57X - Hutton Henry - Durham

A bus service operated by Scarlet Band


Monday to Friday

Hutton Henry Plough Inn (W-bound) 07:34
Hutton Henry Wesleyan Chapel (SW-bound) 07:34
Station Town Rodridge (W-bound) 07:35
Station Town Cemetery (W-bound) 07:36
Station Town Heaton Terrace (W-bound) 07:36
Station Town Newholme Estate (NW-bound) 07:37
Station Town Front Street The Ridges (NW-bound) 07:38
Wingate Front Street-Hadrian Court (NW-bound) 07:39
Wingate Victoria Inn (NW-bound) 07:40
Wingate North Road (NE-bound) 07:40
Wingate Moor Lane (N-bound) 07:40
Wingate Cross Row (NW-bound) 07:40
Wingate Fir Tree Inn (N-bound) 07:41
Cassop Dene House Farm (S-bound) 07:43
Cassop Dene View (SW-bound) 07:45
Cassop Castle View Club (SW-bound) 07:50
Cassop School (SW-bound) 07:50
Quarrington Hill Half Moon (SW-bound) 07:51
Quarrington Hill Working Mens Club (SW-bound) 07:52
Quarrington Hill Hawthorn Crescent (SW-bound) 07:53
Coxhoe Steetley Quarries (W-bound) 07:53
Coxhoe Avenue Farm (S-bound) 07:54
Coxhoe Avenue House (W-bound) 07:55
Coxhoe Church (NW-bound) 07:58
Coxhoe adj Tarka Centre (NW-bound) 07:58
Coxhoe Bower Court (NW-bound) 07:58
Coxhoe Park Avenue (NW-bound) 07:58
Coxhoe Park Hill Estate Park Avenue (NW-bound) 07:59
Bowburn Co-op Store (NW-bound) 08:04
Bowburn Tweddle Terrace (N-bound) 08:05
Bowburn Mary Terrace (N-bound) 08:05
Bowburn Dallymore Drive (NW-bound) 08:06
Bowburn High-Low Grange Farms (NW-bound) 08:06
High Shincliffe Station (NW-bound) 08:07
Shincliffe Seven Stars (NW-bound) 08:07
Shincliffe The Rosetree (NW-bound) 08:09
Shincliffe Bridge (NW-bound) 08:09
Houghall College (NW-bound) 08:10
Durham University - Palatine Centre (W-bound) 08:12
Durham New Inn - Quarryheads Lane (SW-bound) 08:15
Durham School (NW-bound) 08:20
Durham Bus Station stand G (G) 08:25

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Scarlet Band