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541 - Norton Tower - Hopwood Lane - Halifax - Siddal

A service operated by First Halifax


Siddal - Norton Tower

Norton Tower - Siddal

Norton Tower Roils Head Road Terminus 19:47
Norton Tower, opp Roils Head Rd Norton Drive 19:47
Norton Tower, opp Roils Head Rd Vicar Park Road 19:47
Norton Tower Roils Head Rd Gleanings Avenue 19:47
Norton Tower, adj Highroad Well Lane Mount Crescent 19:47
Norton Tower, adj Highroad Well Lane Golf Crescent 19:48
Highroad Well Lane Paddock Ln (adj) 19:48
Highroad Well, opp Court Lane Westcliffe Dr 19:48
Highroad Well Sandhall Lane 19:49
Highroad Well Gibbet Street Thackray St 19:49
Highroad Well Gibbet Street West View Ave 19:49
Highroad Well Gibbet Street Gibraltar Rd 19:49
King Cross Gibbet St Newstead Terrace 19:49
King Cross Gibbet Street Thrum Hall Ln 19:50
King Cross, adj Gibbet Street Queens Rd 19:51
King Cross Hopwood Lane Queens Rd (E-bound) 19:52
King Cross Hopwood Ln Walnut Street 19:52
King Cross, before Hopwood Ln Francis Street 19:53
King Cross Hopwood Lane People's Park 19:55
Halifax, adj Hopwood Lane New Bond St 19:55
Halifax, before Hopwood Lane Boyne St 19:56
Halifax Bull Green Cow Green 19:57
Halifax Bus Station (Stand A7) 20:01
Halifax Bus Station (Stand A7) 20:05
Halifax Commercial Street (stop 19) 20:06
Halifax Union Street Hall 20:07
Halifax, adj Union Street Prescott St 20:08
Halifax, at Union Street Heath View St 20:08
Halifax, adj Siddal New Rd Swan Bank Lane 20:10
Siddal, nr Cross Keys PH 20:11
Siddal, at Whitegate Rd Rosebery Avenue 20:11
Siddal, adj Oxford Lane Phoebe Ln 20:12
Oxford Lane Siddal St (at) 20:12
Siddal Oxford Lane (S-bound) 20:13
Siddal, opp Infant School 20:13
Siddal, before Backhold Ln Backhold Drive 20:14
Siddal Backhold Dr Backhold Avenue 20:15
Siddal Backhold Drive (S-bound) 20:15
Siddal Backhold Dr Backhold Road 20:15
Exley Park Lane Backhold Ln 20:16
Exley, opp Backhold Ln Park Lane 20:17

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