Bus Times

558 - Diggle - Bluecoat School

A bus service operated by Rosso

Diggle, opp Sunfield Ln 07:05
Diggle Day Nursery (o/s) 07:05
Diggle, opp Hillside Ave 07:06
Diggle, o/s Shaw's Mill 07:07
Marslands Cottages (opp house 39) 07:08
Marslands Standedge Road (SW-bound) 07:09
Marslands, nr Wool Rd 07:09
Dobcross Square (nr) 07:11
Dobcross, o/s The Woolpack 07:13
Dobcross, nr Wool Rd 07:15
Uppermill, o/s Saddleworth Sch 07:16
Uppermill Commercial Hotel (Stop B) 07:17
Uppermill, o/s Hare & Hounds 07:17
Uppermill, opp Wade Lock 07:18
Greenfield Wellington Rd (Stop F) 07:21
Greenfield, opp Conservative Club 07:21
Greenfield, opp King William IV 07:22
Greenfield, nr Central Ave 07:23
Greenfield, opp Clarence Hotel 07:24
Greenfield, opp Clarence Hotel 07:24
Greenfield, adj Fernlea Vale 07:25
Greenfield, o/s Oak View Mill 07:27
Greenfield, nr Warlow Dr 07:27
Greenfield, nr Dacres Rd 07:29
Greenfield, o/s Royal George 07:30
Roaches, nr Shadows Ln 07:31
Roaches, opp The Moorings 07:32
Roaches (at) 07:33
Mossley, opp Roughtown Rd 07:35
Mossley, o/s Woodend Mill 07:36
Mossley, opp Mill Ln 07:37
Mossley, nr Portman St 07:37
Mossley Brittania Mill (Stop A) 07:39
Mossley, o/s Dental Surgery 07:40
Top Mossley, nr Jacob's Ladder 07:41
Top Mossley, opp Egerton St 07:41
Top Mossley, nr Smith St 07:43
Top Mossley, opp Egerton House 07:44
Top Mossley Lees Road (opp 87) 07:44
Top Mossley, opp Fir Tree Farm 07:45
Grotton, opp Butt Ln 07:46
Grotton, opp Quick Edge Ln 07:47
Grotton, nr Thornley Ln 07:49
Grotton, adj Oldham Rd 07:50
Grotton, opp Brooklands Parade 07:52
Springhead, nr Old Mill Ln 07:52
Springhead P.O. (o/s) 07:54
Lees, by County End 07:56
Lees St John St (Stop C) 07:57
Lees, opp Greaves St 07:58
Lees, o/s The Grapes 08:00
Cross Bank, o/s St John's 08:01
Cross Bank, nr Redwood Ln 08:03
Cross Bank, nr Dunham St 08:05
Waterhead, opp Church St East 08:08
Waterhead, nr Heywood St 08:09
Waterhead, opp Sharples Hall St 08:09
Greenacres Spring St (Stop F) 08:10
Greenacres Tesco Store (Stop B) 08:15
Greenacres, nr Hill St 08:16
Greenacres Rd (nr) 08:17
Oldham Mumps Interchange (Stop A) 08:20
Oldham, o/s The Link Ctr 08:22
Oldham St Mary's Way (Stop YC) 08:26
Oldham Mumps, o/s Blue Coat Sch 08:30