666 - Lowton - St. John Rigby college

A bus service operated by Finches


Lowton to St. John Rigby college

Leigh, nr The Avenue 09:40
Leigh Town Hall (opp) 09:40
Leigh Buck Street (cnr) 09:42
Pennington, opp Winmarleigh Gardens 09:42
Pennington Park (opp) 09:43
Pennington, nr Jean Avenue 09:43
Lowton Common, opp Pennington Flash 09:44
Lowton Common, opp Moss Industrial Estate 09:44
Wash End Reeve Street (cnr) 09:45
Lowton Common, opp Sandy Lane 09:45
Lowton Common Morgans Way (cnr) 09:46
Lowton Common, nr Pocket Nook Lane 09:46
Lowton Common, opp Hesketh Meadow Lane 09:47
Lowton St Marys, opp Lowton Labour Club 09:48
Lowton St Marys, opp Norwood Avenue 09:53
Lowton, opp Fulwood Road 08:0209:55
Lowton, opp St Luke's CE Primary 08:0209:55
Lowton, opp Ashwood Avenue 08:0309:56
Lowton St Luke's (opp) 08:0409:57
Golborne, opp Rectory Avenue 08:0409:57
Golborne, nr Windsor Road 08:0509:57
Golborne High School (opp) 08:0609:58
Golborne, opp Rothwell Gardens 08:0709:58
Golborne, opp Church Green Gardens 09:59
Golborne, nr Railway Road 09:59
Golborne Salisbury Street (Stop B) 10:00
Golborne, opp Grimshaw Street 10:01
Golborne, opp Lilac Road 10:02
Golborne, nr Prescott Avenue 10:03
Edge Green, opp Manley Avenue 10:03
Edge Green, opp Ashton Road 10:04
Edge Green Road (opp) 08:1010:05
Town Green, o/s Nursery Terrace 08:1210:05
Stubshaw Cross, opp Upland Drive 08:1410:05
Stubshaw Cross, opp St Luke's Church 08:1710:05
Ashton-in-Makerfield, opp Bryn Road 08:1710:07
Ashton-in-Makerfield, nr Hazelhurst Grove 08:1710:08
Ashton-in-Makerfield, nr Orchard Street 08:1810:08
Ashton-in-Makerfield Ashton View (Stop C) 08:1810:09
Ashton-in-Makerfield, o/s Ashton Library 08:2210:10
Ashton-in-Makerfield, o/s Jubilee Park 08:2210:11
Ashton-in-Makerfield Cansfield Grove (cnr) 08:2210:12
Bryn, nr Old Road 08:2310:13
Bryn Rail Station (Stop A) 08:2510:14
Bryn, nr Medway Close 08:2610:14
Bryn, opp Dryden Avenue 08:2610:15
Rose Hill, nr Meadowcroft 08:2710:16
North Ashton, opp Our Lady Immaculate Church 08:2810:17
North Ashton, opp Brocstedes Avenue 08:2910:18
North Ashton, opp Brocstedes Road 08:3010:19
Downall Green, opp Booths Brow Road 08:3010:19
Winstanley Park, o/s Winstanley College 08:3510:24
Winstanley Park, o/s Brith 08:3710:24
Orrell, opp Hall Lane 08:3710:25
Orrell Rail Station (Stop A) 08:3810:25
Orrell, nr Church Drive 08:3910:26
Orrell, opp Holgate School 08:4010:26
Orrell Post, nr Abbey Drive 08:4110:26
Orrell Post (Stop A) 08:4310:29
Orrell Post, opp Rydal Avenue 08:4310:29
Orrell Post, opp Derwent Road 08:4410:30
Orrell Post, opp Cambridge Road 08:4410:30
Gathurst, nr Deanwood Avenue 08:4510:31
Gathurst St John Rigby College (Layby) 08:4510:32
Gathurst St John Rigby R C College (NEbnd) (o/s College) 08:4810:33

St. John Rigby college to Lowton

Gathurst St John Rigby R C College (NEbnd) (o/s College) 13:1016:05
Gathurst, o/s Vale Royal 13:1016:05
Gathurst, opp Deanwood Avenue 13:1116:06
Orrell Post Cambridge Road (cnr) 13:1216:06
Orrell Post, nr Rydal Avenue 13:1216:06
Orrell Post (Stop B) 13:1416:09
Orrell Post, opp Abbey Drive 13:1516:11
Orrell, o/s Holgate School 13:1516:11
Orrell, nr Church Drive 13:1616:12
Orrell Rail Station (Stop B) 13:1716:13
Orrell, nr Hall Lane 13:1816:14
Winstanley Park Brith 13:1916:15
Winstanley Park, opp Winstanley College 13:2016:15
Winstanley Park, o/s Winstanley College 13:2516:15
Downall Green Leyland Green Road (E-bound) 13:2916:19
North Ashton, nr Brocstedes Road 13:2916:19
North Ashton, nr Booths Brow Road 13:3016:21
North Ashton, o/s Our Lady Immaculate Church 13:3116:21
Rose Hill, opp Meadowcroft 13:3216:21
Bryn, nr Dryden Avenue 13:3316:22
Bryn, opp Medway Close 13:3416:23
Bryn Rail Station (Stop B) 13:3516:25
Bryn, opp Old Road 13:3516:25
Ashton-in-Makerfield, adj Cansfield Grove 13:3616:26
Ashton-in-Makerfield, opp Jubilee Park 13:3716:26
Ashton-in-Makerfield Ashton View (Stop A) 13:3916:30
Ashton-in-Makerfield, opp Orchard Street 16:30
Ashton-in-Makerfield, opp Hazelhurst Grove 16:30
Ashton-in-Makerfield, nr Bryn Road 16:31
Stubshaw Cross, o/s St Luke's Church 16:32
Stubshaw Cross Upland Drive (cnr) 16:33
Town Green, nr Nursery Terrace 16:34
Edge Green Road (nr) 16:34
Edge Green, nr Ashton Road 16:35
Edge Green, nr Manley Avenue 16:36
Golborne, opp Prescott Avenue 16:37
Golborne, nr Lilac Road 16:37
Golborne, nr Grimshaw Street 16:38
Golborne Salisbury Street (Stop A) 16:38
Golborne John Street (Stop D) 16:40
Golborne, opp School Street 16:41
Golborne, opp Queen Anne 16:41
Lowton, opp Fulwood Road 16:45
Lowton, opp St Luke's CE Primary 16:46
Lowton, opp Ashwood Avenue 16:46
Lowton St Luke's (opp) 16:47
Golborne, opp Rectory Avenue 16:48
Golborne, nr Windsor Road 16:48
Golborne High School (opp) 16:49
Golborne, opp Rothwell Gardens 16:49
Golborne, nr May Street 16:50
Golborne, nr Ashton Road 16:50
Golborne, opp Windy Bank Farm 16:50
Golborne, o/s Balmer's Farm 16:51
Abram, o/s Aye Bridge Farm 16:51
Abram, nr Dover Lock 16:52
Abram, opp Grimshaw Park 16:52
Abram Council Offices (opp) 16:54
Abram, nr Alexandra Street 16:54
Abram, opp Lee Lane 16:54
Abram, opp Simpkin Street 16:54
Platt Bridge, nr Millers Lane 16:55
Platt Bridge Stephen Street (Stop C) 17:00
Platt Bridge, nr Neville Street 17:00
Platt Bridge, nr Moss Lane 17:01
Platt Bridge, opp Springbank Gardens 17:02
Platt Bridge, nr Crompton Street 17:03
Hindley, opp Douglas Street 17:04
Hindley, opp Blackberry Drive 17:06
Hindley Health Centre (Stop C) 17:06
Hindley Council Offices (Stop B) 17:07
Hindley, nr Waverley Road 17:08
Higher Ince, opp Gregory Street 17:09
Higher Ince, opp Makerfield Way 17:15

Timetable data from Finches/Bus Open Data Service, 31 March 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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