58A - Port Clarence - Hardwick

Operated by Stagecoach North East


Monday to Friday

Hardwick Ingleton Road (A) 06:41
Hardwick Irstead Walk (A) 06:41
Hardwick Embleton Walk (A) 06:42
Hardwick Dryburn Road (A) 06:4207:12
Hardwick Dinsdale Road (B) 06:4307:13
Hardwick Wellfield Green (B) 06:4507:15
Hardwick Tithebarn House (A) 06:4707:17
Hardwick University Hospital of North Tees (A) 06:4807:18
Hardwick Knitsley Walk (B) 06:4907:19
Mile House Holburn Park (B) 06:5107:21
The Mile House (A) 06:5107:21
Mile House Westfield Crescent Footpath (B) 06:5307:23
Eastbourne St John's Church (B) 06:5407:24
Eastbourne Appleton Road End Shops (A) 06:5507:25
Eastbourne Londonderry Road (B) 06:5607:26
Newtown Corner (A) 06:5707:27
Stockton Rail Station (A) 06:5807:28
Stockton Bishopton House (B) 06:5907:29
Stockton High Street Stand T (T) 07:0007:30
Stockton Laing Street (B) 07:0107:31
Stockton The Buffs Social Club (A) 07:0107:31
Portrack Stagecoach Depot (B) 07:0307:33
Portrack Eastport Road (B) 07:0407:34
Portrack Walton Street (B) 07:0507:34
Portrack Retail Park (A) 07:0507:35
Holme House Prison (A) 07:36
Portrack Shopping Park (B) 07:0607:38
Portrack North Tees Industrial Estate (A) 07:0707:39
Billingham Cassel Works - Haverton Hill Road (A) 07:0807:40
Billingham Reach Industrial Estate (B) 07:0907:41
Billingham East Gate (A) 07:0907:41
Haverton Hill hbc Vehicle Services (A) 07:1007:42
Haverton Hill St John's Cemetery (B) 07:1107:43
Haverton Hill Hotel (A) 07:1207:44
Haverton Hill Clarence Street (B) 07:1207:44
High Clarence Saltholme Close (A) 07:1307:45
High Clarence Palm Terrace (A) 07:1307:45
High Clarence War Memorial (A) 07:1407:46
Port Clarence The Clarences Kickwall (A) 07:1407:46
Port Clarence Transporter Bridge (A) 07:1507:47

Timetable data from Stagecoach North East, 7 October 2022

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