52 - Bedworth - Blue Coat School

A bus service operated by National Express Coventry


Monday to Friday, Coventry LEA school days

Bedworth - Blue Coat School

Blue Coat School - Bedworth

Gosford Green, adj Bluecoat School 15:20
Gosford Green, before Humber Avenue 15:20
Gosford Green, adj Terry Rd 15:21
Gosford Green, before Gulson Rd 15:22
Foleshill, opp Old Church Rd 15:34
Little Heath, opp The Wheatsheaf 15:35
Little Heath Parkstone Rd (Stop AF) 15:36
Longford, opp Windmill Rd 15:37
Longford, before Oakmoor Rd 15:38
Longford Square (adj) 15:39
Longford, adj Oban Rd 15:40
Longford, opp Ibstock Rd 15:41
Exhall, opp Black Horse 15:44
Exhall, opp Lord Raglan 15:45
Exhall, adj Heckley Road 15:45
Exhall, adj Hayes Lane 15:46
Exhall, adj Field View Close 15:46
Bedworth, opp Black Bank 15:48
Bedworth, opp Leisure Centre 15:49
Bedworth, adj British Queen 15:51
Bedworth, adj Railway Station 15:51
Bedworth, adj Little Chapel 15:52
Bedworth, adj Nicholas Chamberlaine School 15:53
Bedworth, nr Alexander Road 15:54
Bedworth, opp Cemetery 15:55
Bedworth, opp Orchard Street 15:55
Bedworth, adj Coles Furniture Centre 15:56
Bedworth, adj Palace Bingo 15:56
Bedworth, adj All Saints Square 15:57
Bedworth, adj Park Road 15:57
Bedworth, adj Thomas Street 15:58
Bedworth, adj Gallagher Road 15:58
Bedworth, adj Croft Pool 15:58
Bedworth, adj Croft Road 15:59
Bedworth, opp Silver Birch Avenue 15:59
Bedworth, opp Smorrall Lane 16:00
Bedworth, adj The Tea Gardens 16:01
Bedworth, opp Dark Lane 16:01
Bedworth, opp Newcomen Road 16:01
Bedworth, adj Goodyers End Lane 16:01
Bedworth, opp Hospital Lane 16:01
Bedworth, adj Royal Oak 16:01
Bedworth, opp Deans Way 16:02
Bedworth, adj Woodford Close 16:03
Bedworth, opp Carsal Close 16:03
Holbrooks, opp Nunts Lane 16:05

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