585S - Coventry - Rugby

A bus service operated by National Express Coventry

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Monday to Friday, Warwickshire LEA school days

Coventry - Rugby

Coventry Pool Meadow Bus Station (Stand F) 07:15
Coventry Baths (Stop CU4) 07:16
Coventry The Whitefriars (Stop CU1) 07:17
Gosford Green, opp Far Gosford Street 07:20
Gosford Green, adj Swan Lane 07:21
Gosford Green, adj Clements St 07:21
Upper Stoke, opp Harefield Rd 07:22
Upper Stoke, opp Burns Rd 07:23
Upper Stoke, adj Dane Rd 07:24
Wyken Green, opp Mellowdew Rd 07:25
Wyken Green, opp Morris Avenue 07:26
Wyken Green, opp Hipswell Highway 07:26
Wyken Green, opp Arch Rd 07:27
Wyken Green, adj Norton Hill Drive 07:28
Wyken Green, opp Clifford Bridge Rd 07:29
Walsgrave Caludon Centre (Stop WH) 07:31
Walsgrave University Hospital (Stop WF) 07:32
Walsgrave University Hospital (Stop UH9) 07:33
Walsgrave Caludon Centre (Stop WG) 07:34
Wyken Green, before Dorchester Way 07:34
Wyken Green, after Tesco 07:36
Stoke, adj Gainford Rise 07:36
Stoke, opp Bridgeacre Gardens 07:36
Stoke, adj Coombe Park Rd 07:37
Stoke, adj Rannock Close 07:37
Binley, opp Porchester Close 07:38
Coombe Abbey, adj Gates 07:42
Brinklow, opp Great Balance 07:46
Brinklow, adj Dun Cow 07:47
Brinklow, adj Post Office 07:47
Brinklow, opp Cemetery 07:48
Stretton under Fosse, adj Wharf 07:49
Stretton under Fosse, adj Farriers Court 07:51
Monks Kirby, adj Church 07:55
Monks Kirby, adj Crossroads 07:56
Pailton, opp White Lion 07:59
Pailton, adj St Denis View 07:59
Harborough Magna, adj Old Lion 08:03
Harborough Parva, opp Easenhall Road 08:03
Newbold on Avon, adj Crown 08:07
Newbold on Avon, adj Brownsover Road 08:07
Newbold on Avon, adj Grange Road 08:08
Newbold on Avon, opp Avon Valley School 08:09
Newbold on Avon, adj Yates Avenue 08:10
Rugby, opp Hunters Lane 08:12
Rugby, adj Lancaster Road 08:13
Rugby Church Street (Stand J) 08:14
Rugby Clifton Road (Stand M) 08:16
Rugby, adj Fawsley House 08:18
Rugby, adj Temple Street 08:18
Rugby, opp Timber Court 08:19
Rugby, adj Boundary Road 08:20
Rugby, opp Percival Road 08:20
Hillmorton, adj Stanley Road 08:22
Hillmorton, opp Dunsmoor Avenue 08:22
Hillmorton, opp Vernin Avenue 08:26

Rugby - Coventry

Hillmorton, opp Vernin Avenue 15:40
Hillmorton Ashlawn Road (Jcn) 15:41
Hillmorton, adj Charter Road 15:42
Hillmorton, adj Heath Way 15:43
Hillmorton, adj Willoughby Place 15:44
Hillmorton, opp Sidney Road 15:46
Hillmorton, opp Oval Road 15:47
Rugby, opp Boundary Road 15:50
Rugby, adj Timber Court 15:51
Rugby, opp Temple Street 15:52
Rugby, opp Fawsley House 15:53
Rugby Clifton Road (Stand B) 15:55
Rugby North Street (Stand F) 15:57
Rugby, adj Essex Street 15:58
Rugby, adj Hunters Lane 15:59
Newbold on Avon, opp Yates Avenue 16:00
Newbold on Avon, adj Avon Valley School 16:01
Newbold on Avon, adj Parkfield Road 16:04
Harborough Parva, adj Easenhall Road 16:08
Harborough Magna, opp Old Lion 16:09
Pailton, adj White Lion 16:13
Monks Kirby, adj Crossroads 16:14
Monks Kirby, adj Church 16:17
Stretton under Fosse, adj Home Farm 16:20
Stretton under Fosse, opp Farriers Court 16:21
Stretton under Fosse, opp Wharf 16:22
Brinklow, adj Cemetery 16:23
Brinklow, adj White Lion 16:24
Brinklow, adj Bulls Head 16:25
Brinklow, adj Great Balance 16:25
Coombe Abbey, opp Gates 16:30
Binley, opp Coombe Court 16:33
Binley, adj Porchester Close 16:33
Stoke, opp Coombe Park Rd 16:34
Stoke, adj Bridgeacre Gardens 16:35
Stoke, opp Gainford Rise 16:35
Wyken Green, opp Tesco 16:36
Walsgrave Caludon Centre (Stop WH) 16:38
Walsgrave University Hospital (Stop WF) 16:38
Walsgrave University Hospital (Stop UH8) 16:39
Walsgrave Caludon Centre (Stop WG) 16:41
Wyken Green, adj Clifford Bridge Rd 16:43
Wyken Green, opp Norton Hill Drive 16:43
Wyken Green, adj Arch Rd 16:44
Wyken Green, adj Hipswell Highway 16:45
Wyken Green, adj Morris Avenue 16:46
Wyken Green, adj Mellowdew Rd 16:47
Upper Stoke, opp Dane Rd 16:47
Upper Stoke, adj Burns Rd 16:48
Upper Stoke, adj Harefield Rd 16:49
Gosford Green, opp Clements St 16:50
Gosford Green, opp Swan Lane 16:51
Gosford Green, adj Far Gosford Street 16:52
Gosford Green, after All Saints Square 16:53
Coventry Under Ring Rd (Stop CU2) 16:54
Coventry Grove St (Stop CU5) 16:55
Coventry Sports Centre (Stop FX1) 16:56
Coventry Pool Meadow Bus Station (Stand F) 16:57

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