660N - John Spence Community High School - Shiremoor Metro via North Shields, Howdon Road, Percy Main, Meadow Well, West Chirton, Norham Road, New York

A bus service operated by Go North East


Monday to Friday, School Term Dates days

Preston Grange John Spence High School (E-bound) 15:15
N Shields Preston Village (S-bound) 15:16
N Shields Preston Village (S-bound) 15:17
N Shields Walton Avenue-Ancroft Avenue (S-bound) 15:18
N Shields Walton Avenue-Cresswell Avenue (S-bound) 15:18
N Shields Queen Alexandra College (S-bound) 15:19
N Shields Hawkeys Lane-Lansdowne Terrace (S-bound) 15:20
N Shields Hawkeys Lane-Spence Terrace (S-bound) 15:21
N Shields Albion Road West-Coach Lane (NE-bound) 15:22
N Shields Nile Street (S-bound) 15:23
N Shields Railway Terrace (F) 15:23
N Shields Prudhoe Street (SW-bound) 15:24
N Shields Howdon Road-Thrift Street (S-bound) 15:24
N Shields Howdon Road-Penman Place (S-bound) 15:25
N Shields Howdon Road-Leisure Centre (SW-bound) 15:25
Royal Quays Howdon Road-Smiths Park (W-bound) 15:26
Royal Quays Howdon Road-Earl Grey Way (W-bound) 15:27
Percy Main Howdon Road-Hayhoe Road (W-bound) 15:28
Percy Main Howdon Road-Depot Entrance (W-bound) 15:28
Percy Main Howdon Road (W-bound) 15:29
Percy Main Wallsend Road-High Flatworth (NE-bound) 15:31
Meadow Well Avon Avenue (N-bound) 15:32
Meadow Well Ripley Avenue (N-bound) 15:33
Meadow Well The Quadrant - Burt Avenue (N-bound) 15:33
W Chirton Central Avenue-Oswin Terrace (NW-bound) 15:33
W Chirton Central Avenue-Verne Road (N-bound) 15:34
W Chirton Verne Road (SW-bound) 15:35
W Chirton Norham Road-Industrial Estate (N-bound) 15:37
W Chirton Norham Road-Mfi (N-bound) 15:40
W Chirton Norham Road North-Formica (N-bound) 15:42
W Chirton Chirton Industrial Estate (N-bound) 15:45
W Chirton Norham Road North-Balkwall Farm (N-bound) 15:47
New York Westminster Avenue (N-bound) 15:50
New York Westminister Avenue (N-bound) 15:53
New York Road - Coronation Terrace (W-bound) 15:55
New York Road-Greenlea (W-bound) 15:55
New York Road-Depot (W-bound) 15:56
Shiremoor Park Lane-New York Road (N-bound) 15:57
Shiremoor Park Lane-Boundry Mills (N-bound) 15:58
Shiremoor Park Lane-Brenkley Avenue (N-bound) 15:58
Shiremoor Park Lane-Park Grove (N-bound) 15:59
Park Lane - Shiremoor Metro (N-bound) 16:00

Timetable data from Go North East, 30 November 2021

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