Bus Times

55 - Warminster - Heytesbury - Tilshead - Devizes

A coach service operated by Beeline Coaches

Warminster - Heytesbury - Tilshead - Devizes

Kingston Deverill St Marys Church (E-bound) 09:20
Kingston Deverill Village Hall (NE-bound) 09:21
Monkton Deverill Council Houses (N-bound) 09:21
Brixton Deverill Telephone Box (N-bound) 09:25
Hill Deverill Watercress Farm (NE-bound) 09:29
Longbridge Deverill, o/s The George 09:30
Longbridge Deverill House (N-bound) 09:30
Crockerton Bus Shelter (N-bound) 09:33
Crockerton, opp Council Houses 09:35
Warminster Ludlow Close (N-bound) 09:38
Warminster Bread Street (W-bound) 09:40
Warminster Snooty Fox (W-bound) 09:40
Warminster, o/s Shops 09:41
Warminster Azalea Drive (N-bound) 09:42
Warminster Playground (E-bound) 09:43
Warminster West Street (S-bound) 09:44
Warminster George Street Place (E-bound) 09:48
Warminster Market Place (E-bound) 09:50
Warminster Esso Garage (SE-bound) 09:50
Warminster Lyons Seafoods (NE-bound) 09:50
Warminster Woodcock Park (E-bound) 09:51
Warminster Woodcock Industrial Estate (E-bound) 09:51
Boreham Field Queensway (E-bound) 09:52
Boreham Field The Dene (SE-bound) 09:53
Boreham St Geoges Close (SW-bound) 09:53
Boreham Bishopstrow Road (E-bound) 09:53
Norton Bavant South Farm (SE-bound) 09:56
Heytesbury, opp The Red Lion 09:59
Heytesbury, opp The Angel 10:00
Knook, o/s Camp Gate 10:02
Knook Turn (SE-bound) 10:02
Upton Lovell Upton Folly (SE-bound) 10:03
Codford Toran Restaurant (SE-bound) 10:04
Codford Corton Turn (SE-bound) 10:05
Codford The Garage (SE-bound) 10:05
Codford The Grove (E-bound) 10:06
Codford St Mary Cherry Orchard (E-bound) 10:07
Chitterne Abdon Close (N-bound) 10:15
Tilshead Junction (SW-bound) 10:23
Gore Cross Farm (N-bound) 10:26
W Lavington, o/s Bridge Inn 10:28
W Lavington, opp Hooks Court 10:29
W Lavington Crossroads (N-bound) 10:30
Littleton Panell Pagnell Lane (NW-bound) 10:30
Littleton Panell Railway Bridge (N-bound) 10:31
Potterne Wick Freith Farm (N-bound) 10:34
Potterne Wick Cadley Farm Turn (N-bound) 10:35
Potterne Wick, opp Wick Terrace 10:37
Potterne Porch House (N-bound) 10:38
Potterne, nr Bell Inn 10:39
Potterne Hartmoor Lane (N-bound) 10:40
Devizes Wick Lane (NE-bound) 10:42
Devizes Long Street (N-bound) 10:43
Devizes, o/s Cinema & Bingo 10:45

Devizes - Tilshead - Heytesbury - Warminster

Devizes, o/s Cinema & Bingo 13:15
Devizes Southgate (S-bound) 13:15
Devizes Wick Lane (SW-bound) 13:16
Potterne Hartmoor Lane (S-bound) 13:18
Potterne, opp Bell Inn 13:19
Potterne Porch House (S-bound) 13:20
Potterne Wick, adj Wick Terrace 13:21
Potterne Wick Cadley Farm Turn (S-bound) 13:22
Potterne Wick Freith Farm (S-bound) 13:24
Littleton Panell Railway Bridge (S-bound) 13:26
Littleton Panell Pagnell Lane (SE-bound) 13:27
W Lavington Crossroads (S-bound) 13:29
W Lavington, o/s Hooks Court 13:29
W Lavington, nr Bridge Inn 13:30
Gore Cross Farm (S-bound) 13:32
Tilshead Junction (NE-bound) 13:37
Chitterne Abdon Close (S-bound) 13:45
Codford St Mary Cherry Orchard (W-bound) 13:53
Codford The Grove (W-bound) 13:53
Codford The Garage (NW-bound) 13:54
Codford Corton Turn (NW-bound) 13:54
Codford Toran Restaurant (NW-bound) 13:55
Upton Lovell Upton Folly (W-bound) 13:57
Knook Turn (NW-bound) 13:57
Knook, opp Camp Gate 13:58
Heytesbury, o/s The Angel 14:00s
Heytesbury, o/s The Red Lion 14:00s
Norton Bavant South Farm (NW-bound) 14:02
Boreham Bishopstrow Road (W-bound) 14:05
Boreham St George's Close (NE-bound) 14:05
Boreham Field The Dene (NW-bound) 14:06
Boreham Field Queensway (W-bound) 14:06
Warminster Woodcock Industrial Estate (W-bound) 14:07
Warminster Woodcock Park (W-bound) 14:07
Warminster Lyons Seafoods (SW-bound) 14:08
Warminster Esso Garage (N-bound) 14:09
Warminster Market Place (W-bound) 14:10
Warminster George Street Place (W-bound) 14:11s
Warminster West Street (N-bound) 14:13s
Warminster Minster View (N-bound) 14:14s
Warminster Playground (W-bound) 14:15s
Warminster Northfield Garage (S-bound) 14:15s
Warminster, opp Shops 14:17s
Warminster Snooty Fox (W-bound) 14:18s
Warminster Bread Street (W-bound) 14:20s
Warminster Ludlow Close (SW-bound) 14:20s
Crockerton Council Houses (S-bound) 14:23s
Crockerton, opp Bus Shelter 14:25s
Longbridge Deverill House (SE-bound) 14:27s
Longbridge Deverill, nr The George 14:28s
Hill Deverill Watercress Farm (SW-bound) 14:29s
Brixton Deverill Telephone Box (S-bound) 14:33s
Monkton Deverill Council Houses (S-bound) 14:37s
Kingston Deverill Village Hall (W-bound) 14:38s
Kingston Deverill St Marys Church (E-bound) 14:40

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the coach will only stop to drop passengers off

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