520 - Watford Junction Railway Station - Maple Cross Downings Wood Terminus

A service operated by Arriva Kent Thameside


Watford Junction Railway Station - Downings Wood Terminus

Watford Junction Railway Station (Stop 2) 10:07then hourly until18:07
Watford St John's Road (S-bound) 10:0918:09
Watford Beechen Grove (Stop M) 10:1118:11
Watford King Street (Stop T) 10:1218:12
Watford Market Street (Stop G) 10:1318:13
Watford Market Street (Stop G) 07:25 08:10 08:43 10:16 18:16
Watford, nr The Hornets 07:3008:1508:4610:2118:21
Watford, o/s General Hospital 07:3208:1708:4810:2318:23
Watford, opp Brightwell Road 07:3208:1708:4810:2318:23
Watford Queens Avenue (NW-bound) 07:3308:1808:4910:2418:24
Watford Hagden Lane (W-bound) 07:3308:1808:5010:2518:25
Watford, nr Sydney Road 07:3408:1908:5110:2618:26
Watford, opp Cassiobridge Road 07:3508:2008:5210:2718:27
Croxley Green Two Bridges (Stop C) 07:3608:2108:5310:2918:29
Croxley Green, nr Winton Drive 07:3608:2108:5410:2918:29
Croxley Green, opp Durrants Drive 07:3708:2208:5410:3018:30
Croxley Green, nr Lancing Way 07:3808:2308:5510:3118:31
Croxley Green, opp Owens Way 07:3908:2408:5710:3318:33
Croxley Green, nr Winchester Way 07:3908:2408:5710:3318:33
Croxley Green New Road (S-bound) 07:4108:2608:5910:3518:35
Croxley Green, adj Dickinson Square 07:4108:2608:5910:3518:35
Croxley Green The Green (W-bound) 07:4308:2809:0110:3718:37
Croxley Green, opp The Sportsman PH 07:4408:2909:0210:3818:38
Rickmansworth, opp Scots Bridge 07:4608:3109:0410:4018:40
Rickmansworth, o/s St Joan of Arc School 07:4808:3309:0610:4218:42
Rickmansworth High Street (W-bound) 07:4908:3409:0710:4318:43
Rickmansworth Railway Station (Stop B) 07:5108:3609:0909:4310:4518:45
Moneyhill, adj The Halfway House PH 07:5208:3709:1009:4410:4618:46
Rickmansworth, adj Whip & Collar PH 07:5408:3909:1209:4610:4918:49
Rickmansworth, opp Long Lane 07:5608:4109:1409:4810:5018:50
Maple Cross, nr Hertford Place 07:5708:4209:1509:4910:5218:52
Maple Cross, opp The Cross 07:5808:4309:1609:5010:5318:53
Maple Cross, opp Long Croft Road 07:5808:4309:1609:5010:5318:53
Maple Cross, adj Pinchfield 07:5908:4409:1709:5110:5418:54
Maple Cross Downings Wood Terminus (S-bound) 08:0008:4509:1809:5210:5518:55

Downings Wood Terminus - Watford Junction Railway Station

Maple Cross Downings Wood Terminus (S-bound) 07:2908:0508:5509:2510:00then hourly until18:00
Maple Cross, nr Tichborne 07:2908:0508:5509:2510:0018:00
Maple Cross, opp Ladywalk 07:2908:0508:5509:2610:0118:01
Maple Cross, adj The Cross 07:3008:0608:5609:2710:0218:02
Maple Cross, opp Hertford Place 07:3208:0808:5809:2910:0418:04
Rickmansworth, nr Long Lane 07:3308:0908:5909:3110:0618:06
Rickmansworth, opp Whip & Collar PH 07:3408:1009:0009:3310:0818:08
Moneyhill, nr Church Lane 07:3508:1109:0109:3410:0918:09
Moneyhill, nr Parade 07:3608:1209:0209:3510:1018:10
Moneyhill, opp The Halfway House PH 07:3608:1209:0209:3610:1118:11
Rickmansworth High Street (E-bound) 07:3808:1409:0409:3810:1318:13
Rickmansworth Railway Station (Stop B) 09:40
Rickmansworth Railway Station (Stop C) 07:3908:1509:0510:1518:15
Rickmansworth, nr Roman Catholic Church 07:4108:1709:0710:1718:17
Rickmansworth, adj Scots Bridge 07:4108:1709:0710:1718:17
Croxley Green, adj The Sportsman PH 07:4308:1909:0910:1918:19
Croxley Green The Green (E-bound) 07:4408:2009:1010:2018:20
Croxley Green, opp Dickinson Square 07:4508:2109:1110:2118:21
Croxley Green New Road (N-bound) 07:4608:2209:1210:2218:22
Croxley Green, opp Winchester Way 07:4708:2309:1310:2318:23
Croxley Green, nr Owens Way 07:4808:2409:1410:2418:24
Croxley Green, opp Lancing Way 07:4808:2409:1410:2418:24
Croxley Green, nr Durrants Drive 07:5008:2609:1610:2618:26
Croxley Green, opp Winton Drive 07:5108:2709:1710:2718:27
Croxley Green Two Bridges (Stop A) 07:5208:2809:1810:2818:28
Watford, adj Cassiobridge Road 07:5308:2909:1910:2918:29
Watford Hagden Lane (E-bound) 07:5408:3009:2010:3018:30
Watford Queens Avenue (E-bound) 07:5508:3109:2110:3118:31
Watford, adj Brightwell Road 07:5608:3209:2210:3218:32
Watford, opp General Hospital 07:5808:3409:2410:3418:34
Watford, nr Wiggenhall Road 07:5908:3509:2510:3618:36
Watford Exchange Road (Stop K) 08:0108:3709:2710:3818:38
Watford Clarendon Road (Stop A) 08:0308:3909:2910:4118:41
Watford Market Street (Stop J) 09:3010:4218:42
Watford Market Street (Stop J) 09:31 10:43 18:43
Watford Clarendon Road (Stop S) 09:3310:4518:45
Watford Junction Railway Station (Stop 2) 09:3610:4818:48

Timetable data from Arriva Thameside/Bus Open Data Service, 16 October 2020

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