626 - Bristol City Centre - Winterbourne - Rangeworthy - Charfield - Wotton-under-Edge

A bus service operated by Euro Taxis


War Memorial - Colston Avenue

Wotton-under-Edge, after War Memorial 06:43
Wotton-under-Edge, opp Garage 06:43
Wotton-under-Edge, before Symn Lane 06:44
Kingswood, opp Katharine Lady Berkeley's School 06:46
Kingswood, opp Tennis Court 06:48
Kingswood, opp Charfield Road 06:48
Kingswood, before New Mills Roundabout 06:50
Charfield The Limes (W-bound) 06:52
Charfield Railway Tavern (W-bound) 06:53
Charfield Little Bristol Lane (SW-bound) 06:55
Charfield Berkeley Close (NW-bound) 06:56
Charfield Primary School (W-bound) 06:57
Charfield Hill Crossroads (N-bound) 06:57
Charfield Elmtree Farm (NW-bound) 06:59
Tortworth Leyhill Road (W-bound) 07:00
Leyhill Moreton Lodge (SW-bound) 07:00
Leyhill Prison (SW-bound) 07:01
Leyhill Woodland Road (S-bound) 07:01
Bibstone Turn (SW-bound) 07:03
Cromhall Wotton Road (S-bound) 07:03
Cromhall Longcross (S-bound) 07:04
Cromhall Heathend Garage (S-bound) 07:04
Cromhall Heath End Cottages (S-bound) 07:04
Cromhall Cowship Lane (S-bound) 07:05
Bagstone Winpenny Bridge (SW-bound) 07:06
Bagstone Whitehouse Farm (S-bound) 07:07
Little Bagstone Farm (S-bound) 07:07
Rangeworthy The Rose and Crown (S-bound) 07:09
Rangeworthy New Road (S-bound) 07:09
Rangeworthy Chapel (SW-bound) 07:09
Rangeworthy Shale Cottage (S-bound) 07:10
Frampton Cotterell Perrinpit Road (SW-bound) 07:15
Frampton Cotterell Court Road (SW-bound) 07:15
Winterbourne The Swan (S-bound) 07:17
Winterbourne Parkside Avenue (SW-bound) 07:18
Winterbourne The George and Dragon (S-bound) 07:19
Winterbourne Quarry Barton (S-bound) 07:20
Pye Corner Whiteshill Church (S-bound) 07:21
Winterbourne The Crown (W-bound) 07:22
Hambrook The Stream (S-bound) 07:24
Frenchay Beckspool Road (SW-bound) 07:28
Frenchay Alexander Road (SW-bound) 07:33
Broomhill Begbrook Park (SW-bound) 07:33
Broomhill Five Acre Drive (SW-bound) 07:35
Broomhill Begbrook Lane (W-bound) 07:36
Broomhill Sheldrake Drive (W-bound) 07:37
Stapleton Brinkworthy Road (SW-bound) 07:39
Stapleton The Chine (SW-bound) 07:40
Stapleton Church (W-bound) 07:41
Stapleton Glenfrome Road (S-bound) 07:42
Eastville Stapleton Road (SW-bound) 07:43
Cabot Circus Bond Street (S6) 07:53
Kingsdown Bristol Royal Infirmary (H1) 07:53
Bristol The Centre (C11) 07:55

Colston Avenue - War Memorial

Bristol The Centre (C11) 17:25
Broadmead The Haymarket (B9) 17:28
Eastville Stapleton Road (N-bound) 17:37
Stapleton Glenfrome Road (N-bound) 17:38
Stapleton Church (E-bound) 17:39
Stapleton The Chine (N-bound) 17:40
Stapleton Brinkworthy Road (NE-bound) 17:41
Broomhill Sheldrake Drive (NE-bound) 17:42
Broomhill Begbrook Lane (E-bound) 17:44
Broomhill Five Acre Drive (NE-bound) 17:45
Frenchay Begbrook Park (N-bound) 17:47
Frenchay Alexander Road (NE-bound) 17:48
Frenchay Beckspool Road (NE-bound) 17:49
Hambrook The Stream (N-bound) 17:54
Winterbourne The Crown (E-bound) 17:56
Pye Corner Whiteshill Church (N-bound) 17:56
Winterbourne Quarry Barton (N-bound) 17:57
Winterbourne The George and Dragon (N-bound) 17:59
Winterbourne Parkside Avenue (NE-bound) 17:59
Winterbourne The Swan (N-bound) 18:00
Frampton Cotterell Court Road (NE-bound) 18:02
Frampton Cotterell Perrinpit Road (NE-bound) 18:03
Rangeworthy Shale Cottage (N-bound) 18:07
Rangeworthy Chapel (NE-bound) 18:08
Rangeworthy New Road (N-bound) 18:08
Rangeworthy The Rose and Crown (N-bound) 18:09
Little Bagstone Farm (N-bound) 18:10
Bagstone Whitehouse Farm (N-bound) 18:10
Bagstone Winpenny Bridge (NE-bound) 18:11
Cromhall Cowship Lane (N-bound) 18:12
Cromhall Heath End Cottages (N-bound) 18:13
Cromhall Heathend Garage (N-bound) 18:13
Cromhall Longcross (N-bound) 18:14
Cromhall Wotton Road (N-bound) 18:14
Bibstone Turn (NE-bound) 18:14
Leyhill Woodland Road (N-bound) 18:16
Leyhill Prison (N-bound) 18:17
Leyhill Moreton Lodge (NE-bound) 18:17
Tortworth Green (SE-bound) 18:17
Charfield Elmtree Farm (SE-bound) 18:18
Charfield Hill Crossroads (S-bound) 18:20
Charfield Primary School (E-bound) 18:21
Charfield Berkeley Close (SE-bound) 18:22
Charfield Manor Lane (NE-bound) 18:22
Charfield Railway Tavern (E-bound) 18:25
Charfield The Limes (E-bound) 18:25
Kingswood, after New Mills Roundabout 18:27
Kingswood, by Charfield Road 18:29
Kingswood, o/s Tennis Court 18:30
Kingswood, opp War Memorial 18:30
Kingswood, o/s Katharine Lady Berkeley's School 18:31
Wotton-under-Edge, after Westfields 18:33
Wotton-under-Edge, by Garage 18:34
Wotton-under-Edge, before War Memorial 18:35

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