517 - The Nurseryman - English Martyrs Academy

A service operated by CT4N (formerly Nottingham Community Transport)


The Nurseryman - English Martyrs Academy

Beeston, opp Hillside Road 07:55
Beeston Wollaton Road (SE-bound) 07:56
Beeston, adj Farfield Avenue 07:56
Beeston, opp Fellows Road 07:57
Beeston, adj Cyprus Avenue 07:58
Beeston Lace Road (NW-bound) 07:59
Beeston, adj Lidl 08:00
Chilwell, opp Cromwell Road 08:01
Chilwell, opp Park Road 08:01
Chilwell, opp Central Avenue 08:02
Chilwell, adj Cator Lane Top 08:03
Chilwell, opp Mottram Road 08:04
Chilwell, adj Norman Close 08:04
Chilwell, opp Sandby Court 08:05
Chilwell, adj Hallams Lane 08:05
Chilwell High Road (o/s 383) 08:06
Chilwell, adj Attenborough Lane 08:06
Chilwell, opp Hardwicke Road 08:07
Chilwell Nottingham Road (S-bound) 08:08
Chilwell, adj Ranson Road 08:08
Chilwell, adj Morris Avenue 08:09
Toton, adj Wynwood Road 08:09
Toton Swiney Way (N-bound) 08:10
Toton, adj Calverton Close 08:11
Toton, opp Chetwynd Barracks 08:11
Toton, opp Katherine Drive 08:12
Stapleford, opp Clarehaven 08:15
Stapleford, opp Cliffe Hill Avenue 08:16
Stapleford, o/s Arthur Mee Centre 08:17
Stapleford, adj Mill Road 08:18
Stapleford, adj Pasture Road 08:19
Stapleford Hickings Lane (opp 95) 08:20
Stapleford, adj Braddon Avenue 08:20
Stapleford, opp Ewe Lamb Lane 08:21
Stapleford, adj Ewe Lamb Close 08:21
Stapleford, adj Trenton Close 08:22
Stapleford, adj Stanley Drive 08:22
Stapleford, adj Severals 08:23
Stapleford Nottingham Road (W-bound) 08:23
Stapleford, opp West Avenue 08:24
Stapleford, adj Cemetery Road 08:24
Stapleford, opp Albert Street 08:25
Stapleford, adj Memorial Garden 08:25
Stapleford, adj Halls Road 08:26
Stapleford, adj Brookhill Street 08:26
Sandiacre, opp Regent Street Lidl 08:27
Sandiacre, opp Dorothy Avenue 08:27
Sandiacre, opp Sandringham Road 08:28
Sandiacre, adj Victor Crescent 08:28
Sandiacre, opp The Bridge 08:29
Long Eaton, adj Byron Avenue 08:30
Long Eaton, adj Grasmere Road 08:31
Long Eaton, adj 186 Briar Gate 08:32
Long Eaton, opp Bramble Close 08:33
Long Eaton, adj English Martyrs 08:35

English Martyrs Academy - The Nurseryman

Long Eaton, adj English Martyrs 15:15
Long Eaton, adj Quantock Road 15:17
Long Eaton, opp Byron Avenue 15:18
Sandiacre, adj The Bridge 15:19
Sandiacre, opp Victor Crescent 15:20
Sandiacre, adj Sandringham Road 15:20
Sandiacre, adj Dorothy Avenue 15:21
Sandiacre, adj Regent Street Lidl 15:22
Stapleford, opp Brookhill Street 15:23
Stapleford, opp Halls Road 15:24
Stapleford, opp Memorial Garden 15:25
Stapleford, o/s Chequers Inn 15:26
Stapleford, opp Cemetery Road 15:26
Stapleford, adj West Avenue 15:27
Stapleford Ewe Lamb Lane (adj 1) 15:27
Stapleford, opp Stanley Drive 15:28
Stapleford, opp Stanley Drive 15:29
Stapleford, opp Trenton Close 15:30
Stapleford, opp Ewe Lamb Close 15:31
Stapleford, opp Braddon Avenue 15:32
Stapleford Hickings Lane (opp 80) 15:33
Stapleford, opp Pasture Road 15:34
Stapleford, opp Arthur Mee Centre 15:35
Stapleford, adj Cliffe Hill Avenue 15:36
Stapleford, adj Clarehaven 15:38
Toton, adj Katherine Drive 15:39
Toton, o/s Chetwynd Barracks 15:40
Toton, opp Calverton Close 15:41
Toton Swiney Way (S-bound) 15:41
Toton, opp Wynwood Road 15:42
Chilwell, opp Morris Avenue 15:43
Chilwell, opp Barton Lane 15:43
Chilwell, opp Ranson Road 15:44
Chilwell Nottingham Road (N-bound) 15:44
Chilwell, adj Hardwicke Road 15:45
Chilwell Attenborough Lane (N-bound) 15:45
Chilwell High Road (o/s 319) 15:46
Chilwell, opp Hallams Lane 15:46
Chilwell, opp Hall Drive 15:47
Chilwell, adj Sandby Court 15:47
Chilwell, opp Bramcote Avenue 15:48
Chilwell, adj Mottram Road 15:48
Chilwell, opp Cator Lane Top 15:49
Chilwell, adj Central Avenue 15:50
Chilwell, adj Park Road 15:50
Chilwell, adj Cromwell Road 15:51
Beeston, opp Lidl 15:51
Beeston Lace Road (NW-bound) 15:52
Beeston, o/s Lidl 15:53
Beeston, opp Cyprus Avenue 15:53
Beeston, adj Fellows Road 15:54
Beeston, opp Farfield Avenue 15:54
Beeston, adj Hillside Road 15:55
Beeston, o/s The Nurseryman 15:55

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CT4N (formerly Nottingham Community Transport)