665 - Moat House Street - St. John Rigby college

A bus service operated by Finches


Moat House Street to St. John Rigby college

St. John Rigby college to Moat House Street

Winstanley Park, opp Winstanley College 15:55
Winstanley Park, o/s Winstanley College 15:55
Downall Green Leyland Green Road (E-bound) 16:00
N Ashton, nr Brocstedes Avenue 16:01
N Ashton, nr Booths Brow Road 16:01
N Ashton, nr Primary School 16:02
Rose Hill, opp Meadowcroft 16:03
Bryn, nr Dryden Avenue 16:04
Bryn Cross (nr) 16:05
Bryn Station (Stop B) 16:06
Bryn, opp Old Road 16:07
Ashton-in-Makerfield, adj Cansfield Grove 16:07
Ashton-in-Makerfield, opp Jubilee Park 16:08
Ashton-in-Makerfield Ashton View (Stop A) 16:09
Ashton-in-Makerfield, nr Edward Drive 16:11
Ashton-in-Makerfield, opp The Caledonian 16:12
Ashton-in-Makerfield, nr Bryn Road 16:12
Stubshaw Cross, adj Bolton Road 16:12
Stubshaw Cross, opp Cross Keys 16:13
Town Green, nr Nursery Terrace 16:13
Edge Green Road (nr) 16:14
Edge Green, nr Ashton Road 16:14
Edge Green, nr Manley Avenue 16:16
Golborne, opp Prescott Avenue 16:18
Golborne, nr Asda 16:20
Golborne, nr Royal Hotel 16:20
Golborne Salisbury Street (Stop A) 16:22
Golborne John Street (Stop D) 16:23
Golborne, opp School Street 16:23
Golborne/Queen Anne 16:23
Lowton Post Office 16:27
Lowton, nr St Luke's School 16:27
Lowton, opp Ashwood Avenue 16:28
Lowton Street Luke's (opp) 16:29
Golborne, opp Rectory Avenue 16:29
Golborne, nr Windsor Road 16:30
Golborne, adj Church Street 16:31
Golborne, nr May Street 16:32
Golborne, nr Ashton Road 16:32
Dover, opp Windy Bank Farm 16:33
Dover, o/s Balmer's Farm 16:33
Dover, o/s Aye Bridge Farm 16:33
Dover, opp Crankwood Road 16:34
Abram Labour Club (opp) 16:34
Abram Post Office (nr) 16:35
Abram, nr Alexandra Street 16:35
Abram, opp School Street 16:35
Abram, opp Bickershaw Lane 16:35
Platt Bridge, nr Millers Lane 16:36
Platt Bridge King William (Stop C) 16:36
Platt Bridge, nr Neville Street 16:37
Platt Bridge, nr Moss Lane 16:37
Platt Bridge, opp Springbank Ind Estate 16:38
Platt Bridge, nr Crompton Street 16:38
Hindley, opp Longton Street 16:38
Hindley, opp Blackberry Drive 16:39
Hindley Bird i'th' Hand (Stop C) 16:40
Hindley Bird i'th' Hand (Stop B) 16:41
Hindley, nr Waverley Road 16:41
Higher Ince, opp Gregory Street 16:42
Higher Ince, opp Makerfield Way 16:46

Timetable data from Finches/Bus Open Data Service, 29 September 2021. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.