670 - Farington Moss - Hutton Grammar School

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Monday to Friday, Hutton Grammar School days

Farington Moss - Hutton Grammar School

Farington Moss, opp Moss Lane 07:40
Farington Moss, by Fylde Avenue 07:40
Farington Moss, opp Bannister Lane 07:41
Earnshaw Bridge, by Manor House 07:42
Earnshaw Bridge, opp Wheatsheaf Inn 07:43
Earnshaw Bridge, o/s St Johns Church 07:43
The Straits, o/s Broadfields Arms 07:44
The Straits, by Daisy Bank Close 07:45
Seven Stars, by Mill Street 07:46
Seven Stars, opp Downham Road 07:47
Moss Side, by Newton Close 07:47
Moss Side, opp Robin Hey 07:48
Moss Side, opp Black Bull 07:50
Moss Side, opp St James Gardens 07:50
Moss Side, opp St James Church 07:51
Moss Side, opp Manor House Close 07:51
Moss Side, opp Southlands Drive 07:52
Seven Stars, opp Merlin Close 07:52
Seven Stars, opp St Annes RCS 07:53
Seven Stars, opp Queensway 07:54
Leyland Cross, by Forestway 07:55
Leyland Cross, opp Sports & Social Club 07:56
Leyland Cross Tesco (Stand G) 07:57
Towngate Tesco (Stand F) 07:58
Towngate, by Westgate 07:58
Leyland, opp Gables Hotel 08:00
Leyland, by Ruskin Avenue 08:00
Leyland, o/s Churchill Way 08:00
Golden Hill, opp Queens Hotel 08:01
Turpin Green, o/s The Railway 08:02
Farington, by Mill Street 08:03
Farington, by Lodge Gates 08:03
Farington, by Centurion Way 08:04
Farington, by Fowler Lane 08:05
Farington, by Woodcock Estate 08:05
Farington, by Woodcock Farm 08:06
Lostock Hall, o/s Methodist Church 08:07
Lostock Hall, by Victoria Inn 08:09
Lostock Hall, by Pleasant Retreat 08:11
Lostock Hall, by Fir Trees Road 08:14
Lostock Hall, by Flag Lane 08:16
Penwortham Lane, by Bee Lane 08:17
Penwortham Lane, opp Sumpter Horse 08:18
Penwortham Lane, by New Lane 08:22
Middleforth Green, opp Factory Lane 08:23
Middleforth Green, by Middleforth Garage 08:24
Middleforth Green, by Stricklands Lane 08:25
Lower Penwortham, o/s Bridge Inn 08:26
Lower Penwortham, by Valley Road 08:28
Penwortham, by Flyover 08:29
Penwortham, o/s Library 08:31
Penwortham, opp Crookings Lane 08:31
Penwortham, by Carleton Drive 08:33
Howick Cross, opp Howick Shops 08:33
Howick Cross Lane (opp) 08:34
Howick Cross, by Howick CEPS 08:36
Hutton, by Lindle Lane 08:36
Hutton, opp Anchor Inn 08:37
Hutton, o/s Grammar School Grounds 08:39
Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council - School children only

Hutton Grammar School - Farington Moss

Hutton, o/s Grammar School Grounds 15:15
Hutton, o/s Anchor Inn 15:16
Hutton, opp Lindle Lane 15:17
Howick Cross, opp Howick CEPS 15:18
Howick Cross Lane (by) 15:20
Howick Cross, by Howick Shops 15:20
Penwortham, by Blashaw Lane 15:21
Penwortham, by Crookings Lane 15:22
Penwortham, opp Library 15:24
Lower Penwortham, opp Valley Road 15:25
Lower Penwortham, opp Bridge Inn 15:26
Middleforth Green, by Dove Avenue 15:27
Middleforth Green, opp Middleforth Garage 15:27
Middleforth Green, by Factory Lane 15:27
Penwortham Lane, opp New Lane 15:29
Penwortham Lane, o/s Sumpter Horse 15:30
Penwortham Lane, opp Bee Lane 15:30
Lostock Hall, by Round Acre 15:31
Lostock Hall, opp Firtrees Ave 15:32
Lostock Hall, o/s Library 15:33
Lostock Hall, opp Methodist Church 15:35
Farington, opp Woodcock Farm 15:35
Farington, by Brook House Farm 15:36
Farington, opp Fowler Lane 15:36
Farington, opp Centurion Way 15:37
Farington, opp Lodge Gates 15:38
Farington, opp Mill Street 15:38
Turpin Green, opp The Railway 15:39
Golden Hill, by Queens Hotel 15:39
Leyland, by Churchill Way 15:40
Leyland, by Dorothy Ave 15:40
Leyland, o/s Gables Hotel 15:41
Leyland, by King Street 15:41
Towngate, opp Westgate 15:43
Towngate Tesco (Stand E) 15:44
Leyland Cross, o/s Sports & Social Club 15:45
Leyland Cross, by Royal Avenue 15:45
Seven Stars, by Queensway 15:46
Seven Stars, o/s St Annes School 15:47
Seven Stars, by Merlin Close 15:48
Moss Side, by Southland Drive 15:49
Moss Side, by Manor House Close 15:49
Moss Side, by St James Church 15:49
Moss Side, by St James Garden 15:50
Moss Side, o/s Black Bull 15:51
Moss Side, by Robin Hey 15:51
Moss Side, opp Newton Close 15:52
Seven Stars, by Downham Road 15:52
The Straits, by Cowling Lane 15:54
The Straits, opp Broadfield Arms 15:54
Earnshaw Bridge, opp St Johns Church 15:54
Earnshaw Bridge, by Longmeanygate 15:55
Earnshaw Bridge, by Wheatsheaf Inn 15:55
Farington Moss, by Bannister Lane 15:56
Farington Moss, by Five Acres 15:56
Farington Moss, by Moss Lane 15:57
Farington Moss, opp Fiddler Lane 15:58
Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council - School children only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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