610 - Farnborough - Church Crookham

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Monday to Friday, school Only days

Bowling Alley Greensprings - Fleet Calthorpe Park School

Fleet Calthorpe Park School - Bowling Alley Greensprings

Fleet, o/s Calthorpe Park School 15:10
Fleet Edenbrook (N-bound) 15:10
Fleet Broomrigg Road (E-bound) 15:13
Fleet Avenue Road (E-bound) 15:14
Fleet Stockton Avenue (E-bound) 15:15
Ancells Farm The Heron On the Lake (SE-bound) 15:17
Ancells Farm Ancells Road (E-bound) 15:18
Ancells Farm, opp Shire Avenue 15:19
Ancells Farm Highland Drive (W-bound) 15:20
Ancells Farm Guernsey Drive (NW-bound) 15:20
Ancells Farm, adj Tamworth Drive 15:20
Ancells Farm Angora Way (N-bound) 15:21
Ancells Farm, opp Brook Cottages 15:22
Fleet Avondale Road (SW-bound) 15:25
Fleet Road (SE-bound) 15:26
Fleet Kent Road (SE-bound) 15:27
Pondtail Kenilworth Road (SE-bound) 15:28
Pondtail Wood Lane (SE-bound) 15:29
Pondtail Aldershot Road (SE-bound) 15:30
Pondtail Kings Road (W-bound) 15:30
Fleet Montrose Close (W-bound) 15:31
Fleet Regent Street (W-bound) 15:32
Fleet Rochester Grove (W-bound) 15:33
Church Crookham Heatherside School (SE-bound) 15:34
Church Crookham Haywood Drive (SE-bound) 15:35
Church Crookham Basingbourne Road (SE-bound) 15:36
Church Crookham, adj Annes Way 15:38
Church Crookham Aldershot Road (S-bound) 15:38
Church Crookham, opp Sandy Lane 15:39
Church Crookham, opp Leipzig Road 15:41
Church Crookham, adj Quetta Park Community Hall 15:42
Church Crookham, adj Quetta Park 15:43
Ewshot, adj Beacon Hill Cottages 15:44
Ewshot, opp Tadpole Lane 15:45
Ewshot, opp Badger Way 15:47
Ewshot Odiham Road (S-bound) 15:48
Bowling Alley Downsland Copse (E-bound) 15:54
Bowling Alley, opp Pankridge Street 15:56
Bowling Alley Handcroft Close (S-bound) 15:58
Bowling Alley, opp Greensprings 16:00

Timetable data from Stagecoach South, 20 September 2021

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