627 - Harthill - Aston Academy via Sothall, Beighton

A bus service operated by First South Yorkshire


Rotherham - Crystal Peaks/Harthill/Dinnington
Harthill - Sothall, Beighton - Aston Academy

Aughton Road/Aston Academy (at) 14:48
Swallownest, adj Aughton Road/Alexandra Road 15:11
Swallownest, opp High Street/Rotherham Road 15:13
Swallownest, at Main Street/Park Street 15:15
Swallownest, opp Chesterfield Road/Park Drive 15:16
Swallownest, o/s Chesterfield Road/A57 15:17
Beighton, opp Robin Lane/Woodhouse Lane 15:20
Beighton, adj Queens Road/Robin Lane 15:20
Beighton, opp Queens Road/Lime Street 15:20
Beighton, at Queens Road/High Street 15:21
Beighton, opp High Street/Queens Road 15:21
Beighton, nr High Street/Beeches Grove 15:22
Beighton, adj High Street/Beeches Grove 15:22
Sothall, opp Eckington Road/Copper Beech Close 15:23
Sothall, opp Eckington Road/Armstead Road 15:24
Sothall, opp Hartland Avenue/Delamere Close 15:24
Sothall, adj Hartland Avenue/Ringwood Drive 15:24
Sothall, opp Hartland Avenue/Dalby Grove 15:25
Sothall, nr Hartland Avenue/Bedgebury Close 15:25
Holbrook, adj Rother Valley Way/Owlthorpe Greenway 15:26
Holbrook, at Rother Valley Way/Station Road 15:28
Killamarsh, opp Station Road 15:29
Killamarsh, opp Walford Road 15:29
Killamarsh, opp Bridge Street 15:30
Killamarsh, opp Leisure Centre 15:31
Killamarsh, opp Infants School 15:32
Norwood, adj Rotherham Road Roundabout 15:32
High Moor, adj Woodall Road 15:35
Woodall Lane/Dowcarr Lane (opp) 15:40
Harthill, adj Woodall Lane/Darley Close 15:42
Harthill, opp Woodall Lane/Pryor Mede 15:43
Harthill, opp Union Street/Woodall Lane 15:43
Harthill, opp Winney Hill/Crescent 15:44
Harthill, adj Firvale/Winney Hill 15:45

Crystal Peaks/Harthill/Dinnington - Rotherham
Aston Academy - Sothall, Beighton - Harthill

Harthill, adj Firvale/Winney Hill 07:40
Harthill, adj Winney Hill/Firvale 07:40
Harthill, adj Winney Hill/Crescent 07:41
Harthill, adj Union Street/Woodall Lane 07:41
Harthill, adj Woodall Lane/Pryor Mede 07:42
Harthill, adj Woodall Lane/Darley Close 07:42
Woodall Lane/Dowcarr Lane (adj) 07:44
High Moor, opp Woodall Road 07:48
High Moor, opp Hilaire 07:48
Norwood, opp Rotherham Road Roundabout 07:50
Killamarsh, adj Infants School 07:51
Killamarsh, adj Leisure Centre 07:52
Killamarsh, adj Bridge Street 07:53
Killamarsh, adj Walford Road 07:53
Killamarsh, adj Station Road 07:54
Holbrook, nr Rother Valley Way/Station Road 07:55
Holbrook, nr Rother Valley Way/New Street 07:57
Sothall, adj Hartland Avenue/Inglewood Avenue 07:58
Sothall, opp Hartland Avenue/Benmoor Drive 07:58
Sothall, opp Hartland Avenue/Ringwood Drive 07:59
Sothall, adj Hartland Avenue/Delamere Close 08:00
Sothall, nr Eckington Road/Armstead Road 08:00
Beighton, adj High Street/Church Lane 08:02
Beighton, opp High Street/School Road 08:03
Beighton, nr High Street/Ivy Lane 08:04
Beighton, adj Queens Road/High Street 08:05
Beighton, adj Queens Road/Oak Road 08:06
Beighton, adj Robin Lane/Woodhouse Crescent 08:07
Beighton, nr Robin Lane/Woodhouse Lane 08:07
Swallownest, at Chesterfield Road/A57 08:09
Aston, opp Mansfield Road/Dove Lane 08:12
Aston, opp Mansfield Road/Waleswood View 08:12
Aston, opp Mansfield Road/Lodge Lane 08:12
Aston, nr Mansfield Road/Florence Avenue 08:12
Swallownest, opp Mansfield Road/Worksop Road 08:13
Swallownest, at Main Street/Park Street 08:13
Swallownest, opp Rotherham Road/Park Street 08:14
Swallownest, opp Rotherham Road/Aughton Road 08:15
Swallownest, adj Aughton Road/Beech Way 08:16
Aughton Road/Aston Academy (at) 08:18

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