54 - Pershore - Worcester

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Worcester - Pershore

Worcester Crowngate Bus Station (Stand N) 07:20
Worcester, opp Cathedral 07:21
Diglis, opp The Albion 07:23
Diglis, adj The Hill Avenue 07:23
Cherry Orchard, adj Cherry Street 07:24
Cherry Orchard, opp St. Mark's Church 07:25
Cherry Orchard, adj Bunns Road 07:25
St Peter the Great, adj Norton Road 07:26
St Peter the Great, opp Elm Green Close 07:26
St Peter the Great, adj Kestrel Drive 07:27
St Peter the Great, adj Bittern Road 07:28
St Peter the Great, opp St Peter's Tesco 07:29
St Peter the Great, adj Farne Avenue 07:30
St Peter the Great Broomhall Green (S-bound) 07:32
St Peter the Great, adj West View 07:32
Norton, opp Taylors Lane 07:32
Norton Barracks (E-bound) 07:34
Norton, opp Hatfield Turn 07:37
Norton, adj Retreat Inn 07:37
Littleworth, opp School 07:40
Littleworth, opp The Hidage 07:43
Abbotswood, adj Abbots Wood Cottages 07:45
Wadborough, adj Mill Lane Telephone Box 07:47
Wadborough Cross Roads (opp) 07:47
Besford Court (adj) 07:52
Besford Turn (opp) 07:53
Defford, opp Church 07:57
Defford, adj Woodmancote Turn 07:58
Defford Arms Inn (opp) 07:59
Birlingham Turn (adj) 08:00
Eckington Bridge Picnic Site (adj) 08:02
Eckington, opp Memorial 08:03
Eckington, adj Bell Inn 08:05
Eckington, adj Memorial 08:05
Eckington Bridge Picnic Site (opp) 08:06
Birlingham, opp Church 08:10
Birlingham, opp Nursery 08:12
Pershore, adj Cornmore 08:16
Pershore, adj Birlingham Close 08:17
Pershore, opp Abbotswood Health Centre 08:18
Pershore, adj Abbey Tea Rooms 08:20
Pershore, adj Head Street 08:21
Pershore, opp Whitcroft Road 08:22
Pershore, opp Hurst Park 08:24
Pershore High School (entrance) 08:32

Pershore - Worcester

Pershore High School (entrance) 15:35
Pershore, adj Hurst Park 15:37
Pershore, adj Whitcroft Road 15:39
Pershore, opp Head Street 15:41
Pershore, adj Royal Arcade 15:43
Pershore, adj Abbotswood Health Centre 15:43
Pershore, opp Birlingham Close 15:44
Pershore, opp Cornmore 15:45
Birlingham, adj Nursery 15:47
Birlingham, adj Church 15:49
Eckington Bridge Picnic Site (adj) 15:52
Eckington, opp Memorial 15:54
Eckington, adj Bell Inn 15:56
Eckington, adj Memorial 15:56
Eckington Bridge Picnic Site (opp) 15:57
Birlingham Turn (opp) 15:58
Defford Arms (adj) 16:00
Defford, opp Harpley Road 16:01
Defford, adj Church 16:02
Besford Turn (adj) 16:07
Besford Court (opp) 16:07
Wadborough Cross Roads (adj) 16:12
Wadborough, opp Telephone Box 16:14
Abbotswood, opp Abbots Wood Cottages 16:18
Littleworth, opp The Hidage 16:19
Littleworth, adj School 16:20
Norton, opp Retreat Inn 16:22
Norton, adj Hatfield Turn 16:23
Norton Barracks (W-bound) 16:25
Norton, adj Taylors Lane 16:26
St Peter the Great Broomhall Green (N-bound) 16:28
St Peter the Great, opp Farne Avenue 16:29
St Peter the Great, adj St Peter's Tesco 16:30
St Peter the Great, opp Bittern Road 16:32
St Peter the Great, opp Kestrel Drive 16:33
St Peter the Great, adj St Peter's Island 16:34
St Peter the Great, adj Elm Green Close 16:35
St Peter the Great, opp Norton Road 16:36
Cherry Orchard, opp Bunns Road 16:36
Cherry Orchard, adj St. Mark's Church 16:37
Cherry Orchard, opp Cherry Street 16:38
Diglis, opp The Hill Avenue 16:39
Diglis, adj The Albion 16:40
Worcester, opp Sidbury 16:40
Worcester, adj City Walls Road 16:42
Worcester, opp McDonalds 16:44
Worcester Crowngate Bus Station (Stand N) 16:45

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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