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66X - Gloucester - Quedgeley - Stonehouse - Leonard Stanley - King's Stanley - Stroud

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Gloucester

Stroud - King's Stanley - Leonard Stanley - Stonehouse - Quedgeley - Gloucester

Stroud Merrywalks (Stop L) 07:30
Stroud, o/s Homebase 07:31
Stroud High and Marling Schools (Stop 13) 07:32
Cainscross, after Marling School 07:33
Dudbridge, after Sainsbury's Store 07:35
Selsley, opp Cricket Ground 07:35
Selsley, after New Road 07:36
Selsley, opp All Saint's Church 07:37
Selsley, by Westville 07:38
Selsley, opp The Knapp 07:39
Middleyard, nr Coombe Lane 07:40
Middleyard Coldwell (corner of) 07:41
King’s Stanley, after Shute Street 07:42
King’s Stanley King's Head (behind) 07:43
King’s Stanley, nr High Street North 07:44
King’s Stanley, after Bathleaze 07:44
Leonard Stanley, after Primary School 07:46
Leonard Stanley, nr Bath Road 07:47
Leonard Stanley, opp Village Hall 07:49
Leonard Stanley, opp St Swithun's Church 07:49
Leonard Stanley, opp Wesley Road 07:50
Leonard Stanley, opp Church Road 07:50
Leonard Stanley, by Grange Farm 07:50
Leonard Stanley, by Garage 07:51
Stanley Downton, by The Old Fleece 07:52
Bridgend, after Crescent Road 07:53
Bridgend Haven Avenue (corner of) 07:54
Stonehouse, opp Downton Road 07:54
Stonehouse, by Wycliffe College 07:57
Stonehouse, opp Post Office 07:58
Stonehouse, opp Globe Inn 08:00
Stonehouse, opp The Nippy Chippy 08:00
Stonehouse, opp Grosvenor Road 08:01
Stonehouse, opp Horsemarling Lane 08:01
Stonehouse, opp Crowcumepill 08:02
Stroud Green, by The Old Barn 08:03
Stroud Green, after Oxlynch Lane 08:04
Standish, opp The Shieling 08:05
Standish, by St Nicholas's Church 08:05
Little Haresfield, opp Haresfield Turn 08:07
Haresfield Blooms Garden Centre (just before) 08:09
Hardwicke, by Business Park 08:12
Hardwicke, opp Bypass Bridge 08:13
Hardwicke, nr One Stop Shop 08:14
Quedgeley, opp Methodist Church 08:14
Quedgeley, nr Naas Lane 08:15
Quedgeley, nr Holly End 08:15
Quedgeley, opp Highliffe Drive 08:17
Quedgeley, opp Friar Tucks 08:18
Quedgeley, nr Old Elmore Lane 08:19
Quedgeley Sims Lane (corner of) 08:19
Gloucester, opp McDonalds 08:21
Gloucester, opp Pearce Way 08:22
Gloucester, after Hempsted Lane 08:24
Gloucester, after Tuffley Avenue 08:25
Gloucester, opp Granville Street 08:26
Gloucester, opp Tesco Express 08:26
Gloucester, opp Alma Place 08:26
Gloucester, after Madleaze Road 08:27
Gloucester, by Peel Centre & Quays 08:28
Gloucester, by The Park 08:34
Gloucester, o/s GL1 Leisure Centre 08:37
Gloucester, at Transport Hub arrival 08:40

Gloucester - Quedgeley - Stonehouse - Leonard Stanley - King's Stanley - Stroud

Gloucester Transport Hub (Bay E) 17:35
Gloucester, opp GL1 Leisure Centre 17:36
Gloucester, opp Peel Centre & Quays 17:42
Gloucester Theresa Street (corner of) 17:42
Gloucester, before Frampton Road 17:43
Gloucester, before Tesco Express 17:43
Gloucester, after Granville Street 17:43
Gloucester, before Tuffley Avenue 17:44
Gloucester, before Newark Road 17:44
Gloucester, after Empire Way 17:46
Gloucester, after Pearce Way 17:47
Gloucester, before McDonalds 17:47
Quedgeley, opp Sims Lane 17:49
Quedgeley, opp Old Elmore Lane 17:50
Quedgeley, by Friar Tucks 17:50
Quedgeley, before Highliffe Drive 17:52
Quedgeley, opp Holly End 17:53
Quedgeley, o/s Telephone Exchange 17:54
Hardwicke, opp One Stop Shop 17:55
Hardwicke, on Bypass Bridge 17:55
Hardwicke, opp Mobility Centre 17:56
Haresfield, after Blooms Garden Centre 17:59
Little Haresfield, by Haresfield Turn 18:02
Standish, opp Court Farms 18:03
Standish, by The Shieling 18:04
Stroud Green, before Oxlynch Lane 18:05
Stroud Green, opp The Old Barn 18:05
Stonehouse, by Crowcumepill 18:07
Stonehouse Horsemarling Lane (corner of) 18:08
Stonehouse, nr Grosvenor Road 18:08
Stonehouse, by The Nippy Chippy 18:09
Stonehouse, o/s Medical Centre 18:10
Stonehouse, opp Elgin Mall 18:10
Stonehouse Pearcroft Road (corner of) 18:11
Stonehouse, by Downton Road 18:13
Bridgend, opp Haven Avenue 18:14
Bridgend, opp Crescent Road 18:14
Stanley Downton, nr The Old Fleece 18:16
Leonard Stanley, opp Garage 18:18
Leonard Stanley, nr Bath Road 18:19
Leonard Stanley, opp Village Hall 18:20
Leonard Stanley, opp St Swithun's Church 18:21
Leonard Stanley, opp Wesley Road 18:21
Leonard Stanley, opp Church Road 18:21
Leonard Stanley, by Grange Farm 18:22
Leonard Stanley, before Primary School 18:24
King’s Stanley, before Bathleaze 18:24
King’s Stanley, by High Street South 18:25
King’s Stanley, opp King's Head 18:26
King’s Stanley, before Shute Street 18:26
Middleyard, after Coldwell 18:28
Middleyard, before Coombe Lane 18:28
Selsley, by The Knapp 18:29
Selsley, opp Westville 18:31
Selsley, o/s All Saint's Church 18:31
Selsley, before New Road 18:32
Selsley, by Cricket Ground 18:33
Dudbridge Hill Roundabout (by) 18:35
Cainscross, before Marling School 18:37
Marling and Stroud High Schools (Stop 9) 18:40
Stroud, after Homebase 18:42
Stroud Merrywalks (Stop D) 18:45

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