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501 - Shinewater - Langney - Eastbourne - Ratton School

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Eastbourne

Shinewater - Langney - Eastbourne - Ratton School

Shinewater, opp Foxglove Road 07:28
Shinewater, opp Bembridge Road 07:29
Shinewater, adj The Causeway School 07:29
Shinewater, adj Hadlow Avenue 07:31
Shinewater, opp Alverstone Close 07:32
Shinewater Lane (adj) 07:33
Shinewater, adj Sorrel Drive 07:35
Langney, adj Milfoil Drive 07:36
Langney, o/s Shopping Centre 07:38
Langney, adj Linnet Close 07:39
Langney, adj Chaffinch Road 07:39
Langney, adj Sidcup Close 07:40
Langney, adj Pembury Road Shops 07:40
Langney, adj Faversham Road 07:41
Langney, o/s Martello Inn 07:42
Langney, adj Priory Road South 07:42
Langney Point, nr Ramsay Way 07:43
Langney Point, adj Aylesbury Avenue 07:44
Langney Point, adj Wade Close 07:45
Langney Point, adj Hardy Drive 07:46
Langney Point, opp Cunningham Drive 07:47
Langney Point Sovereign Roundabout North (NW-bound) 07:48
Roselands, opp Five Acre Field 07:49
Roselands, adj Alexandra Arms 07:50
Roselands, adj Winchelsea Road 07:50
Roselands, opp The Archery 07:52
Roselands, adj Beach Road 07:53
Roselands, adj Carlton Road 07:54
Eastbourne, adj Christ Church 07:56
Eastbourne, adj Leaf Hall Road 07:57
Eastbourne, opp Hippodrome 07:59
Eastbourne, opp Ceylon Place 08:00
Eastbourne, o/s Bingo Hall 08:01
Eastbourne, after Memorial Roundabout 08:03
Eastbourne Gildredge Road (Stop F) 08:05
Eastbourne, adj Upperton Gardens 08:06
Eastbourne Eversfield Road (NE-bound) 08:07
Upperton, opp The Hawthorns 08:08
Upperton Enys Road (NE-bound) 08:08
Upperton, opp St Thomas A Becket School 08:10
Upperton, adj King's Avenue 08:11
Upperton, adj Burton Road 08:13
Upperton, opp District General Hospital 08:15
Upperton, adj Selmeston Road 08:15
Upperton, adj Park Avenue 08:16
Willingdon, opp Woodland Avenue 08:17
Willingdon, opp Wish Hill 08:18
Willingdon, opp Garnet Drive 08:19
Eastbourne, adj Ratton School 08:20
Schooldays only

Ratton School - Eastbourne - Langney - Shinewater

Eastbourne, adj Ratton School 15:25
Upperton, opp Selmeston Road 15:26
Upperton, adj District General Hospital 15:28
Upperton, opp Burton Road 15:29
Upperton, opp King's Avenue 15:30
Upperton, adj St Thomas A Becket School 15:31
Upperton Enys Road (S-bound) 15:32
Upperton, adj The Hawthorns 15:33
Eastbourne Eversfield Road (SW-bound) 15:33
Eastbourne, opp Upperton Gardens 15:34
Eastbourne Terminus Road (Stop A) 15:36
Eastbourne, before Memorial Roundabout 15:37
Eastbourne, opp Trinity Place 15:38
Eastbourne, adj Hippodrome 15:39
Eastbourne, opp Leaf Hall Road 15:40
Eastbourne, opp Christ Church 15:41
Roselands, adj Whitley Recreation Ground 15:42
Roselands, opp Beach Road 15:43
Roselands, adj The Archery 15:44
Roselands, adj Arlington Arms 15:46
Roselands, adj Tesco 15:46
Roselands, adj Five Acre Field 15:47
Langney Point Sovereign Roundabout North (SE-bound) 15:48
Langney Point, adj Cunningham Drive 15:49
Langney Point, opp Hardy Drive 15:50
Langney Point, opp Wade Close 15:50
Langney Point, opp Aylesbury Avenue 15:51
Langney Point, opp Ramsay Way 15:52
Langney, opp Priory Road South 15:53
Langney, opp Martello Inn 15:54
Langney, opp Faversham Road 15:54
Langney, opp Pembury Road Shops 15:55
Langney, opp Sidcup Close 15:56
Langney, opp Chaffinch Road 15:56
Langney, opp Linnet Close 15:57
Langney, o/s Shopping Centre 15:59
Langney, opp Milfoil Drive 15:59
Shinewater, opp Sorrel Drive 16:00
Shinewater Lane (opp) 16:00
Shinewater, adj Alverstone Close 16:02
Shinewater, opp Hadlow Avenue 16:03
Shinewater, opp The Causeway School 16:04
Shinewater, adj Bembridge Road 16:05
Shinewater, adj Foxglove Road 16:07
Schooldays only

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