619 - Lower Kingswood - Tadworth - Epsom - St Andrews School - Therfield S

A bus service operated by Cardinal Buses


Lower Kingswood - Leatherhead

Leatherhead - Lower Kingswood

Leatherhead, o/s St. Andrew's School 15:15 16:30
Ashtead, adj Grange Road 15:15 16:30s
Ashtead, opp Stag Leys 15:16 16:31s
The Ashtead Hospital (opp) 15:17 16:32s
Ashtead, adj Ottways Lane 15:18 16:33s
Ashtead The Street (NE-bound) 15:20 16:34s
Ashtead, adj Bramley Way 15:20 16:35s
Ashtead, opp Farm Lane 15:21 16:35s
Epsom, adj Wells Road 15:22 16:37s
Epsom, adj Castle Road 15:22 16:37s
Epsom Hospital (Stop R) 15:23 16:38s
Epsom, opp Elmslie Close 15:24 16:39s
Epsom Clock Tower (Stop B) 15:26 16:41s
Epsom High Street (Stop G) 15:28 16:43s
Epsom, o/s Fire Station 15:35 16:50s
Epsom, adj Pitt Road 15:38 16:53s
Ewell, opp Chartwell Place 15:40 16:55s
Tattenham Corner (SE-bound) 15:43 16:58s
Tattenham Corner Railway Station (opp) 15:44 16:59s
Tattenham Corner, adj Tattenham Crescent 15:44 16:59s
Tattenham Corner Great Tattenhams (S-bound) 15:45 17:00s
Tadworth, opp Headley Drive 15:46 17:01s
Burgh Heath Chetwode Road (NE-bound) 15:48 17:03s
Burgh Heath, opp Longmere Gardens 15:49 17:04s
Burgh Heath, adj Merefield Gardens 15:50 17:05s
Burgh Heath, adj Hatch Gardens 15:50 17:05s
Burgh Heath, opp Longfield Crescent 15:52 17:07s
Burgh Heath, opp Homefield Gardens 15:53 17:08s
Tadworth, opp Merland Rise 15:54 17:09s
Tadworth, opp Allum Grove 15:55 17:10s
Tadworth, adj Shelvers Green 17:11s
Tadworth Ashurst Road (SE-bound) 15:55
Tadworth Railway Station (opp) 15:57
Tadworth Station Approach Road (SE-bound) 15:58
Tadworth, adj The Lye 15:59
Burgh Heath, adj Vernon Walk 17:13s
Tadworth, adj Tadorne Road 16:00
Burgh Heath, adj Shelvers Way 17:13s
Tadworth Court (nr) 16:02
Burgh Heath, adj Reigate Road South 17:16s
Burgh Heath, opp Canons Lane 17:16s
Tadworth Court Roundabout (S-bound) 16:02
Banstead, adj Tattenham Way 17:18s
Kingswood, opp Mill Road 16:04
Banstead, opp Lyme Regis Road 17:19s
Kingswood, adj Warren Lodge Drive 16:04
Banstead Garratts Lane (E-bound) 17:20s
Kingswood, adj Chipstead Lane 16:05
Banstead, adj Marks and Spencer 17:22s
Lower Kingswood, adj Green Lane 16:07
Banstead, adj Glenfield Road 17:22s
Lower Kingswood, adj The Fox 16:08
Banstead, opp The Woolpack 17:24
Schooldays only
runs only if required

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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