612 - Mill Park Drive / Hatton Avenue - Egerton Road / Manor Hill

A bus service operated by Selwyn’s Travel


Monday to Friday, School days

Eastham Rake, opp Hatton Avenue 07:47
Eastham Rake, opp Archers Green 07:50
Plymyard Eastham Rake (Near) 07:52
Plymyard, adj Sutherland Drive 07:52
Plymyard Gorsefield Avenue (Adjacent) 07:53
Plymyard Appleby Grove (Adjacent) 07:54
Plymyard Bromborough Station (Stop D) 07:54
Bromborough Station (Stop C) 07:55
Bromborough, adj Brancote Gardens 07:55
Bromborough Allport Road (Adjacent) 07:56
Bromborough Meadowside Road (Adjacent) 07:56
Bromborough Legion Lane (Adjacent) 07:57
Bromborough The Cross (Adjacent) 07:58
Bromborough Mark Rake (Adjacent) 07:58
Bromborough Croft Avenue (Adjacent) 07:59
Bromborough, o/s Brotherton Park 08:00
Bromborough Road (Adjacent) 08:01
Bromborough, adj Oakridge Road 08:02
Poulton Spital Station (Stop A) 08:03
Poulton, opposite Blair Park 08:04
Bebington Poulton Road (Adjacent) 08:05
Bebington Tudor Avenue (Adjacent) 08:05
Stanton Road (adj) 08:06
Lower Bebington Civic Way (Adjacent) 08:07
Lower Bebington Civic Way (Adjacent) 08:09
Bebington, adj Abbots Drive 08:10
Bebington, outside Wirral Grammar School for Girls B 08:11
Higher Bebington, opposite Brackenwood Junior School 08:12
Higher Bebington, adj Brackenwood Road 08:12
Higher Bebington, adj Waterfield Close 08:13
Higher Bebington Village Road (Adjacent) 08:14
Higher Bebington, adj Bentfield Gardens 08:15
Higher Bebington, adj Broadway 08:16
Higher Bebington Regents Way (Adjacent) 08:16
Higher Bebington, adj Brimstage Avenue 08:17
Tranmere, opp The Wiend 08:18
Prenton Cheviot Road (Adjacent) 08:19
Prenton, opp Mendip Road 08:19
Prenton, adj Brecon Road 08:19
Prenton, opp Mendip Road 08:19
Prenton Acrefield Road (Adjacent) 08:20
Prenton, opp Woodchurch Lane 08:20
Prenton, opp Moss Lane 08:20
Arno Hill, opposite Gorsefield Road 08:21
Arno Hill Heatherdale Close (Adjacent) 08:21
Oxton, adj South Hill Road 08:21
Oxton, adj Woodchurch Road 08:22
Oxton Lynn Bank (Adjacent) 08:22
Oxton Columbia Road (Adjacent) 08:23
Oxton, adj Arnside Road 08:23
Oxton Beresford Road (Adjacent) 08:23
Oxton, adj Kingsmead Road 08:24
Oxton, opp Shrewsbury Close 08:24
Claughton Tollemache Road (Adjacent) 08:24
Claughton Upton Road (Adjacent) 08:25
Birkenhead Park, opp St Albans Road 08:26
Birkenhead Park Ashville Road (Adjacent) 08:27
Claughton, opposite Epworth Close 08:29
Operates on schooldays only.

Timetable data from Selwyn's Travel/Bus Open Data Service, 4 May 2022. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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