62 - Tain - Lairg - Golspie - Helmsdale

Operated by Stagecoach Highlands


Tain - Lairg - Golspie - Helmsdale

Tain, opp Shell Garage 10:0313:0315:40
Tain, opp Post Office 08:0010:1013:1015:4518:30
Tain, opp Home Bargains 08:0110:1113:1115:4618:31
Tain, o/s Morangie House Hotel 08:0110:1113:1115:4618:31
Edderton, opp Bus Shelter 08:1010:2013:2015:5518:40
Ardgay, o/s Post Office 08:2210:3313:3216:0718:52
Bonar Bridge, o/s Migdale Hospital 13:3518:53
Bonar Bridge, opp Post Office 08:2510:3613:3616:1018:55
Invershin, opp Hotel 08:3010:4113:4116:1519:00
Invershin Farm Road End (at) 08:3110:4116:1519:01
Invershin, opp Old Schoolhouse 10:4313:4316:17
Invershin, o/s Falls of Shin Visitor Centre 13:44
Invershin, o/s Old Schoolhouse 10:4316:17
Invershin, at Achany Road End 13:47
Lairg Achinduich (N-bound) 08:3410:4716:2119:05
Lairg, opp Achany Road End 13:50
Lairg, nr Station 08:3910:5216:2619:10
Lairg, at Ord Place 13:53
Lairg, opp Rhianbreck Road End 08:3910:5216:2619:11
Lairg, at Black Bridge 08:4110:5413:5416:2819:13
Lairg Football Ground (N-bound) 08:4110:5413:5616:2819:13
Lairg, o/s Post Office 08:4210:5513:5716:2919:14

Helmsdale - Golspie - Lairg - Tain

Lairg, opp Post Office 08:4511:0014:0016:4019:15
Lairg Football Ground (W-bound) 08:4511:0014:0016:4019:15
Lairg, opp Black Bridge 08:4611:0014:0016:4019:15
Lairg, opp Ord Place 11:01
Lairg, at Rhianbreck Road End 08:4714:0116:4119:16
Lairg, at Achany Glan Road End 11:02
Lairg, opp Station 08:4814:0216:4219:17
Invershin, opp Achany Road End 11:08
Lairg Achinduich (S-bound) 08:5214:0516:4819:22
Invershin Farm Road End (opp) 08:5614:0816:5119:25
Invershin, opp Old Schoolhouse 11:1514:10
Invershin, o/s Old Schoolhouse 14:10
Invershin Farm Road End (at) 11:1614:10
Invershin, o/s Hotel 08:5711:1814:1216:5319:27
Bonar Bridge, at Post Office 09:0211:2314:1716:5819:32
Bonar Bridge, o/s Migdale Hospital 11:2514:1917:00
Ardgay, opp Post Office 09:0511:2614:2017:0119:35
Ardchronie, at Bridge 09:0611:2714:2117:0219:36
Edderton, at Bus Shelter 09:1711:3814:3217:1319:47
Tain, o/s Home Bargains 09:2511:4614:4017:2119:55
Tain, o/s Duthac House 09:2611:4714:4117:2219:56
Tain, o/s Post Office 09:2711:4814:4217:2319:57
Tain, o/s Shell Garage 09:3211:5314:45

Timetable data from Stagecoach Highlands, 27 September 2022

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