdale Rd Bottomley Road 15:15
Walsden, opp Rochdale Rd Dean Royd Road 15:16
Walsden Rochdale Rd Allescholes Road 15:16
Walsden, adj Wagon & Horses 15:17
Walsden Cricket Ground 15:18
Walsden, after Rochdale Road Scott St 15:18
Walsden Rochdale Rd Square Road 15:19
Walsden Rochdale Rd Winterbutlee Road 15:19
Rochdale Road Walsden Station 15:20
Walsden, opp Rochdale Rd Granville Street 15:21
Walsden, at Rochdale Road Monas Ter 15:21
Walsden Rochdale Rd Hollins Road 15:22
Todmorden, opp Rochdale Rd Knowl Wood Bottom 15:22
Todmorden, adj Rochdale Rd Bacup Road 15:23
Todmorden Rochdale Rd Little Holme Street 15:24
Todmorden Rochdale Rd Laneside Street 15:24
Todmorden Rochdale Road 15:25
Todmorden Rochdale Rd Foundry Street 15:25
Todmorden Rochdale Road (stop J) 15:26
Todmorden Bus Station (Stand A) 15:28

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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