66 - Tidworth - Salisbury

A service operated by Stagecoach South


Tidworth - Salisbury

Shipton Bellinger Muscott Close (SE-bound) 07:19
Shipton Bellinger Red Villas (SE-bound) 07:20
Shipton Bellinger St Peters Close (SE-bound) 07:21
Shipton Bellinger Parkhouse Roundabout (SE-bound) 07:25
Cholderton Comptons Corner (S-bound) 07:27
Cholderton, nr Crown Inn 07:30
Cholderton Rare Breeds Farm Turn (W-bound) 07:30
Newton Tony Beechfield Corner (W-bound) 07:35
Allington West Side (S-bound) 07:40
Allington St John the Baptist Church (S-bound) 07:40
Boscombe Bourne View (SW-bound) 07:41
Boscombe St Andrew's Church (SW-bound) 07:42
Boscombe, opp Council Houses 07:43
Idmiston The Turn (NW-bound) 07:44
Porton The Avenue (W-bound) 07:46
Porton Targetts Corner (W-bound) 07:47
Porton Malvern Way (SE-bound) 07:47
Porton, nr Spar Shop 07:48
Porton Chapmans Corner (SE-bound) 07:49
Gomeldon Primary School (S-bound) 07:52
Gomeldon The Arch (W-bound) 07:53
Winterbourne Gunner Kirkee (S-bound) 07:55
Winterbourne Gunner Policemans Corner (SW-bound) 07:57
Winterbourne Gunner Policemans Corner (SW-bound) 07:57
Winterbourne Gunner Marsh Motors (SW-bound) 07:57
Winterbourne Dauntsey Post Office (SW-bound) 07:58
Winterbourne Dauntsey, o/s St Michael All Angles Church 07:58
Winterbourne Earls Summerlug (SW-bound) 07:59
Winterbourne Earls Black Horse (S-bound) 08:00
Ford Broken Cross (SW-bound) 08:01
Laverstock Springfield (SW-bound) 08:03
Laverstock Bishops Mead (SW-bound) 08:04
Laverstock, o/s The Three Schools 08:04
Laverstock St Andrews School (S-bound) 08:05
Laverstock The Green (SW-bound) 08:06
Laverstock William Close (SW-bound) 08:06
Laverstock Mayfair Road (SW-bound) 08:07
Laverstock Manor Farm Road (W-bound) 08:07
Salisbury Milford Mill Road (S-bound) 08:08
Salisbury, opp The Flats 08:09
Salisbury, o/s St Martins School 08:09
Salisbury Shady Bower (NW-bound) 08:10
Salisbury Rampart Road (W-bound) 08:12
Salisbury The Chapel (W-bound) 08:14
Salisbury New Canal (Stop U) 08:17
Salisbury Endless Street (Stop C) 08:20

Salisbury - Tidworth

Salisbury Endless Street (Stop C) 17:55
Salisbury Milford House (E-bound) 17:57
Salisbury Rampart Road (E-bound) 17:57
Salisbury Shady Bower (SE-bound) 17:59
Salisbury, opp St Martins School 17:59
Salisbury, o/s The Flats 17:59
Salisbury Milford Mill Road (N-bound) 17:59
Laverstock Manor Farm Road (E-bound) 18:00
Laverstock Mayfair Road (NE-bound) 18:00
Laverstock William Close (NE-bound) 18:01
Laverstock The Green (NE-bound) 18:02
Laverstock, opp The Three Schools 18:02
Laverstock Bishops Mead (NE-bound) 18:03
Laverstock Springfield (N-bound) 18:03
Bishopdown Ford Crossroads (NE-bound) 18:04
Ford Broken Cross (N-bound) 18:05
Winterbourne Earls Black Horse (N-bound) 18:06
Winterbourne Earls Summerlug (NE-bound) 18:07
Winterbourne Dauntsey, opp St Michael All Angles Church 18:07
Winterbourne Dauntsey, o/s Post Office 18:08
Winterbourne Gunner Marsh Motors (NE-bound) 18:08
Winterbourne Gunner Policemans Corner (NE-bound) 18:08
Winterbourne Gunner Policemans Corner (NE-bound) 18:09
Winterbourne Gunner Kirkee (N-bound) 18:09
Gomeldon The Green (E-bound) 18:09
Gomeldon The Arch (E-bound) 18:09
Gomeldon Hillside Drive (E-bound) 18:09s
Gomeldon Recreation Ground (NW-bound) 18:11s
Gomeldon Hillside Drive (W-bound) 18:12s
Gomeldon Ladysmith (SW-bound) 18:13s
Gomeldon Telephone Box (NE-bound) 18:13s
Gomeldon The Arch (W-bound) 18:15
Gomeldon, o/s Primary School 18:15
Porton Chapmans Corner (NW-bound) 18:18
Porton, o/s Spar Shop 18:18
Porton Malvern Way (NW-bound) 18:19
Porton Targetts Corner (E-bound) 18:20
Porton The Avenue (E-bound) 18:20s
Idmiston The Turn (N-bound) 18:22s
Boscombe, o/s Earl of Normanton 18:22s
Boscombe St Andrew's Church (NE-bound) 18:23s
Boscombe Bourne View (NE-bound) 18:24s
Allington St John the Baptist Church (N-bound) 18:25s
Allington West Side (N-bound) 18:26s
Newton Tony Beechfield Corner (E-bound) 18:29s
Newton Tony Council Houses (E-bound) 18:29s
Newton Tony The Croft (E-bound) 18:31s
Newton Tony Council Houses (W-bound) 18:31s
Cholderton Rare Breeds Farm Turn (E-bound) 18:35s
Cholderton Crown Inn (N-bound) 18:36s
Cholderton Comptons Corner (N-bound) 18:37s
Shipton Bellinger Parkhouse Roundabout (NW-bound) 18:37s
Shipton Bellinger St Peters Close (NW-bound) 18:40s
Shipton Bellinger Red Villas (NW-bound) 18:40s
Shipton Bellinger, adj Village Shop 18:41s
Shipton Bellinger Threadgill Way (NW-bound) 18:42s
Shipton Bellinger Muscott Close (SE-bound) 18:43

Times marked s – “set down only” – the will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Stagecoach South, 16 August 2022

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