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68 - Glossop - New Mills - Buxton

A bus service operated by High Peak

Glossop - New Mills - Buxton

Glossop Henry Street (Stop B) 07:24
Glossop Victoria Street (SW-bound) 07:24
Whitfield, adj Nags Head 07:24
Charlestown, adj Fire Station 07:25
Charlestown, opp The Drovers 07:25
Charlestown, opp Chunal Cottages 07:26
Chunal, opp White House 07:27
Chunal, adj Grouse Inn 07:29
Chunal, adj Monks Road 07:29
Little Hayfield, adj Tom Heys 07:30
Little Hayfield, opp Carr Meadow 07:31
Little Hayfield, opp Brookhouses 07:31
Little Hayfield, adj Park Hall Manor 07:32
Little Hayfield, opp Lantern Pike 07:33
Little Hayfield, adj Lyme View 07:33
Hayfield Hill Crest (S-bound) 07:35
Hayfield, adj Bus Station 07:36
Hayfield, opp New Mills Road 38 07:36
Hayfield, adj The Birches 07:36
Hayfield, adj Quarry 07:37
Birch Vale, opp Birch Hall Close 07:38
Birch Vale, adj Grouse Hotel 07:39
Birch Vale Hayfield Road (W-bound) 07:39
Birch Vale, opp The Vine 07:40
New Mills, adj Ellerscroft 07:40
New Mills, opp High Hill Road 07:41
New Mills, opp Cale Road 07:42
New Mills, adj Marsh Lane 07:43
New Mills, adj Jubilee Street 07:44
New Mills Queens Bridge (SW-bound) 07:45
New Mills Bus Station (Stop 1) 07:47
New Mills, opp Jodrell Street 07:48
New Mills, adj Victoria Street 07:48
New Mills, adj Newtown Railway Station 07:49
Newtown, opp Old Post Office 07:50
Newtown, adj Chalkers Snooker Club 07:50
Newtown, opp Redmoor House 07:51
Furness Vale, opp St Johns Church 07:52
Furness Vale, adj Dale Farm Dairy 07:53
Furness Vale, opp Soldier Dick 07:54
Furness Vale, adj Primary School 07:55
Furness Vale, opp Hollins View 07:55
Furness Vale, opp Crescent Drive 07:56
Buxworth, opp Britannia Mills 07:58
Buxworth, adj Saint James Church 08:00
Buxworth, adj Dolly Lane 08:01
Buxworth, opp Jane Lane 08:01
Chinley, opp Leaden Knowle 08:03
Chinley Lower Lane (E-bound) 08:04
Chinley, adj Alders Avenue 08:05
Chinley, adj Kelmscott House 08:06
Chinley, adj Junction 08:07
Chinley, opp High Peak Offices 08:08
Chapel en le Frith, opp Burrfields Road 08:10
Dove Holes, adj Barmoor Clough 08:15
Dove Holes, opp Platting Farm 08:16
Dove Holes, adj Brickrow Cottages 08:17
Dove Holes, adj Bus Depot 08:18
Dove Holes, opp Lower Bibbington 08:19
Fairfield, opp Tomthorn 08:24
Fairfield, opp Brook House 08:27
Fairfield, opp Church 08:30
Buxton, adj St Annes School 08:33
Buxton Lansdowne Road (NE-bound) 08:34
Buxton Lascelles Road (SE-bound) 08:35
Buxton Terrace Road (S-bound) 08:38
Buxton Market Place (Stop D) 08:40
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Buxton - New Mills - Glossop

Buxton Market Place (Stop B) 15:10
Buxton Terrace Road (N-bound) 15:12
Buxton, adj Railway Station 15:14
Buxton, opp Sylvan Park 15:16
Buxton, adj St Annes School 15:20
Buxton Lansdowne Road (NE-bound) 15:20
Buxton Lascelles Road (SE-bound) 15:20
Buxton, adj Railway Station 15:21
Buxton, opp Sylvan Park 15:21
Buxton, adj Working Mens Club 15:21
Fairfield, adj Church 15:22
Fairfield, adj Brook House 15:24
Fairfield, adj Tomthorn 15:25
Dove Holes, adj Lower Bibbington 15:28
Dove Holes, opp Methodist Church 15:29
Dove Holes, opp Bus Depot 15:30
Dove Holes, opp Brickrow Cottages 15:30
Dove Holes, adj Platting Farm 15:31
Dove Holes, opp Barmoor Clough 15:32
Chapel en le Frith, opp Jolly Carter 15:34
Chapel en le Frith, adj Netherfield Road 15:35
Chapel en le Frith, opp Town End 15:36
Chapel en le Frith, adj Burrfields Road 15:36
Chinley, adj High Peak Offices 15:39
Chinley, opp Kelmscott House 15:40
Chinley, adj Alders Avenue 15:41
Chinley Lower Lane (W-bound) 15:43
Chinley, adj Leaden Knowle 15:44
Buxworth, opp Jane Lane 15:45
Buxworth, opp Saint James Church 15:48
Buxworth, adj Britannia Mills 15:49
Furness Vale, adj Crescent Drive 15:51
Furness Vale, adj Hollins View 15:52
Furness Vale, adj Soldier Dick 15:53
Furness Vale, opp Dale Farm Dairy 15:54
Furness Vale, adj St Johns Church 15:54
Newtown, adj Redmoor House 15:56
Newtown, opp Chalkers Snooker Club 15:57
Newtown, adj Old Post Office 15:58
New Mills, opp Newtown Railway Station 15:58
New Mills, opp Victoria Street 15:59
New Mills, adj Jodrell Street 16:00
New Mills Bus Station (Stop 1) 16:01
New Mills Queens Bridge (NE-bound) 16:02
New Mills, opp Jubilee Street 16:03
New Mills, opp Marsh Lane 16:04
New Mills, adj Cale Road 16:06
New Mills, opp Ellerscroft 16:06
Birch Vale, adj The Vine 16:07
Birch Vale Hayfield Road (E-bound) 16:08
Birch Vale, opp Grouse Hotel 16:09
Birch Vale, adj Birch Hall Close 16:09
Hayfield, opp Quarry 16:10
Hayfield, opp The Birches 16:11
Hayfield, adj New Mills Road 38 16:11
Hayfield, adj Bus Station 16:12
Hayfield Hill Crest (N-bound) 16:13
Little Hayfield, opp Lyme View 16:14
Little Hayfield, adj Lantern Pike 16:15
Little Hayfield, opp Park Hall Manor 16:15
Little Hayfield, adj Brookhouses 16:16
Little Hayfield, adj Carr Meadow 16:17
Little Hayfield, opp Tom Heys 16:17
Chunal, adj Monks Road 16:18
Chunal, opp Grouse Inn 16:19
Chunal, adj White House 16:20
Charlestown, adj Chunal Cottages 16:21
Charlestown, adj The Drovers 16:22
Charlestown, opp Fire Station 16:22
Whitfield, opp Nags Head 16:23
Glossop Victoria Street (NE-bound) 16:23
Glossop Henry Street (Stop C) 16:24
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