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5J - Douglas - St Johns - Peel - Jurby - Ramsey

A bus service operated by Bus Vannin


Ramsey Bus Station 20:44
Bowring Road, Station Road junction 20:45
Bowring Road, Riverside 20:46
Bowring Road, Westfield Grove 20:46
Jurby Road, Ash Grove 20:47
Jurby Road, Kings Reach 20:48
Jurby Road, Garey Road junction 20:50
St Judes, Old School 20:52
St Judes, opposite Close-y-kee 20:52
St Judes, telephone box 20:53
Jurby East Road, Summer Hill junction shelter 20:57
Jurby East Road, Bretney shelter 20:59
Jurby East Road, Commissioners Hall 20:59
Jurby Junk 21:00
Jurby, parade ground 21:00
Jurby Threshold, shelter 21:02
Sandygate, shelter 21:04
St Judes, crossroads 21:06
Sulby, St Judes Road 21:10
Sulby village 21:11
Sulby, Caleys Store 21:12
Ballaugh, Raven 21:17
Ballacobb shelter 21:18
Bishopscourt, Orrisdale Road shelter 21:19
Bishopscourt straight, southbound 21:19
Rhen Cullen marshalls post 21:19
KM, shelter opposite filling station 21:20
KM, Saddlery 21:21
KM, Methodist Church, shelter 21:22
Kirk Michael School 21:23
Glen Wyllin 21:24
Glen Mooar, Ballaleigh Road junction 21:24
Glen Mooar, Ballacarnane Mooar entrance 21:25
Ballaquine Farm 21:26
Lynague, junction 21:28
Knocksharry, switchback junction 21:30
White Strand, Lhergydhoo Farm entrance 21:31
Peel, Mourne View shelter 21:34
Peel, Belle Vue junction 21:34
Peel, Ballaquane Road junction 21:35
Peel, Peveril Road, Mount Morrison junction 21:35
Peel, Empire Garage 21:36
Peel Town Hall, eastbound 21:37
Peel Town Hall, eastbound 21:40
Peel, Albany Road garage 21:41
Peel, Tynwald Road shelter 21:42
Peel, Tynwald Close shelter 21:43
Douglas Road, Q.E. II School 21:44
Ballawyllin 21:46
St Johns, Tynwald Inn shelter 21:48
St Johns, Tynwald Close shelter 21:48
Ballacraine, old smithy 21:49
St Johns, Ballacraine Farm 21:50
Greeba, Kerrowgarrow Road 21:50
Greeba, opposite Hawthorn Inn 21:51
Greeba Bridge, Glen Dhoo 21:51
Greeba Castle 21:52
Greeba, Highlander 21:53
Crosby, Ballavitchell Road 21:54
Crosby Hotel 21:54
Crosby Shelter 21:55
Crosby, Woodlea Villas 21:55
Glen Vine, Marown TV shelter 21:56
Glen Vine, Douglas Road 21:56
Glen Vine, Ballagarey shelter 21:57
Glen Vine, Glen Lough 21:58
Union Mills, Ballafreer Lane 21:58
Union Mills, Trollaby Lane junction 21:59
Union Mills, Post Office 22:00
Union Mills, Strang Road, Camlork Place 22:00
Strang Road, Ballanawin 22:01
Strang crossroads, post box 22:02
Braddan School, layby 22:03
Braddan Bridge, Douglas Road layby 22:04
Quarter Bridge 22:05
Peel Road, Mile End Court 22:05
Peel Road, Pulrose Bridge 22:07
Peel Road, Brown Bobby 22:07
Circular Road, Hillside Avenue 22:08
Circular Road, Capital House 22:09
Prospect Hill, Finch Rd 22:10
Douglas, Victoria Street 22:11
Loch Prom, bottleneck car park 22:12
Douglas, Lord Street 22:13

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset