639 - Roehampton, Danebury Avenue - Putney Heath - Southfields - Wandsworth - Clapham Junction - Battersea, St John Bosco College

A bus service operated by London United


Monday to Friday, not school holidays

Danebury Avenue /Minstead Gdns - St John Bosco College

Roehampton Danebury Avenue / Minstead Gardens (Stop) 07:11
Roehampton Mount Angelus Road (Stop L) 07:12
Roehampton Library (Stop B) 07:14
Roehampton Medfield Street (Stop E) 07:16
Putney Heath Dover Park Drive (Stop H) 07:17
Putney Heath Exeter House (Stop J) 07:18
Putney Heath Hayward Gardens (Stop K) 07:19
Putney Heath / Green Man (Stop L) 07:21
Putney Heath Putney Hill / Green Man (Stop R) 07:22
Putney Heath Withycombe Road (Stop PL) 07:23
Putney Heath Keevil Drive (Stop PM) 07:25
W Hill Windlesham Grove (Stop PN) 07:26
W Hill Southmead Primary School (->S) 07:27
W Hill Levana Close (->S) 07:29
W Hill Smithwood Close (S-bound) 07:30
Southfields Church Road (Stop C) 07:31
Southfields Bathgate Road (->N) 07:32
Southfields Woodspring Road (Stop B) 07:33
Southfields Southdean Gardens (Stop A) 07:34
Southfields Station (Stop B) 07:35
W Hill Replingham Road (Stop C) 07:36
W Hill Gatwick Road (Stop D) 07:38
W Hill Granville Road (Stop E) 07:39
W Hill The Park Tavern (Stop L) 07:41
Wandsworth Broomhill Road (->N) 07:43
Wandsworth / Southside (Stop W) 07:44
Wandsworth Plain (Stop G) 07:46
Wandsworth Town Hall (Stop N) 07:48
Wandsworth East Hill / Alma Road (Stop A) 07:50
Clapham Junction Marcilly Road (Stop B) 07:52
Clapham Junction Plough Road (Stop C) 07:54
Clapham Junction Station (Stop C) 07:56
Clapham Junction Station / The Falcon (Stop E) 07:58
Clapham Junction Station / Falcon Road (Stop F) 07:59
Clapham Junction Ingrave Street (Stop N) 08:00
Clapham Junction Battersea High Street (Stop LK) 08:02
Clapham Junction Bullen Street (Stop LQ) 08:03
Battersea The Latchmere (Stop LU) 08:05
Battersea Prince Of Wales Drive (Stop LV) 08:06
Battersea St John Bosco College (->W) 08:08

St John Bosco College - Danebury Avenue /Minstead Gdns

Battersea St John Bosco College (->W) 14:15
Battersea Westbridge Road /Parkgate Road (Stop BP) 14:17
Battersea Parkgate Road (Stop BE) 14:19
Battersea Petworth Street (Stop BF) 14:21
Battersea The Latchmere (Stop LC) 14:23
Clapham Junction Bullen Street (Stop LD) 14:24
Clapham Junction Battersea High Street (Stop LE) 14:26
Clapham Junction Falcon Grove (Stop) 14:27
Clapham Junction Station / Falcon Road (Stop G) 14:29
Clapham Junction Station (Stop M) 14:31
Clapham Junction Plough Road (->W) 14:32
Clapham Junction Brussels Road (Stop SA) 14:33
Clapham Junction Marcilly Road (Stop SB) 14:34
Wandsworth Huguenot Place / Alma Road (Stop SH) 14:36
Wandsworth Herndon Road (Stop SJ) 14:37
Wandsworth Town Hall (Stop P) 14:38
Wandsworth / Southside (Stop U) 14:40
Wandsworth King George's Park (Stop H) 14:41
Wandsworth Broomhill Road (->S) 14:42
W Hill The Park Tavern (Stop M) 14:44
W Hill Granville Road (Stop S) 14:45
W Hill Gatwick Road (Stop T) 14:46
Southfields Station (Stop U) 14:48
Southfields Southdean Gardens (Stop V) 14:48
Southfields Woodspring Road (Stop V) 14:49
Southfields Bathgate Road (Stop E) 14:50
Southfields Murfett Close (Stop F) 14:51
W Hill Smithwood Close (N-bound) 14:52
W Hill Levana Close (->N) 14:53
W Hill Southmead Primary School (->N) 14:54
W Hill Windlesham Grove (->N) 14:56
Putney Heath Keevil Drive (Stop PS) 14:57
Putney Heath Withycombe Road (Stop PT) 14:59
Putney Heath Tibbet's Ride (Stop PW) 15:00
Putney Heath / Green Man (Stop C) 15:02
Putney Heath Hayward Gardens (Stop D) 15:03
Putney Heath Exeter House (Stop E) 15:04
Putney Heath Dover Park Drive (Stop J) 15:05
Roehampton Medfield Street (Stop K) 15:06
Roehampton Library (Stop C) 15:07
Roehampton Mount Angelus Road (Stop Z) 15:08
Roehampton Minstead Gardens (->W) 15:10

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

London United