669 - Thamesmead - Abbey Wood - Belvedere - Erith - Barnehurst - Bexley - Cleeve Park School

A bus service operated by Stagecoach London


Monday to Friday, not school holidays

Thamesmead Town Centre - Bexley Lane / Cleeve Park School

Thamesmead Town Centre (Stop A) 07:10
Thamesmead Linton Mead Primary School (Stop D) 07:11
Thamesmead Hoveton Road (E-bound) 07:12
Thamesmead Nickelby Close (Stop NE) 07:13
Thamesmead South Eastgate Close (Stop NG) 07:14
Thamesmead South Lister Walk (Stop NH) 07:15
Thamesmead Poplar Place (Stop SE) 07:16
Thamesmead Carlyle Road / Crossway (Stop SJ) 07:17
Thamesmead South Southmere Lake (->S) 07:18
Abbey Wood Harrow Manorway / Yarnton Way (Stop B) 07:19
Thamesmead South Overton Road (Stop BA) 07:20
Harrow Manorway / Abbey Wood Station (Stop D) 07:22
Abbey Wood Road (Stop E) 07:22
Thamesmead South Lesnes Abbey (->E) 07:23
Thamesmead South Elstree Gardens (Stop) 07:24
Thamesmead South Tunstock Way (->E) 07:25
Lessness Heath Kingswood Avenue (Stop) 07:26
Belvedere St Augustine's Road (Stop A) 07:27
Belvedere Gilbert Road (Stop B) 07:28
Lower Road / Belvedere Station (Stop C) 07:29
Belvedere Halt Robin Lane (Stop D) 07:30
Belvedere Poplar Mount (->E) 07:31
Hillside Mayfield Road (->E) 07:32
Hillside Lower Road / Church Manorway (->E) 07:33
Hillside St Francis Road (->S) 07:34
Erith Winifred Road / the Ship (->E) 07:35
Erith Station / West Street (Stop L) 07:36
Erith Town Centre / Cross Street (Stop G) 07:3607:37
Erith Fraser Road (Stop D) 07:3707:38
Erith Lesney Park (Stop S) 07:3807:39
Northumberland Heath Carlton Road (Stop T) 07:4007:41
Northumberland Heath Northumberland Park (Stop V) 07:4107:42
Northumberland Heath Brook Street (Stop L) 07:4307:44
Northumberland Heath Rydal Drive (Stop M) 07:4407:45
Barnehurst Station (Stop A) 07:4507:46
Barnehurst Lyndhurst Road (Stop NU) 07:4607:47
Barnehurst Long Lane (Stop NV) 07:4707:48
Bexleyheath Bus Garage (Stop NW) 07:4907:50
Bexleyheath Halcot Avenue (Stop C) 07:5007:51
Bexleyheath Broomfield Road (Stop D) 07:5207:53
Bexley Gravel Hill Close (Stop E) 07:5407:55
Bexley Hartford Road (Stop J) 07:5607:57
Bexley Library (Stop G) 07:5807:59
Bexley Station (Stop E) 08:0008:01
Bexley War Memorial (Stop C) 08:0208:03
Bexley Woodstock Close (->W) 08:0408:05
St Mary’s Valentine Avenue (->W) 08:0608:07
Bexley Carisbrooke Avenue (Stop C) 08:0908:10
Bexley Crofton Avenue (Stop D) 08:1108:12
Blackfen Foots Cray Lane / Hurst Road (Stop E) 08:1308:14
North Cray Canterbury Avenue (Stop F) 08:1508:16
Foots Cray Bexley Lane / Cleeve Park School (->S) 08:1808:19

Bexley Lane / Cleeve Park School - Thamesmead Town Centre

Foots Cray Cleeve Park School (Stop) 15:1015:12
North Cray Canterbury Avenue (Stop N) 15:1115:13
Blackfen Foots Cray Lane / Hurst Road (Stop P) 15:1315:15
Blackfen Eynsford Crescent (Stop S) 15:1515:17
Bexley Crofton Avenue (Stop T) 15:1615:18
Bexley Carisbrooke Avenue (Stop U) 15:1815:20
Bexley Hurst Springs (Stop) 15:2015:22
Bexley Grange Wood (Stop) 15:2115:23
Bexley Parkwood Road (->E) 15:2315:25
Bexley Station (Stop D) 15:2515:27
Bexley Library (Stop F) 15:2615:28
Bexley Hartford Road (Stop H) 15:2815:30
Bexley Gravel Hill Close (Stop F) 15:3015:32
Bexleyheath Broomfield Road (Stop G) 15:3215:34
Bexleyheath Halcot Avenue (Stop H) 15:3415:36
Bexleyheath Bus Garage (Stop NS) 15:3615:38
Barnehurst Lyndhurst Road (Stop NT) 15:3715:39
Barnehurst Station (Stop B) 15:3815:40
Northumberland Heath Rydal Drive (Stop E) 15:4015:42
Northumberland Heath Brook Street (Stop F) 15:4115:43
Northumberland Heath Mill Road (Stop H) 15:4315:45
Northumberland Heath Northumberland Park (Stop P) 15:4515:47
Northumberland Heath Carlton Road (Stop Q) 15:4815:50
Erith Lesney Park (Stop R) 15:5015:52
Erith Fraser Road (Stop C) 15:5315:55
Erith Walnut Tree Road (Stop E) 15:5615:58
Erith High Street (Stop F) 15:59
Erith Maxim Road / the Ship (->W) 16:00
Hillside St Francis Road (->W) 16:01
Hillside Lower Road / Church Manorway (->W) 16:02
Hillside Mayfield Road (->W) 16:03
Belvedere Poplar Mount (->W) 16:04
Belvedere Halt Robin Lane (Stop G) 16:05
Lower Road / Belvedere Station (Stop H) 16:07
Belvedere Gilbert Road (Stop J) 16:07
Belvedere St Augustine's Road (Stop K) 16:08
Lessness Heath Kingswood Avenue (Stop Y) 16:09
Thamesmead South Tunstock Way (->W) 16:10
Thamesmead South Lesnes Abbey (->W) 16:11
Thamesmead South Fossington Road (Stop) 16:12
Thamesmead South Florence Road (Stop L) 16:13
Abbey Wood Road (Stop G) 16:14
Abbey Wood Station (C) 16:15
Abbey Wood Harrow Manorway / Lensbury Way (Stop A) 16:16
Thamesmead South Southmere Lake (->N) 16:17
Thamesmead Carlyle Road / Bentham Road (Stop SK) 16:19
Thamesmead Poplar Place (Stop SD) 16:20
Thamesmead South Curlew Close (Stop NA) 16:21
Thamesmead South Lister Walk (Stop NB) 16:22
Thamesmead South Manordene Road (Stop NC) 16:23
Thamesmead Nickelby Close (Stop ND) 16:24
Thamesmead Hoveton Road (SW-bound) 16:25
Thamesmead Linton Mead Primary School (Stop E) 16:26
Thamesmead Town Centre (Stop C) 16:27

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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