55 - Tavistock - Yelverton - Milton Coombe

A bus service operated by Plymouth Citybus


Bus Station - Who'd Have Thought It

Tavistock Bus Station (Bay 1) 08:2512:50
Tavistock Library (SW-bound) 08:25
Tavistock, opp Bedford Hotel 12:50
Tavistock, opp Harewood House 08:26
Tavistock Down Road (S-bound) 12:52
Tavistock School (SE-bound) 08:26
Tavistock Crelake Park (S-bound) 12:53
Tavistock Grenville Drive (S-bound) 08:27
Tavistock Mohuns Park (SE-bound) 12:54
Tavistock, opp Lidl 08:29
Whitchurch Priory Close (SE-bound) 12:56
Whitchurch Tiddybrook Meadows (SE-bound) 08:30
Whitchurch Halt (SE-bound) 12:56
Whitchurch Woodtown (SE-bound) 08:30
Whitchurch, nr Church Lea 12:57
Grenofen Cross (SE-bound) 08:32
Whitchurch, opp Post Office 12:58
Horrabridge Magpie Park (SE-bound) 08:35
Horrabridge Leaping Salmon (SE-bound) 13:05
Horrabridge Manor Garage (SE-bound) 08:37
Horrabridge St. John's Road (SE-bound) 13:06
Horrabridge Toll Gate (SE-bound) 08:38
Horrabridge Fillace Park (W-bound) 13:08
Horrabridge, opp Primary School 13:08
Walkhampton Memorial (SE-bound) 13:13
Dousland Merrivale View Road (S-bound) 13:15
Dousland Burrator Inn (SW-bound) 13:16
Yelverton Roundabout (SW-bound) 08:4309:5011:2013:2014:2016:5018:25
Yelverton, opp Golf Club Turn 09:5213:2214:2216:52
Yelverton Yeoland Lane (N-bound) 09:5313:2314:2316:53
Yelverton Golf Club (NE-bound) 09:5413:2414:2416:54
Yelverton Rock Shelter (N-bound) 09:5413:2414:2416:54
Axtown Moorland Court (NE-bound) 09:5513:2514:2516:55
Crapstone Whistley Down Crossroads (NW-bound) 09:5613:2614:2616:56
Crapstone Memorial (SW-bound) 08:4609:5711:2313:2714:2716:5718:28
Crapstone Village (NW-bound) 08:4609:5713:2714:2716:5718:28
Buckland Monachorum, opp The Vicarage 08:4809:5913:2914:2916:5918:30
Buckland Monachorum Buckland Village (N-bound) 08:4910:0013:3014:3017:0018:31
Buckland Monachorum Turning Circle (SW-bound) 08:5010:0113:3114:3117:0118:32
Buckland Monachorum Buckland Village (S-bound) 08:5010:0113:3114:3117:0118:32
Buckland Monachorum Modyford Walk (W-bound) 08:5110:0213:3214:3217:0218:33
Buckland Monachorum, opp Bradford Cottages 08:5110:0213:3214:3217:0218:33
Buckland Monachorum Gate Cottage Junction (S-bound) 08:5210:0313:3314:3317:0318:34
Milton Combe, opp Barton House 08:5410:0513:3514:3517:0518:36
Milton Combe Abbey Cross (SW-bound) 08:5510:0611:2513:3614:3617:0618:37
Milton Combe Church Hill (SW-bound) 08:5610:0711:2613:3714:3717:0718:38
Milton Combe Who'd Have Thought It (S-bound) 08:5810:0911:2813:3914:3917:0918:40

Who'd Have Thought It - Bus Station

Milton Combe, opp Who'd Have Thought It 07:2508:5810:0911:2813:3914:3917:09
Milton Combe Church Hill (NE-bound) 07:2508:5810:0911:2813:3914:3917:09
Milton Combe Abbey Cross (NE-bound) 07:2608:5910:1011:2913:4014:4017:10
Milton Combe, adj Barton House 07:2608:5911:29
Crapstone Stonemoor Estate (NE-bound) 10:1213:4214:4217:12
Buckland Monachorum Gate Cottage Junction (N-bound) 07:2709:0111:31
Buckland Monachorum Bradford Cottages (N-bound) 07:2809:0211:32
Buckland Monachorum Modyford Walk (E-bound) 07:2909:0311:33
Buckland Monachorum Buckland Village (N-bound) 07:2909:0411:34
Buckland Monachorum Turning Circle (SW-bound) 07:3009:0511:35
Buckland Monachorum Buckland Village (S-bound) 07:3009:0511:35
Buckland Monachorum, opp Crapstone Cottage 07:3109:0611:36
Buckland Monachorum The Vicarage (E-bound) 07:3109:0611:36
Crapstone Village (SE-bound) 07:3309:0811:38
Crapstone, opp Memorial 07:3409:0910:1311:3913:4314:4317:13
Crapstone, opp Whistley Down Crossroads 09:0911:39
Axtown Moorland Court (SW-bound) 09:1111:41
Yelverton, opp Rock Shelter 09:1111:41
Yelverton Golf Club (SW-bound) 09:1311:43
Yelverton Yeoland Lane (S-bound) 09:1311:43
Yelverton Golf Club Turn (NE-bound) 09:1411:44
Yelverton Roundabout (SW-bound) 07:3909:1910:1811:4913:4814:4817:18
Dousland Burrator Inn (NE-bound) 10:21
Horrabridge Toll Gate (NW-bound) 13:5217:22
Dousland Merrivale View Road (N-bound) 10:21
Horrabridge Manor Garage (NW-bound) 13:5417:24
Walkhampton Memorial (NW-bound) 10:25
Horrabridge Bedford Bridge (NW-bound) 13:5617:26
Horrabridge Fillace Park (W-bound) 10:30
Grenofen Cross (NW-bound) 14:0017:30
Horrabridge, opp Leaping Salmon 10:33
Whitchurch Woodtown (NW-bound) 14:0217:32
Whitchurch, adj Post Office 10:40
Tavistock Lidl (NW-bound) 14:0417:34
Whitchurch, opp Church Lea 10:40
Tavistock Grenville Drive (N-bound) 14:0517:35
Whitchurch Halt (NW-bound) 10:41
Tavistock School (NW-bound) 14:0617:36
Whitchurch Priory Close (NW-bound) 10:41
Tavistock Harewood House (NE-bound) 14:0617:36
Tavistock Mohuns Park (NW-bound) 10:43
Tavistock Crelake Park (N-bound) 10:44
Tavistock Down Road (N-bound) 10:45
Tavistock Bedford Hotel (SW-bound) 10:47
Tavistock Bus Station (Bay 1) 10:4814:0817:38

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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