58 - City Centre - West Coventry Academy

A bus service operated by National Express Coventry

🚫 Not available for public use


Monday to Friday, Coventry LEA school days

City Centre - West Coventry Academy

Coventry Sainsbury's (Stop TS3) 07:26
Coventry Corporation St (Stop BS1) 07:26
Bishopgate Green, adj Leicester Row 07:28
Bishopgate Green, adj City Engineers 07:28
Bishopgate Green, opp Eagle St 07:29
Bishopgate Green, adj Cashs Lane 07:29
Bishopgate Green, adj Courtaulds Way 07:30
Edgwick, opp Drake St 07:32
Edgwick, opp Livingstone Rd 07:32
Edgwick, opp Northey Rd 07:33
Whitmore Park, after Holbrook Lane 07:34
Whitmore Park, before Yelverton Rd 07:34
Whitmore Park, after Rollason Rd 07:35
Whitmore Park, before Pilot Hotel 07:35
Whitmore Park, on Catesby Rd 07:36
Whitmore Park, before Cheveral Avenue 07:37
Radford, adj Capmartin Rd 07:37
Radford, opp Hillfarm School 07:38
Radford Common (opp) 07:40
Radford, adj Crampers Field 07:42
Spon End, adj Moseley Junior School 07:43
Chapel Fields, opp Moseley Avenue 07:45
Chapel Fields, opp Redesdale Avenue 07:45
Coundon, opp Southbank Rd 07:46
Coundon, adj Grayswood Avenue 07:47
Allesley Park, adj Dulverton Avenue 07:48
Allesley Park, adj Norton Grange 07:49
Allesley Park, opp Butchers Lane 07:50
Allesley Post Office (opp) 07:51
Allesley, opp Neale Ave 07:52
Allesley Green, adj Parkhill Estate Terminus 07:55
Allesley Green, adj Caithness Close 07:57
Allesley Park, opp Ladbrook Rd 07:57
Allesley Park, opp Wilmcote Green Shops 07:58
Tile Hill North, adj The Oaklands 07:59
Tile Hill North Terminus (on) 08:00
Tile Hill North, opp Shopping Centre 08:01
Tile Hill North, opp Tile Hill Library 08:01
Tile Hill North, opp Jardine Crescent 08:02
Tile Hill North, opp Frisby Rd 08:03
Tile Hill North, adj Pinnock Place 08:04
Tile Hill North, opp Bushbery Avenue 08:04
Tile Hill North, adj Nutbrook Ave 08:06
Tile Hill North, o/s West Coventry Academy 08:08

West Coventry Academy - City Centre

Tile Hill North, o/s West Coventry Academy 15:05
Tile Hill North, opp Brazil St 15:06
Tile Hill North, adj Tile Hill Library 15:07
Tile Hill North, adj Shopping Centre 15:08
Tile Hill North Terminus (o/s) 15:09
Allesley Park, opp Broad Lane 15:10
Allesley Park, adj Wilmcote Green Shops 15:10
Allesley Park, adj Ladbrook Rd 15:11
Allesley Green, opp Caithness Close 15:11
Allesley Green, after Sutherland Ave 15:12
Allesley Green, adj Parkhill Estate Terminus 15:14
Allesley, adj Neale Ave 15:18
Allesley Post Office (opp) 15:18
Allesley Park, adj Butchers Lane 15:20
Allesley Park, opp Norton Grange 15:21
Allesley Park, opp Dulverton Avenue 15:22
Coundon, opp Grayswood Avenue 15:23
Coundon, adj Southbank Rd 15:24
Chapel Fields, adj Redesdale Avenue 15:25
Chapel Fields, adj Moseley Avenue 15:26
Spon End, before Lammas Rd 15:27
Radford, opp Crampers Field 15:28
Radford, opp Capmartin Rd 15:33
Whitmore Park, after Cheveral Avenue 15:34
Whitmore Park, after Jubilee Crescent 15:34
Whitmore Park, on Catesby Rd 15:34
Whitmore Park, after Rollason Rd 15:35
Whitmore Park, after Pilot Hotel 15:35
Whitmore Park, adj Rollason Rd 15:35
Whitmore Park, after Yelverton Rd 15:36
Whitmore Park, opp Burnaby Rd 15:36
Edgwick, adj Northey Rd 15:37
Edgwick, adj Livingstone Rd 15:38
Edgwick, adj Drake St 15:38
Bishopgate Green, opp Courtaulds Way 15:39
Bishopgate Green, opp Cashs Lane 15:40
Bishopgate Green, adj Eagle St 15:41
Bishopgate Green, opp City Engineers 15:41
Bishopgate Green, opp Leicester Row 15:42
Coventry Corporation St (Stop BS2) 15:43
Coventry Transport Museum (Stop HS2) 15:44

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