505 - Rivington & Blackrod High School - Daisy Hill

A bus service operated by Vision Bus


Monday to Friday, Bolton school days

Daisy Hill - Rivington & Blackrod High School

Bolton Interchange (Stand F) 07:27
Bolton, o/s Market Hall 07:28
Bolton, nr Garside Street 07:29
Gilnow, opp Queens Park 07:30
Gilnow, nr Spa Road 07:30
Gilnow Park, nr Gilnow Gardens 07:31
Gilnow Park, nr Heaton Cemetery 07:32
Gilnow Park, nr Third Avenue 07:33
Gilnow Park, nr Chorley New Road 07:33
Gilnow Park, nr Tudor Avenue 07:34
Heaton, opp Memorial School 07:34
Heaton, nr Lonsdale Road 07:35
Heaton, nr Albert Road 07:35
Heaton, nr New Hall Lane 07:36
Markland Hill, adj New Hall Lane 07:36
Markland Hill, adj Kingsbury Avenue 07:37
Markland Hill, nr Greenmount Lane 07:38
Markland Hill, nr Albert Road West 07:39
Markland Hill (nr) 07:40
Markland Hill, opp Moss Bank Way 07:41
Lostock, nr Beaumont Road 07:48
Lostock Junction Lane (nr) 07:50
Lostock, opp Old Hall Clough 07:52
Lostock, nr Regent Road 07:53
Lostock, at Beechville 07:55
Lostock, nr Horwich Boundary 07:56
Lostock, opp Bolton Golf Club 07:58
Lostock, nr Ox Hey Lane 08:00
Lostock, nr Cambridge Road 08:01
Middlebrook Business Park (at) 08:02
Middlebrook Horwich Parkway Station (Stop A) 08:03
Middlebrook, opp University of Bolton Stadium 08:04
Middlebrook, at Asda 08:06
Middlebrook, nr Mansell Way 08:07
Horwich, opp The Beehive 08:08
Horwich, nr Laburnum Grove 08:08
Horwich, nr Birch Tree Way 08:08
Horwich, opp New Chapel Lane 08:09
Horwich, nr Makinson Avenue 08:09
Horwich, nr Gloucester Avenue 08:09
Horwich, nr Lancaster Avenue 08:10
Horwich, adj Ainsworth Avenue 08:11
Horwich, nr Carlton Grove 08:12
Horwich, nr Panton Street 08:13
Horwich, opp Abernethy Street 08:14
Horwich, o/s Stirling Industrial Estate 08:15
Horwich, opp The Victoria 08:16
Horwich, nr Stephenson Street 08:17
Horwich, nr Hawkshaw Street 08:17
Horwich, opp Winter Hey Lane 08:19
Horwich, nr Bosworth Street 08:20
Horwich The Crown (Stop C) 08:21
Horwich, opp Mary Street West 08:21
Horwich, opp Darley Street 08:21
Rivington & Blackrod High School (by) 08:24

Rivington & Blackrod High School - Daisy Hill

Rivington & Blackrod High School (by) 15:15
Horwich, nr Mary Street West 15:16
Horwich The Crown (Stop D) 15:17
Horwich, nr Mottram Street 15:17
Horwich, nr Winter Hey Lane 15:18
Horwich, nr Ramsbottom Road 15:19
Horwich, o/s Aspinall Court 15:19
Horwich, o/s The Victoria 15:20
Horwich, opp Stirling Industrial Estate 15:21
Horwich, nr Abernethy Street 15:21
Horwich, nr Mount Street 15:21
Horwich, o/s Greenbank 15:22
Horwich, nr Ainsworth Avenue 15:24
Horwich, opp Lancaster Avenue 15:25
Horwich, opp Gloucester Avenue 15:26
Horwich, opp Makinson Avenue 15:27
Horwich, nr New Chapel Lane 15:28
Horwich, opp Birch Tree Way 15:33
Horwich, opp Laburnum Grove 15:35
Horwich, nr The Beehive 15:40
Middlebrook, opp Cranfield Road 15:41
Middlebrook, o/s Lostock Works 15:42
Middlebrook, o/s The Bromilow Arms 15:43
Middlebrook, nr Wingates Lane 15:44
Four Gates, opp Chadwick's Farm 15:46
Four Gates, nr Lostock Lane 15:48
Four Gates, o/s Blue Bell Cottages 15:48
Wingates, opp St Johns Avenue 15:49
Wingates, nr Church Lane 15:50
Wingates, opp Chorley Road 15:51
Westhoughton, opp James Street 15:52
Westhoughton Wesley Street (Stop B) 15:52
Westhoughton, nr Lord Street 15:53
Westhoughton Church (Stop B) 15:54
Westhoughton Church (Stop D) 15:55
Westhoughton Town Hall (Stop F) 15:55
Westhoughton, nr Clough Fold 15:56
Westhoughton, nr Landedmans 15:58
Daisy Hill, opp Washacre 15:59
Daisy Hill Station (Stop B) 16:00
Daisy Hill, opp Hartford Road 16:01
Daisy Hill, opp Casson Fold Nursery 16:03
Atherton, nr Wigan Boundary 16:03
Atherton, opp Astley's Farm 16:05
Atherton, adj Wigan Road 16:06
Atherton, opp Durban Street 16:07
Atherton, nr Linstock Way 16:08
Atherton, nr Prestwich Street 16:08
Atherton, nr Bag Lane 16:10

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Vision Bus