521 - Airport (Park & Ride) to N&NU Hospital

A service operated by Konectbus


Monday to Friday

N&NU Hospital - Airport (Park & Ride)

University of E Anglia University Drive (Stop B) 06:50then hourly until
Norwich, opp The Avenues 06:52
Norwich Fiveways (N-bound) 06:52
Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital Forecourt (Stand B) 07:4208:4710:0015:0016:0517:1518:20
Norwich Research Park, adj John Innes Institute 07:4408:4910:0215:0216:0717:1718:22
Colney, adj church 07:4508:5010:0315:0316:0817:1818:23
Colney, adj Old Watton Road 07:4508:5010:0315:0316:0817:1818:23
Norwich, opp Earlham Park Gates 07:4708:52
University of E Anglia, opp Enterprise Centre 10:0615:0616:1317:2318:26
University of E Anglia University Drive (Stop B) 10:1015:1016:2017:3018:30
Norwich, opp The Avenues 10:1115:1116:2117:3118:31
Norwich Fiveways (N-bound) 10:1115:1116:2117:3118:31
Earlham, adj Fiveways Bus Shelter 06:5307:5008:5510:1315:1316:2517:3518:33
Norwich, adj Beverley Road 06:5407:5008:5510:1415:1416:2617:3618:34
Earlham, opp Henderson Road 06:5507:5008:5510:1415:1416:2617:3618:34
Norwich, adj American Golf 06:5907:5508:5910:1615:1616:2817:3818:36
Norwich, adj Retail Park 07:0307:5809:0210:1815:1816:3217:4118:39
Hellesdon, opp Mercure Hotel 07:0508:0009:0510:2015:2016:3517:4318:41
Hellesdon, opp Waldemar Avenue 07:0808:0309:0810:2315:2316:3817:4618:44
Hellesdon, opp Brabazon Road 07:0808:0309:0810:2315:2316:3817:4618:44
Hellesdon, opp Heath Crescent 07:0808:0409:0810:2315:2316:3817:4618:44
Hellesdon, opp Tesco Express 07:1008:0509:1010:2415:2416:4017:4818:46
Hellesdon, adj Airport Park & Ride 07:1208:0709:1210:2615:2616:4217:5018:48

Airport (Park & Ride) - N&NU Hospital

Hellesdon, adj Airport Park & Ride 07:1508:1009:30then hourly until15:3016:4517:52
Hellesdon, adj Tesco Express 07:1708:1209:3215:3216:4717:54
Hellesdon, adj Heath Crescent 07:1708:1209:3215:3216:4717:54
Hellesdon, adj Brabazon Road 07:1808:1309:3315:3316:4817:55
Hellesdon, adj Waldemar Avenue 07:1808:1309:3315:3316:4817:55
Hellesdon, adj Mercure Hotel 07:2008:1709:3515:3516:5217:58
Norwich, opp Retail Park 07:2208:1909:3715:3716:5418:00
Norwich, opp American Golf 07:2608:2509:4115:4116:5818:04
Earlham, adj Henderson Road 07:2808:2809:4315:4317:0018:06
Norwich, opp Beverley Road 07:2808:2809:4315:4317:0018:06
Norwich Fiveways (S-bound) 07:3008:3009:4515:45
Earlham, adj City Academy 17:0218:08
Norwich, adj Earlham Park Gates 17:0418:10
University of E Anglia University Drive (Stop C) 07:3308:3509:4815:48
University of E Anglia, adj Enterprise Centre 07:3308:3509:4815:48
Colney, opp Old Watton Road 07:3508:3709:5015:5017:0618:12
Colney, opp church 07:3608:3809:5115:5117:0718:13
Norwich Research Park, opp John Innes Institute 07:3708:3909:5215:5217:0818:14
Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital Forecourt (Stand B) 07:4008:4509:5615:5617:1218:18

Timetable data from Go East Anglia/Bus Open Data Service, 22 October 2020

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