59C - Preston - Blackburn

A service operated by Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire (SCMY)


Monday to Friday, Uni or Coll Open days

Rishton, opp War Memorial 06:50
Rishton, opp Cricket Club 06:50
Rishton, opp Station Road 06:50
Rishton, opp Stourton Street 06:51
Rishton, by Wilpshire Road 06:52
Rishton, by Lee House 06:52
Great Harwood, opp Cemetery 06:53
Great Harwood, by Waverledge Road 06:54
Great Harwood, by Blackburn Road 06:55
Great Harwood, opp Barnmeadow Lane 06:55
Great Harwood, by Mercer Hall 06:55
Great Harwood, by Tesco 06:56
Great Harwood, by Wood Street 06:57
Great Harwood, opp Hyndburn Bridge Hotel 06:59
Clayton-le-Moors, by Wilson Playing Fields 07:00
Clayton-le-Moors, opp Sparth Road 07:01
Clayton-le-Moors, by Devonshire Drive 07:02
Clayton-le-Moors, opp Albion Inn 07:03
Clayton-le-Moors Hare and Hounds (Stop 2) 07:03
Clayton-le-Moors, opp Sydney Street 07:04
Enfield, by Whinney Hill Road 07:04
Milnshaw, o/s Crown Hotel 07:06
Milnshaw, by Ribblesdale Avenue 07:06
Accrington, o/s Victoria Hospital 07:07
Accrington, opp Castle Hotel 07:08
Accrington Bus Station (Stand 10) 07:10
Accrington, opp Ellison Street 07:10
Accrington, opp Lister Street 07:11
Accrington, by Princess Street 07:12
Accrington, by Acorn 07:12
Church, opp Bridge Street 07:13
W End, by Buttermere Drive 07:15
W End, by Community Centre 07:16
W End, by Spread Eagle Street 07:16
W End, by Percy Street 07:16
W End, opp Devon Avenue 07:17
Knuzden Brook, opp Old Mother Redcar 07:19
Knuzden Brook, by Windsor Road 07:20
Intack, by Accrington Road 07:20
Intack, by Bank Lane 07:21
Intack, by Winmarleigh Street 07:22
Audley, by Higher Eanam 07:24
Blackburn Bus Station (Stand 3) 07:26
Blackburn Bus Station (Stand 3) 07:30
Blackburn Town Hall (Stand B) 07:32
Blackburn, by Suddell Cross 07:32
Blackburn, by New Park Street 07:33
Blackburn, adj Montague Street 07:34
Blackburn, opp Adelaide Terrace 07:35
Blackburn, adj Saunders Road 07:36
Blackburn, opp St Silas Road 07:37
Beardwood, adj Billinge End Road 07:38
Beardwood School (o/s) 07:38
Beardwood, by Wyfordby Avenue 07:39
Beardwood, opp Eden Park 07:40
Beardwood, opp Wilton Close 07:40
Mellor, by Arley House 07:42
Mellor, opp Mire Ash Brow 07:43
Mellor Brook, opp The Windmill 07:45
Mellor Brook, by Park Road 07:45
Samlesbury, by KFC Restaurant 07:46
Samlesbury, opp BAE South Entrance 07:46
Samlesbury Hall (opp) 07:47
Samlesbury, by Nabs Head Lane 07:47
Samlesbury, by Nuraghes Restaurant 07:48
Samlesbury, opp Bukhara Restaurant 07:48
Samlesbury Hotel (opp) 07:51
Samlesbury, by Vicarage Lane 07:54
Samlesbury, opp Tickled Trout 07:58
Farringdon Park, by Glenluce Drive 08:00
Farringdon Park, by Ripon Terrace 08:02
Farringdon Park, opp Hesketh Arms 08:02
Fishwick, by Waldon Street 08:03
Fishwick, opp Acregate Lane 08:04
Fishwick, opp Skeffington Road 08:05
Fishwick, opp Centenary Mill 08:06
Fishwick, opp St Mary's Street 08:07
Preston, by Percy Street 08:08
Preston Bus Station (Stand 3) 08:10
Preston Gardner Street (Stop Q) 08:14
Preston, opp Gt George Street 08:15
Preston, opp Frank Street 08:16
Fulwood, by Aqueduct Street 08:18
Fulwood, by Ripon Street 08:19
Fulwood, adj Symonds Road 08:21
Fulwood, by Withy Trees 08:22
Fulwood, opp St Pius X Prep School 08:24
Fulwood, by Preston College Grounds 08:30
Service available for College Students ONLY

Timetable data from Stagecoach Merseyside, 17 June 2021

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