663 - 1800WK06571 - St. John Rigby

A bus service operated by Finches


Monday to Friday

1800WK06571 to St. John Rigby

Higher Ince, nr Makerfield Way 07:02
Higher Ince, nr Gregory Street 07:02
Hindley, opp Waverley Road 07:02
Hindley Council Offices (Stop A) 07:03
Hindley Bird i'th' Hand (Stop F) 07:03
Hindley, nr George Street 07:03
Hindley, nr Borsdane Avenue 07:04
Hindley Atherton Road 07:04
Hindley, nr Ashfield Avenue 07:05
Hindley Green, nr Long Lane 07:06
Hindley Green, nr Lincroft Road 07:06
Hindley Green, opp St John's Primary School 07:07
Hindley Green, nr Swan Lane 07:08
Hindley Green (Stop B) 07:09
Hindley Green Roebuck Street (Stop F) 07:10
Dangerous Corner, opp Bexhill Drive 07:11
Dangerous Corner (by) 07:12
Dangerous Corner, o/s Kingdom Hall 07:12
Dangerous Corner Smallbrook Bridge 07:13
Atherton, o/s Masons Arms 07:14
Atherton, opp Durban Street 07:15
Atherton, nr Linstock Way 07:16
Atherton, nr Prestwich Street 07:17
Atherton, opp Punch Bowl 07:18
Howe Bridge, opp Liscard Street 07:18
Howe Bridge, nr Hamilton Street 07:18
Howe Bridge (adj) 07:19
Howe Bridge, opp Lovers Lane 07:20
Howe Bridge, nr Caton Drive 07:21
Howe Bridge, nr Old Hall Mill Lane 07:21
Lilford, opp Newhaven Avenue 07:22
Lilford, opp Westbourne Avenue 07:22
Lilford, opp Kirkhall Lane 07:23
Lilford, opp Chadwick Street 07:25
Leigh, nr The Avenue 07:25
Leigh Town Hall (nr) 07:27
Leigh, opp Pennington House 07:28
Pennington, nr Mill Bridge 07:29
Pennington Park (opp) 07:29
Pennington, nr Jean Avenue 07:30
Lowton Common, nr Pennington Flash 07:33
Lowton Common, opp Moss Industrial Estate 07:34
Wash End, o/s Shepherds Inn 07:35
Lowton Common, opp Sandy Lane 07:35
Lowton Common, opp Village Club 07:36
Lowton Common, nr Morgans Way 07:37
Lowton Common, opp Hesketh Meadow Lane 07:39
Lowton St Marys, opp Lowton Labour Club 07:40
Lowton St Marys, opp Norwood Avenue 07:42
Orrell Post Orrell Council Offices (Stop D) 07:57
Orrell Post (Stop A) 08:05
Orrell Post, opp Rydal Avenue 08:06
Orrell Post, opp Derwent Road 08:07
Orrell Post, opp Spring Road 08:07
Gathurst, nr Deanwood Avenue 08:08
Gathurst, o/s St John Rigby R C College 08:12

St. John Rigby to 1800WK06571

Gathurst St John Rigby R C College (NEbnd) (o/s College) 16:05
Gathurst, o/s Vale Royal 16:05
Gathurst, opp Deanwood Avenue 16:06
Orrell Post, nr Spring Road 16:07
Orrell Post, nr Rydal Avenue 16:07
Orrell Post (Stop B) 16:09
Orrell Post (Stop C) 16:10
Orrell Post, o/s The Mount 16:10
Lowton St Marys, nr Norwood Avenue 16:25
Lowton St Marys, nr Lowton Labour Club 16:26
Lowton Common, opp Pocket Nook Lane 16:27
Lowton Common, nr Sandy Lane 16:27
Wash End, opp Shepherd's Inn 16:28
Lowton Common, nr Moss Industrial Estate 16:29
Lowton Common Robin Hood 16:29
Pennington, opp Jean Avenue 16:32
Pennington Park (o/s) 16:32
Pennington Mill Bridge 16:33
Leigh, o/s Pennington House 16:33
Leigh, nr Railway Road 16:38
Leigh, opp The Avenue 16:38
Lilford, nr Chadwick Street 16:39
Lilford, nr Kirkhall Lane 16:40
Lilford, nr Gordon Street 16:42
Kirkhall Lane, opp Linden Grove 16:42
Westleigh, opp Westbourne Avenue 16:43
Westleigh, opp School Street 16:43
Westleigh, nr Red Lion 16:44
Westleigh Church 16:45
Abbey Lane (nr) 16:45
Dangerous Corner, nr Harbern Drive 16:46
Dangerous Corner (nr) 16:47
Hindley Green Roebuck Street (Stop G) 16:47
Hindley Green (Stop A) 16:49
Hindley Green, o/s St John's Primary School 16:49
Hindley Green, opp Lincroft Road 16:50
Hindley, opp Long Lane 16:51
Hindley, nr Askwith Road 16:51
Hindley Atherton Road 16:52
Hindley, opp Borsdane Avenue 16:52
Hindley, nr Park Road 16:53
Hindley The Balmoral (Stop E) 16:53
Hindley Bird i'th' Hand (Stop B) 16:58
Hindley, nr Waverley Road 16:59
Higher Ince, opp Gregory Street 16:59
Higher Ince, opp Makerfield Way 17:01

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