595 - Bawtry - Queen Elizabeth School

A bus service operated by Stagecoach East Midlands


Bawtry - Queen Elizabeth School

Bawtry, at Church Street/Gainsborough Road 07:06
Bawtry, at Gainsborough Road/South Parade 07:06
Bawtry, adj South Parade/Gainsborough Road 07:06
Gibbet Hill, adj Hawks Nest 07:07
Gibbet Hill, adj Mill Lane 07:08
Scrooby, opp Pilgrim Fathers 07:09
Scrooby, adj Pilgrims Oak 07:09
Ranskill, o/s Lodge Court 07:12
Ranskill, adj Arundel Drive 07:13
Ranskill, opp Blue Bell Court 07:14
Ranskill Blyth Road (W-bound) 07:14
Ranskill, opp Park House 07:15
Ranskill, opp Grange Cottage 07:17
Blyth Retford Road (NW-bound) 07:18
Blyth, adj Ryton Fields 07:19
Blyth, opp The Maltings 07:20
Blyth, adj Nornay Close 07:21
Blyth Bawtry Road (S-bound) 07:22
Blyth, opp Nornay Close 07:22
Blyth, adj The Maltings 07:23
Blyth, opp Ryton Fields 07:23
Blyth Retford Road (SE-bound) 07:24
Torworth, adj Blacksmith Lane 07:28
Torworth, opp Old School House 07:28
Barnby Moor, opp Trinity College Farm 07:29
Barnby Moor, o/s Little Grange Farm 07:30
Barnby Moor Great North Road (E-bound) 07:31
Barnby Moor, adj Station Road 07:31
Retford, adj Sandiforths 07:35
Retford, opp Cooks Cottages 07:35
Retford, adj North Road 07:36
Retford, adj Silverdale Close 07:37
Retford, opp Cemetery 07:37
Retford, opp Hospital 07:38
Retford, opp West Court 07:38
Retford Bus Station (Bay F) 07:41
Retford, opp Moorgate Park 07:42
Retford, opp Richmond Road 07:43
N Wheatley, adj Top Street 07:54
N Wheatley, o/s Primary School 07:56
N Wheatley, adj St Helens Rise 07:57
Sturton le Steeple, adj Station Road 08:01
Sturton le Steeple, opp Power Station 08:01
Bole Corner (N-bound) 08:04
Bole, adj East Street 08:05
Saundby Gainsborough Road (N-bound) 08:07
Saundby, opp Marsh Lane 08:07
Beckingham, opp Ramper Road 08:08
Beckingham Roundabout (SE-bound) 08:10
Gainsborough, opp Silver Street 08:19
Gainsborough, adj Riverside Approach 08:20
Gainsborough, adj Japan Road 08:20
Gainsborough, o/s John Coupland Hospital 08:22
Morton Front Street (NW-bound) 08:23
Gainsborough, o/s Queen Elizabeth High School 08:25
This Service will operate via Beckingham by request.

Queen Elizabeth School - Bawtry

Gainsborough, o/s Queen Elizabeth High School 15:45
Gainsborough, adj The Cedars 15:45
Gainsborough, adj Connaught Road 15:46
Gainsborough, opp Japan Road 15:47
Gainsborough, opp Riverside Approach 15:47
Gainsborough, adj Silver Street 15:48
Beckingham Roundabout (NW-bound) 15:57
Beckingham, adj Ramper Road 15:58
Saundby, adj Marsh Lane 16:00
Saundby Gainsborough Road (S-bound) 16:01
Bole, adj East Street 16:05
Bole Corner (S-bound) 16:06
Sturton le Steeple, adj Power Station 16:10
Sturton le Steeple Station Road (W-bound) 16:12
N Wheatley, opp St Helens Rise 16:15
N Wheatley, opp Primary School 16:17
N Wheatley, opp Top Street 16:17
Retford, adj Moorgate Park 16:27
Retford Bus Station (Bay F) 16:29
Retford, adj The Square 16:29
Retford, adj West Court 16:30
Retford, o/s Hospital 16:30
Retford, adj Cemetery 16:30
Retford, opp Silverdale Close 16:31
Retford, opp North Road 16:31
Retford, o/s Cooks Cottages 16:32
Retford, opp Sandiforths 16:32
Barnby Moor, opp Station Road 16:35
Barnby Moor Great North Road (W-bound) 16:36
Barnby Moor, opp Little Grange Farm 16:36
Barnby Moor, o/s Trinity College Farm 16:37
Torworth, o/s Old School House 16:38
Torworth, opp Blacksmith Lane 16:39
Blyth Retford Road (NW-bound) 16:42
Blyth, adj Ryton Fields 16:43
Blyth, opp The Maltings 16:44
Blyth, adj Nornay Close 16:44
Blyth Bawtry Road (S-bound) 16:45
Blyth, opp Nornay Close 16:45
Blyth, adj The Maltings 16:46
Blyth, opp Ryton Fields 16:46
Blyth Retford Road (SE-bound) 16:46
Ranskill, o/s Grange Cottage 16:47
Ranskill, o/s Park House 16:48
Ranskill Blyth Road (E-bound) 16:48
Ranskill, adj Blue Bell Court 16:49
Ranskill, opp Arundel Drive 16:49
Ranskill, opp Lodge Court 16:51
Scrooby, opp Pilgrims Oak 16:53
Scrooby, o/s Pilgrim Fathers 16:54
Gibbet Hill, opp Mill Lane 16:56
Bawtry, at Church Street/Gainsborough Road 16:59
This Service will operate via Beckingham by request.

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Midlands, 21 May 2022

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