5A - Leeds Albion Street - Leeds Albion Street

A bus service operated by First Leeds


Leeds Headrow N 19:3820:0820:3821:0821:3822:08
Leeds City Square I 19:4020:1020:4021:1021:4022:10
Leeds, at Corn Exchange H 19:4120:1120:4121:1121:4122:11
Leeds Cultural B 19:4320:1320:4321:1321:4322:13
Quarry Hill Cultural D 19:4420:1420:4421:1421:4422:14
Quarry Hill Woodpecker Junction 19:4620:1620:4621:1621:4622:16
Richmond Hill Pontefract Lane (E bound) 19:4720:1720:4721:1721:4722:17
Richmond Hill Berking Avenue 19:4820:1820:4821:1821:4822:18
East End Park Raincliffe Road 19:4920:1920:4921:1921:4922:19
East End Park, at Torre Road 19:5020:2020:5021:2021:5022:20
East End Park, opp Dawlish Terrace 19:5120:2120:5121:2121:5122:21
Osmondthorpe Rookwood Avenue 19:5320:2320:5321:2321:5322:23
Osmondthorpe Shaftesbury Med Ctr 19:5420:2420:5421:2421:5422:24
Osmondthorpe Rookwood Street 19:5520:2520:5521:2521:5522:25
Osmondthorpe Neville Hill 19:5520:2520:5521:2521:5522:25
Osmondthorpe Neville Parade 19:5720:2720:5721:2721:5722:27
Halton Moor Avenue Neville Pl (N bound) 19:5820:2820:5821:2821:5822:28
Halton Moor, opp Meadowfield School 19:5920:2920:5921:2921:5922:29
Halton Moor Neville Road (N bound) 19:5920:2920:5921:2921:5922:29
Halton Moor, adj Corpus Christi Coll 20:0020:3021:0021:3022:0022:30
Halton Moor Cartmell Drive 05:4506:3520:0120:3121:0121:3122:0122:31
Halton Moor Coronation Parade 05:4606:3620:0220:3221:0221:3222:0222:32
Halton Moor Ullswater Crescent 05:4706:3720:0320:3321:0321:3322:0322:33
Halton Moor Temple Academy 05:5006:4020:0420:3421:0421:3422:0422:34
Halton Moor, opp Corpus Christi Coll 05:5106:4120:0520:3521:0521:3522:0522:35
Halton Moor Neville Road 05:5206:4220:0520:3521:0521:3522:0522:35
Halton Moor Meadowfield School 05:5406:4420:0620:3621:0621:3622:0622:36
Halton Moor Avenue 05:5406:4420:0720:3721:0721:3722:0722:37
Osmondthorpe Neville Parade (W bound) 05:5606:4620:0820:3821:0821:3822:0822:38
Osmondthorpe, at Neville Hill 05:5706:4720:0920:3921:0921:3922:0922:39
Osmondthorpe, opp Rookwood Street 05:5806:4820:1020:4021:1021:4022:1022:40
Osmondthorpe, at Shaftesbury Med Ctr 05:5906:4920:1120:4121:1121:4122:1122:41
Osmondthorpe, opp Rookwood Avenue 06:0006:5020:1120:4121:1121:4122:1122:41
Harehills Shaftesbury Jct A 06:0106:5120:1220:4221:1221:4222:1222:42
East End Park Dawlish Terrace 06:0206:5220:1320:4321:1321:4322:1322:43
East End Park Torre Road 06:0306:5320:1420:4421:1421:4422:1422:44
East End Park, at Raincliffe Road 06:0506:5520:1620:4621:1621:4622:1622:46
Richmond Hill, at Berking Avenue 06:0706:5720:1720:4721:1721:4722:1722:47
Richmond Hill Pontefract Lane 06:0806:5820:1820:4821:1821:4822:1822:48
Quarry Hill Woodpecker Junction (W bound) 06:0906:5920:1920:4921:1921:4922:1922:49
Quarry Hill Cultural E 06:1107:0120:2020:5021:2021:5022:2022:50
Leeds Cultural G 06:1107:0120:2120:5121:2121:5122:2122:51
Leeds, at Corn Exchange J 06:1407:0420:2320:5321:2321:5322:2322:53
Leeds Trinity N 06:1407:0420:2320:5321:2321:5322:2322:53
Leeds, at Station B 06:1507:0520:2420:5421:2421:5422:2422:54
Leeds Civic G 06:2007:1020:2920:5921:2921:5922:2922:59
Leeds Civic H 06:2107:1120:3021:0021:3022:0022:3023:00
Leeds Merrion C 06:2407:1420:3321:0321:3322:0322:3323:03
Leeds Headrow N 06:2507:1520:3421:0421:3422:0422:3423:04

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