Bus Times

66 - Penryn - Maylor Bridge - Perranarworthal - Truro

A bus service operated by First Kernow

Tuesdays and Fridays (and Maundy Thursday) only

Penryn - Maylor Bridge - Perranarworthal - Truro

Penryn Bohelland Rise (S-bound) 09:53
Penryn Bohelland Road (E-bound) 09:53
Bissom, opp Postbox 09:54
Bissom, opp Flushing Turn 09:55
Tregew, opp Penryn Turn 09:58
Flushing Tregew Close (SW-bound) 09:58
Flushing, opp Arnheim Terrace 09:59
Flushing, opp Royal Standard 10:00
Flushing Arnheim Terrace (NW-bound) 10:00
Flushing, opp Tregew Close 10:01
Tregew Penryn Turn (N-bound) 10:01
Mylor Bridge Six Turnings (N-bound) 10:04
Mylor Bridge Penoweth (NW-bound) 10:05
Mylor Bridge, opp Recreation Ground 10:05
Mylor Bridge Lemon Arms (N-bound) 10:06
Mylor Bridge School (N-bound) 10:06
Mylor Bridge Springfield Park (N-bound) 10:07
Mylor Bridge Restronguet Turn (NW-bound) 10:08
Perranarworthal, opp Carclew Upper Lodge 10:11
Perranarworthal Perran Foundry (SW-bound) 10:15
Perranarworthal, opp Cosawes Turning 10:16
Perranarworthal Cosawes Park (NE-bound) 10:17
Perranarworthal Cosawes Turning (NE-bound) 10:18
Perranarworthal Treworthal Road (N-bound) 10:21
Perranwell Station Royal Oak (NE-bound) 10:23
Perranwell, opp Chapel 10:23
Perranwell Station Railway Station (NE-bound) 10:24
Carnon Downs Penvale (E-bound) 10:26
Carnon Downs Creek Cottage (E-bound) 10:26
Carnon Downs Wellington Place (NE-bound) 10:28
Carnon Downs Old Carnon Hill (NE-bound) 10:29
Carnon Downs Bus Shelter (NE-bound) 10:30
Carnon Downs The Forge (NE-bound) 10:30
Playing Place Bus Shelter (SW-bound) 10:32
Truro, opp Merchant House 10:39
Truro, opp Lander Monument 10:40
Truro Conservative Club (NE-bound) 10:41
Truro Bus Station (Stand C) 10:42

Truro - Perranarworthal - Maylor Bridge - Penryn

Truro Bus Station (Stand C) 14:05
Truro Lemon Quay (NW-bound) 14:05
Truro Lander Monument (SW-bound) 14:06
Truro Merchant House (S-bound) 14:06
Playing Place Bus Shelter (SW-bound) 14:13
Carnon Downs Caravan Park (S-bound) 14:14
Carnon Downs Gig Lane (S-bound) 14:14
Carnon Downs Bus Shelter (SW-bound) 14:15
Carnon Downs Old Carnon Hill (SW-bound) 14:15
Carnon Downs Wellington Place (SW-bound) 14:16
Carnon Downs, opp Creek Cottage 14:18
Carnon Downs, opp Penvale 14:18
Perranwell Station Railway Station (W-bound) 14:20
Perranwell Chapel (SW-bound) 14:21
Perranwell Station, opp Royal Oak 14:22
Perranarworthal Treworthal Road (S-bound) 14:23
Perranarworthal, opp Cosawes Turning 14:26
Perranarworthal Cosawes Park (NE-bound) 14:28
Perranarworthal Cosawes Turning (NE-bound) 14:28
Perranarworthal, opp Perran Foundry 14:29
Perranarworthal Carclew Upper Lodge (E-bound) 14:33
Mylor Bridge Restronguet Turn (SE-bound) 14:36
Mylor Bridge, opp Springfield Park 14:38
Mylor Bridge Lemon Hill (SE-bound) 14:38
Mylor Bridge, opp Lemon Arms 14:38
Mylor Bridge Recreation Ground (SE-bound) 14:39
Mylor Bridge Penoweth (SE-bound) 14:39
Mylor Bridge Six Turnings (SE-bound) 14:40
Tregew, opp Penryn Turn 14:43
Flushing Tregew Close (SW-bound) 14:43
Flushing, opp Arnheim Terrace 14:44
Flushing, opp Royal Standard 14:45
Flushing Arnheim Terrace (NW-bound) 14:45
Flushing, opp Tregew Close 14:46
Tregew Penryn Turn (N-bound) 14:46
Bissom Flushing Turn (S-bound) 14:50
Bissom Postbox (W-bound) 14:50
Penryn Bohelland Road (W-bound) 14:51
Penryn Bohelland Rise (N-bound) 14:52

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