52 - Newcastle - Newbiggin

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Newcastle to Newbiggin

Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Bus Station (W) 09:06then hourly until18:0619:06then hourly until23:06
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket St Mary's Place (E-Bound) 09:0718:0719:0723:07
Newcastle upon Tyne Northumbria University (N-Bound) 09:0818:0819:0823:08
Newcastle upon Tyne Sandyford Rd-Council Offices (E-Bound) 09:0918:0919:0923:09
Jesmond Vale Sandyford (NE-Bound) 09:1018:1019:1023:10
Jesmond Vale Sandyford Road-Cemetery (NE-Bound) 09:1018:1019:1023:10
Jesmond Vale Sandyford Road-Nazareth Mews (NE-Bound) 09:1118:1119:1123:11
Jesmond Cradlewell (NE-Bound) 09:1218:1219:1223:12
Heaton Coast Road Corner House (N-Bound) 09:1418:1419:1423:14
High Heaton Newton Road-Holystone Crescent (N-Bound) 09:1518:1519:1523:15
High Heaton Newton Road-Post Office (N-Bound) 09:1518:1519:1523:15
High Heaton Newton Road-Denewell Avenue (SW-Bound) 09:1618:1619:1623:16
High Heaton Freeman Road-Hambledon Gardens (N-Bound) 09:1718:1719:1723:17
High Heaton Freeman Hospital (B) 09:1818:1819:1823:18
South Gosforth Freeman Road-Castle Farm Road (NW-Bound) 09:1918:1919:1923:19
South Gosforth Freeman Road-Lilburn Gardens (N-Bound) 09:1918:1919:1923:19
South Gosforth Roundabout (E-Bound) 09:2018:2019:2023:20
South Gosforth Benton Park Road-Wiseton Court (E-Bound) 09:2118:2119:2123:21
High Heaton HMRC Benton Park View (E-Bound) 09:2218:2219:2223:22
Longbenton Benton Park Road-Hobart Gardens (E-Bound) 09:2218:2219:2223:22
Longbenton Benton Park Road-Trentham Avenue (E-Bound) 09:2318:2319:2323:23
Four Lane Ends Benton Park Road-Balliol Gardens (E-Bound) 09:2418:2419:2423:24
Four Lane Ends Interchange (D) 09:2418:2419:2423:24
Longbenton Benton Lane-Hollington Avenue (N-Bound) 09:2618:2619:2623:26
Longbenton Benton Lane-Myreside Place (N-Bound) 09:2618:2619:2623:26
Benton Quorum Park (SW-Bound) 09:2818:2819:2823:28
Benton Quorum Park Entrance (N-Bound) 09:2918:2919:2923:29
West Moor Benton Lane-Findus (N-Bound) 09:3018:3019:3023:30
West Moor Benton Lane-Westmoor Drive (N-Bound) 09:3118:3119:3123:31
West Moor Great Lime Road - Armstrong Drive (E-Bound) 09:3118:3119:3123:31
West Moor Great Lime Road-Blucher Road (E-Bound) 09:3218:3219:3223:32
Killingworth Southgate-Norgas House (NE-Bound) 09:3318:3319:3323:33
Killingworth Southgate-School (NE-Bound) 09:3418:3419:3423:34
Killingworth Bus Station (C) 09:3518:3519:3523:35
Killingworth West Bailey-Garth 15 (W-Bound) 09:3618:3619:3623:36
Killingworth West Bailey-Garth 12 (W-Bound) 09:3718:3719:3723:37
Killingworth West Bailey - Angus Close (S-Bound) 09:3818:3819:3823:38
Killingworth Station Road-Council Offices (N-Bound) 09:3918:3919:3923:39
Burradon Camperdown (N-Bound) 09:4018:4019:4023:40
Burradon Road- Camperdown Hotel (NE-Bound) 09:4118:4119:4123:41
Burradon Road - Kirkwood (N-Bound) 09:4218:4219:4223:42
Weetslade Road - Burradon Road (NW-Bound) 09:4218:4219:4223:42
Dudley Weetslade Road-Ethel Terrace (NW-Bound) 09:4418:4419:4423:44
Dudley Weetslade Road-Weetslade Crescent (NW-Bound) 09:4418:4419:4423:44
Dudley Weetslade Road (NW-Bound) 09:4518:4519:4523:45
Dudley Lane-Meadowbank (N-Bound) 09:4618:4619:4623:46
Dudley Lane-Grieves Row (N-Bound) 09:4618:4619:4623:46
Dudley Lane-Northern Terrace (N-Bound) 09:4718:4719:4723:47
Northumberland Business Park Dudley Lane (nb) 09:4718:4719:4723:47
Southfield Barns Park (northbound) 09:4818:4819:4823:48
Southfield Glenluce Drive roundabout (nb) 09:4918:4919:4923:49
Southfield Stonelaw (nb) 09:5018:5019:5023:50
Cramlington Whitelea (nb) 09:5118:5119:5123:51
Cramlington Dudley Lane Shops (Stop C) 09:5218:5219:5223:52

Newbiggin to Newcastle

Cramlington Dudley Lane Shops (Stop A) 08:41then hourly until17:4118:41then hourly until22:41
Cramlington Whitelea (sb) 08:4217:4218:4222:42
Southfield Stonelaw (sb) 08:4317:4318:4322:43
Southfield Glenluce Drive roundabout (sb) 08:4417:4418:4422:44
Southfield Barns Park (southbound) 08:4517:4518:4522:45
Northumberland Business Park Dudley Lane (sb) 08:4617:4618:4622:46
Dudley Lane-Northern Terrace (S-Bound) 08:4617:4618:4622:46
Dudley Lane-Grieves Row (S-Bound) 08:4617:4618:4622:46
Dudley Lane-Meadowbank (S-Bound) 08:4717:4718:4722:47
Dudley Weetslade Road - Southfields (S-Bound) 08:4817:4818:4822:48
Dudley Weetslade Road-Weetslade Crescent (SE-Bound) 08:4917:4918:4922:49
Dudley Weetslade Road-Clarkes Terrace (SE-Bound) 08:4917:4918:4922:49
Weetslade Road - Burradon Road (SE-Bound) 08:5117:5118:5122:51
Burradon Road-Kirkwood (S-Bound) 08:5117:5118:5122:51
Burradon Road - Camperdown Hotel (SW-Bound) 08:5217:5218:5222:52
Burradon Camperdown (S-Bound) 08:5317:5318:5322:53
Killingworth Station Road-Angus Close (S-Bound) 08:5417:5418:5422:54
Killingworth West Bailey - Angus Close (NE-Bound) 08:5517:5518:5522:55
Killingworth West Bailey-School (E-Bound) 08:5617:5618:5622:56
Killingworth West Bailey-Garth 15 (SE-Bound) 08:5717:5718:5722:57
Killingworth Bus Station (A) 08:5917:5918:5922:59
Killingworth Southgate-School (S-Bound) 09:0018:0019:0023:00
Killingworth Southgate-Norgas House (S-Bound) 09:0118:0119:0123:01
West Moor Great Lime Road-Sheldon Court (W-Bound) 09:0218:0219:0223:02
West Moor Great Lime Road - Georgian Court (W-Bound) 09:0218:0219:0223:02
West Moor Benton Lane-Great Lime Road (S-Bound) 09:0318:0319:0323:03
West Moor Benton Lane-Findus (S-Bound) 09:0418:0419:0423:04
Benton Quorum Park Entrance (S-Bound) 09:0418:0419:0423:04
Benton Quorum Park (SW-Bound) 09:0518:0519:0523:05
Quorum Park Benton Lane (S-Bound) 09:0618:0619:0623:06
Longbenton Benton Lane-Glenfield Road (S-Bound) 09:0718:0719:0723:07
Longbenton Benton Lane-Rushall Place (S-Bound) 09:0818:0819:0823:08
Four Lane Ends Interchange (E) 09:0918:0919:0923:09
Four Lane Ends Benton Park Road-Benton Lodge Avenue (W-Bound) 09:0918:0919:0923:09
Longbenton Benton Park Road-Trentham Avenue (W-Bound) 09:1018:1019:1023:10
Longbenton HMRC Benton Park View (W-Bound) 09:1118:1119:1123:11
South Gosforth Benton Park Road-The Cloisters (W-Bound) 09:1218:1219:1223:12
South Gosforth Benton Park Road-Freeman Rd (W-Bound) 09:1318:1319:1323:13
South Gosforth Roundabout (S-Bound) 09:1318:1319:1323:13
South Gosforth Freeman Road-Castle Dene School (S-Bound) 09:1418:1419:1423:14
High Heaton Freeman Hospital (A) 09:1518:1519:1523:15
High Heaton Freeman Road-Hambledon Gardens (S-Bound) 09:1618:1619:1623:16
High Heaton Newton Road-Football Ground (E-Bound) 09:1718:1719:1723:17
High Heaton Newton Road-Newton Place (S-Bound) 09:1818:1819:1823:18
High Heaton Newton Road-Weldon Crescent (S-Bound) 09:1918:1919:1923:19
Heaton Coast Road Corner House (SW-Bound) 09:2018:2019:2023:20
Jesmond Cradlewell (SW-Bound) 09:2218:2219:2223:22
Jesmond Vale Sandyford Road-Cemetery (S-Bound) 09:2318:2319:2323:23
Jesmond Vale Sandyford (SW-Bound) 09:2418:2419:2423:24
Newcastle upon Tyne Sandyford Rd-Council Offices (W-Bound) 09:2418:2419:2423:24
Newcastle upon Tyne Sandyford Road-Civic Centre (S-Bound) 09:2618:2619:2623:26
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket St Mary's Place (W-Bound) 09:2618:2619:2623:26
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Bus Station (W) 09:2718:2719:2723:27

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/ANUM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 27 September 2022

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