65A - Buxton - Tideswell - Sheffield

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Chesterfield

Sheffield - Tideswell - Buxton

Tideswell, opp Fountain Square 07:38
Tideswell Buxton Road (S-bound) 07:39
Litton, adj Dale View 07:42
Litton, opp School 07:43
Litton, opp Dale View 07:43
Tideswell, adj Dale Car Park 07:45
Miller’s Dale, adj Ravenstor Youth Hostel 07:46
Miller’s Dale, adj Anglers Rest 07:48
Miller’s Dale, opp Wormhill Road 07:49
Priestcliffe Ditch, adj Ashwood Cottage 07:52
Taddington Hollow O The Moor (E-bound) 07:53
Taddington, opp Town End 07:56
Taddington, opp Chapel Lane 07:56
Taddington, adj Smithy Lane 07:57
Taddington, adj Marlborough House 07:57
Taddington Main Road (NW-bound) 07:57
Taddington, opp Hollow O The Moor 07:58
Taddington, adj Waterloo Hotel 07:59
Blackwell in the Peak, opp Blackwell Turn 08:01
Chelmorton, opp Arden Villas 08:03
Chelmorton Old Coalpit Lane (SW-bound) 08:04
Chelmorton The Ditch (E-bound) 08:06
Chelmorton, adj Post Office 08:07
Chelmorton, opp Post Office 08:07
Chelmorton The Ditch (W-bound) 08:07
Brierlow Bar Bookstore (NW-bound) 08:10
Burlow, adj Rail Bridge 08:11
Burlow, adj Barson Grove 08:12
Burlow, opp Heathfield Nook Road 08:12
Harpur Hill, adj Solomons Court 08:12
Harpur Hill, opp Parks Inn 08:13
Harpur Hill, opp St James Church 08:13
Harpur Hill, adj Fernway 08:13
Harpur Hill, adj Trent Avenue 08:14
Buxton, adj White Knowle Road 08:18
Buxton, opp Heath Grove 08:19
Buxton, adj Five Ways Junction 08:20
Buxton, adj Five Ways Cafe 08:21
Buxton, adj Belvedere Terrace 08:22
Buxton, adj School 08:24
Buxton, adj School Green Lane 08:25
Buxton Market Place (Stop A) 08:29
Buxton Terrace Road (N-bound) 08:29
Buxton, adj Railway Station 08:31
Buxton, opp Sylvan Park 08:32
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Buxton - Tideswell - Sheffield

Buxton, adj Sylvan Park 15:37
Buxton, opp Railway Station 15:38
Buxton Terrace Road (S-bound) 15:39
Buxton Market Place (Stop D) 15:40
Buxton, adj Five Ways Cafe 15:41
Buxton, adj Belvedere Terrace 15:42
Buxton, adj School 15:43
Buxton, adj School Green Lane 15:44
Buxton, opp Five Ways Junction 15:47
Buxton, adj Heath Grove 15:49
Buxton, opp White Knowle Road 15:51
Harpur Hill, opp Trent Avenue 15:55
Harpur Hill, opp Fernway 15:55
Harpur Hill, adj St James Church 15:55
Harpur Hill, adj Parks Inn 15:55
Harpur Hill, opp Solomons Court 15:56
Burlow, opp Barson Grove 15:56
Burlow, opp Rail Bridge 15:56
Brierlow Bar Bookstore (SE-bound) 15:59
Chelmorton The Ditch (E-bound) 16:02
Chelmorton, adj Post Office 16:04
Chelmorton, opp Post Office 16:04
Chelmorton The Ditch (W-bound) 16:05
Chelmorton Old Coalpit Lane (NE-bound) 16:06
Chelmorton, adj Arden Villas 16:07
Blackwell in the Peak, adj Blackwell Turn 16:11
Taddington, opp Waterloo Hotel 16:13
Taddington Main Road (SE-bound) 16:15
Taddington, opp Marlborough House 16:15
Taddington, opp Smithy Lane 16:16
Taddington, adj Chapel Lane 16:16
Taddington, adj Town End 16:16
Taddington, opp Hollow O The Moor 16:19
Priestcliffe Ditch, opp Ashwood Cottage 16:21
Blackwell in the Peak, adj Blackwell Hall Farm 16:21
Miller’s Dale, adj Wormhill Road 16:25
Miller’s Dale, opp Anglers Rest 16:25
Miller’s Dale, opp Ravenstor Youth Hostel 16:27
Tideswell, opp Dale Car Park 16:28
Litton, adj Dale View 16:30
Litton, opp School 16:31
Litton, opp Dale View 16:31
Tideswell Buxton Road (N-bound) 16:35
Tideswell, adj Fountain Square 16:37
Tideswell Whitecross Road (NE-bound) 16:37
Tideswell, adj Anchor Cross Roads 16:38
Tideswell, adj Anchor Inn 16:38
Windmill Great Hucklow Road (SE-bound) 16:41
Great Hucklow, opp Old Chapel 16:43
Great Hucklow Lane End (adj) 16:43
Great Hucklow, adj Grindlow Lane End 16:44
Foolow, adj Bulls Head 16:47
Eyam, opp Town Head 16:49
Eyam Little Edge (E-bound) 16:50
Eyam Hall (adj) 16:50
Eyam, adj Church 16:51
Eyam, adj The Square 16:51
Stoney Middleton The Dale (E-bound) 16:53
Stoney Middleton, adj Toll Bar 16:56
Stoney Middleton, opp Ferndale House 16:57
Calver Crossroads (SE-bound) 16:58
Calver Sough (N-bound) 16:59
Calver, opp Shaldon 16:59
Froggatt, opp Stoke Bar 17:00
Froggatt, adj Flora Cottages 17:01
Grindleford, opp Goatscliffe Cottages 17:02
Grindleford, adj Mount Pleasant 17:03
Grindleford, adj Playing Field 17:03
Grindleford, opp Padley Road 17:04
Grindleford, opp Maynard Arms 17:05
Grindleford Padley Hill (N-bound) 17:06
Longshaw, opp Yarncliffe Lodge 17:08
Longshaw, opp Lodge 17:10
Fox House (adj) 17:11
Fox House, nr Stony Ridge Road 17:11
Fox House, opp Blacka Moor 17:13
Dore Moor, opp Whitelow Lane 17:14
Dore Moor, adj Sheephill Road 17:14
Dore Moor, opp Brickhouse Lane 17:15
Dore Moor, nr Long Line 17:16
Whirlow, opp Ash House Lane 17:16
Whirlow, opp Sports Club 17:16
Whirlow, adj Whinfell Court 17:17
Whirlowdale Road (opp) 17:17
Whirlow, adj Croft Lane 17:18
Parkhead, adj Whirlow Lane 17:18
Parkhead, opp Abbey Lane 17:18
Parkhead Crescent (adj) 17:18
Ecclesall, adj Harley Road 17:19
Ecclesall, adj Hoober Road 17:19
Ecclesall, at Turning Circle 17:20
Ecclesall, adj Weetwood Drive 17:20
Banner Cross, nr Glenalmond Road 17:22
Hunters Bar, adj Rustlings Road 17:24
Hunters Bar, opp Neill Road 17:24
Ecclesall Road, adj Collegiate Crescent 17:25
Ecclesall Road, adj Hanover Way 17:26
Broomhall, nr Fitzwilliam Street 17:26
Sheffield Centre Moor Market MF7 (MF7) 17:26
Sheffield Centre Moorhead ES2 (ES2) 17:27
Sheffield Centre, adj Arundel Lane 17:30
Sheffield Centre Sheffield Station SS2 (SS2) 17:33
Sheffield Centre Sheffield Interchange C1 (C1) 17:39
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Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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