664 - Winstanley College - Atherton via Bryn, Lowton, Leigh

A bus service operated by Finches

Atherton - Winstanley College via Bryn, Lowton, Leigh

Dangerous Corner (at) 07:30
Abbey Lane (opp) 07:31
Westleigh, nr Church 07:32
Westleigh, opp Red Lion 07:32
Westleigh, nr School St 07:33
Westleigh, nr Westbourne Ave 07:34
Kirkhall Lane, nr Linden Gr 07:34
Lilford, nr Leigh Rd 07:35
Lilford, opp Chadwick St 07:36
Leigh, nr The Avenue 07:37
Leigh Town Hall (nr) 07:37
Leigh, opp Pennington House 07:39
Pennington, nr Mill Bridge 07:40
Pennington Pk (opp) 07:41
Pennington, nr Jean Ave 07:42
Lowton Common, nr Pennington Flash 07:44
Lowton Common, opp Moss Industrial Estate 07:45
Wash End, o/s Shepherds Inn 07:46
Lowton Common, opp Sandy Ln 07:46
Lowton Common, opp Village Club 07:47
Lowton Common, nr Morgans Way 07:47
Lowton Common, opp Hesketh Meadow Ln 07:48
Lowton St Marys, opp Lowton Labour Club 07:49
Lowton St Marys, opp Norwood Ave 07:50
Lowton PO 07:52
Lowton, nr St Luke's School 07:52
Lowton, opp Ashwood Ave 07:53
Lowton St Luke's (opp) 07:54
Golborne, opp Rectory Ave 07:54
Golborne, nr Windsor Road 07:55
Golborne High School (opp) 07:56
Golborne, adj Church Street 07:57
Golborne, nr May St 07:57
Town Green, o/s Nursery Terrace 08:02
Stubshaw Cross, nr Cross Keys 08:03
Stubshaw Cross, nr Bolton Rd 08:03
Ashton-in-Makerfield, opp Bryn Rd 08:04
Ashton-in-Makerfield, nr The Caledonian 08:05
Ashton-in-Makerfield, opp Lockett Rd 08:06
Bryn, nr Nicol Rd 08:07
Bryn, opp Ashton Grange Ind Est 08:07
Bryn, nr Nicol Mere Dr 08:08
Bryn, o/s St. Peter's Church 08:09
Bryn Cross 08:10
Bryn, opp Dryden Ave 08:10
Rose Hill, opp Meadowcroft 08:11
N Ashton, opp Primary School 08:11
N Ashton, nr Downall Green Rd 08:12
N Ashton, opp Brocstedes Rd 08:12
Winstanley Park, at Winstanley College 08:20

Winstanley College - Atherton via Bryn, Lowton, Leigh

Winstanley Park, at Winstanley College 15:59
Downall Green Leyland Green Road (E-bound) 16:06
Downall Green, opp Cemetery 16:07
N Ashton, nr Brocstedes Ave 16:07
N Ashton, nr Booths Brow Rd 16:07
N Ashton, nr Primary School 16:08
Rose Hill, opp Meadowcroft 16:08
Bryn, nr Dryden Ave 16:09
Bryn Cross (nr) 16:10
Bryn, opp St. Peter's Church 16:10
Bryn, opp Nicol Mere Dr 16:11
Bryn, nr Ashton Grange Ind Est 16:11
Bryn, o/s Eavesway Travel 16:12
Ashton-in-Makerfield, nr Lockett Rd 16:12
Ashton-in-Makerfield, nr New St 16:13
Ashton-in-Makerfield, nr Bryn Rd 16:13
Stubshaw Cross, adj Bolton Rd 16:14
Stubshaw Cross, opp Cross Keys 16:14
Town Green, nr Nursery Terrace 16:15
Edge Green Rd (nr) 16:16
Golborne, opp Red Lion 16:19
Golborne, nr Church St 16:19
Golborne High School (nr) 16:20
Golborne, nr Lowerfield Gdns 16:20
Golborne, nr Slag Ln 16:21
Lowton St Luke's (o/s) 16:22
Lowton, nr Ashwood Ave 16:22
Lowton, o/s St Luke's School 16:23
Lowton Post Office (nr) 16:24
Lowton St Marys, nr Norwood Ave 16:25
Lowton St Marys, nr Lowton Labour Club 16:25
Lowton Common, opp Pocket Nook Ln 16:26
Lowton Common, nr Sandy Ln 16:27
Wash End, opp Shepherd's Inn 16:27
Lowton Common, nr Moss Industrial Estate 16:28
Lowton Common Robin Hood 16:29
Pennington, opp Jean Ave 16:30
Pennington Pk (o/s) 16:31
Pennington Mill Bridge 16:31
Leigh, o/s Pennington House 16:32
Leigh, nr Railway Rd 16:33
Leigh The Avenue 16:34
Lilford, nr Chadwick St 16:34
Lilford, nr Kirkhall Ln 16:35
Lilford, nr Gordon St 16:35
Kirkhall Lane, opp Linden Gr 16:36
Westleigh, opp Westbourne Ave 16:36
Westleigh, opp School St 16:37
Westleigh, nr Red Lion 16:38
Westleigh Church 16:38
Abbey Lane, nr Abbey Ln 16:39
Dangerous Corner, nr Harbern Dr 16:40

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset